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Thank you for completing the
2021 FAMA / FEMSA GAC Survey!

Thank you for participating in our survey. As a reminder, the purpose of this survey is to capture FAMA and FEMSA member company demographic data, including employee counts and business locations, which will be used to develop maps that illustrate the size and distribution of our industry across the U.S. and Canada*.

The U.S. map with this information is one of the most informative and forceful handouts presented to Congressional offices during Hill Day and throughout the year. In one visual, it powerfully illustrates the broad scope of our industry and its total contribution to jobs within each state and the economy. It will be extremely important to provide an updated U.S. map to the new 117th Congress during 2021 Hill Day as new Congressional members and leadership take the helm.

* The Canadian data collected will be used to develop a map for the CGAC’s efforts.

Rest assured your responses will be held in strict confidence.

No member company or representative will have access to the raw data you submitted. All member company data is maintained as confidential and used only in an aggregate manner.

See the following 2019 U.S. map for reference.