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FAMA / FEMSA GAC 2022 Home Day Toolkit is Now Available

May 20, 2022

In order to help facilitate Home Day events, the GAC has prepared a 2022 Home Day toolkit to assist you in your planning. Click here to download on the toolkit:

Many FAMA and FEMSA member companies have held Home Day events. Through these events, strong relationships with Congressional Representatives and key Congressional staff have been forged. These relationships are the key for gaining the needed support for ongoing federal funding for the AFG and SAFER grants.

The GAC strongly encourages all member companies to visit with your local congressional delegation and staff sharing first-hand the importance of your company to your congressional district and state. A Home Day event does not have be elaborate! A simple phone call is all you need to initiate or further forge a relationship with your delegate and their staff.

Additionally, staffers play a critical role. A meeting with a staffer in many cases is more impactful than a call or a meeting with the congressional delegate themselves. The staffers are the worker bees behind the scenes gathering and building the details and cases for the delegates. Members of Congress and the Senate rely on the information created and formulated by their staffs.

Rest assured, the GAC is here to help answer questions or provide insight for your next Home Day event or congressional meeting. Please schedule your next meeting or call with a delegate or their staff today.

If you have any questions, please contact the GAC Co-chairs:
John Granby at [email protected]
Lee Morris at [email protected]
David Durstine at [email protected]
or GAC Sr. Adviser Dave Gatton at [email protected]