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Upcoming FY 2021 Appropriations Process

June 2, 2020

Over the course of the next three weeks, it is anticipated that Congress will turn its attention to the FY 2021 appropriations process. It is critically important that you contact your Congressional delegation now to support the Fire Service Coalition’s recommendation of $405 million funding levels for each of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) and SAFER programs (total $810 million). In addition, the Coalition is calling for $50.7 million in the Urban Search and Rescue program and the $50.7 million for the US Fire Administration.

To review the FAMA / FEMSA GAC 2020 AFG Key Messages, please click here. Please use these messages as a guide when talking with your congressional leaders. The Key Messages document should not be provided to your contacts.

Please download and provide the following documents for your congressional leaders review and reference:

Fire Service Coalition Letter to Congressional leaders:
the House version
the Senate version

Ten Key Facts

Four-page Packet on the AFG Program

Our Key Messages are the same as always, with two added major points. They are:

  1. First responders have been key to the nation’s response to the Coronavirus and continue to prepare for possible future waves, and
  2. The economic fallout of the Coronavirus has left local budgets with serious revenue shortfalls resulting in furloughs and layoffs, in addition to the freezing or cancellation of capital budgets for first responder equipment. Now is the time to fund AFG and SAFER at $810 million total.

As standard, all the above Home Day Tools are available on the GAC website:

Please see our Key Messages to assist you in your calls to your congressional representatives. It is possible that you will be able to contact your district offices given that it is unclear when Congress will operate with full staff in Washington, DC.

Speaker Pelosi has indicated that the House will not move FY 2021 appropriations bills until the Senate acts on the HEROES Act (4th Stimulus bill), which the House passed two weeks ago. But rest assured Committee staff will develop their bills in the coming weeks.


If you have any questions, please contact the GAC Co-chairs:
John Granby at [email protected]
Lee Morris at [email protected]
David Durstine at [email protected]
or GAC Sr. Adviser Dave Gatton at [email protected]