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DUE FRIDAY 4/5/19 – Submit Your Location and Employment Info Now!

April 3, 2019

Only about 1/3 of our member companies have provided the vital information needed to create the employment map we use on Capitol Hill to educate our congressional reps and their staffs on the size of the fire and emergency services in the U.S.

Due to the very low response, we extended the deadline one last time to get this critical information. In addition, we have drastically simplified the survey, but we need your information NOW!
We need 100% response to show the size and importance of this industry. While it may appear overly simple, our employment data is extremely important to the congressional members that help determine the AFG funding for the next fiscal year.
Only aggregated data will be shown. Your company info will not be itemized.
Congressional representatives and leadership will determine the future re-authorization and funding of the AFG and SAFER programs. It is extremely  important to provide an updated map with accurate employee counts and locations for every FAMA and FEMSA member company to the new 116th Congress during Hill Day.
Please complete the survey yourself, or ask your Human Resources leader to take the survey, via the link below to provide the necessary demographic data required to update the map.
Option 1: Click HERE to complete the survey online via Survey Monkey.
—– Or —–
Option 2: Click HERE  to print the attached pdf and complete the survey offline, scan and submit via email to [email protected] or [email protected].
All company employee information will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The information will be summarized in the aggregate on a state-by-state and province-by-province basis, and no member company personnel will have access to the information you provide.
If this email has reached the wrong person at your organization, please give it to the appropriate colleague and make sure they complete the survey NOW! 
Thank you in advance for your participation!
GAC Co-Chairs
John Granby, FEMSA
Lee Morris, FAMA
David Durstine, FAMA
GAC Advisor
David Gatton