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FAMA/FEMSA GAC Employment Survey 2019 Due NOW

March 28, 2019

IMPORTANT – Your Employment Info is Critical to the Map for Hill Day: PLEASE READ & RESPOND NOW!
Please provide the vital information needed to create the employment map in order to educate our congressional reps and their staffs on the size of the fire and emergency services in the U.S. So far, only about 1/3 of our members have responded. We need 100% response. We extended the deadline to get this critical information. But we need your input NOW! It only takes 12 minutes to complete the questionnaire, but its impact on future AFG funding is priceless!
Dear FAMA and FEMSA Members:
The FAMA / FEMSA Governmental Affairs Committee, responsible for creating the employment map, needs your help NOW! We are reaching out to you directly for two very important requests.
In preparation for the 2019 Hill Day, we are updating the member demographics map. The map has proven to be one of the most informative and forceful handouts presented to Congressional offices during Hill Day and throughout the year. This one visual powerfully illustrates the size and distribution of our industry and its contribution to jobs and the economy across the US and Canada.
Congressional representatives and leadership will determine the future re-authorization and funding of the AFG and SAFER programs. It is extremely important to provide an updated map with accurate employee counts and locations for every FAMA and FEMSA member company to the new 116th Congress during Hill Day.
Please complete the survey via the link below to provide the necessary demographic data required to update the map.
Option 1: Click HERE to complete the survey online via Survey Monkey.
—– Or —–
Rest assured all company employee information will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The information will be summarized in the aggregate on a state-by-state and province-by-province basis, and no member company personnel will have access to the information you provide.
The FAMA/FEMSA GAC 2019 Hill Day will be held April 24-25 in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the CFSI’s 31st Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium and Dinner.
Your participation in the Hill Day is extremely important, as 2019 is a critical year for future funding of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. It is important that the over 90 new members of Congress be educated early on the importance of our priority programs in advance of FY 2020 funding for the Department of Homeland Security.
Please click HERE to register. The deadline for Hill Day registration is NOW!
Participants will be assigned to a Hill Day team that will make congressional visits over the two-day period.  2019 Hill Day will begin with our Orientation and Legislative Briefing at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 24th, at the Hilton Washington Hotel’s Kalorama Room. Attached is the Preliminary Agenda for 2019 Hill Day for your review.
Information and tickets for the CFSI Fire and Emergency Services Dinner on Thursday, April 25th are available at
Please don’t wait until the last minute. Please provide the vital map information and register for the 2019 Hill Day TODAY! 
MORE, if this email has reached the wrong person at your organization, please be sure to forward it to the appropriate recipient. 
Thank you in advance for your participation!
GAC Co-Chairs
John Granby, FEMSA
Lee Morris, FAMA
David Durstine, FAMA
GAC Advisor
David Gatton