About GAC

Our Mission

  • Monitoring and disseminating potential and enacted legislation of significant legislation programs
  • Monitoring and disseminating emergency-rescue data and reports as they are released to all FAMA and FEMSA members
  • Working with and providing to the respective boards and legal councils:

    1. Data
    2. Potential consequences
    3. Recommendations and options as they relate to potential legislation
  • Developing a recommendation to the respective Boards relative to formal strategic partnerships with other organizations (e.g., CFSI)
  • Developing an annual operating budget, funding plan, and strategic plan
  • Interacting with the appropriate legislative and administrative agencies of the federal government
  • Pursuing only those issues that are non-competitive (affect all FAMA/FEMSA members) in nature
  • Developing a recommendation for a communications vehicle/network within the respective memberships and the appropriate associations that informs membership and supports the achievement of the mission
  • Ensuring all activities of the Governmental Affairs Committee support the mission of FAMA/FEMSA. In those areas where it is clearly a FEMSA or FAMA issue the GAC will work collectively to support the desired initiative.