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Urgent Action Required to Save AFG and SAFER: Sample Letter

February 8, 2024

Dear Senator/Representative Lastname,

 My name is Name and I am a Job Title at XXXXXXX company, a manufacturer of XXXXX for the nation’s fire and rescue departments, in Town, State. (optonal– Add in a sentence about the work your organization does for your district/community here.

 I am writing today to urge you to ensure that the Fire Grants and Safety Act (S.870/H.R.4090) passes in Congress as soon as possible.  The bill must become law without delay in order to avoid the expiration of these highly popular, essential, and bipartisan fire grant programs.  We ask that the reauthorization bill be included in the FY2024 appropriations package.

The Fire Service industry, of which our company is a part, consists of over 200 US manufacturers and providers of equipment and PPE to the nation’s first responders.  We employ as a group over 95,000 workers in the US and contribute significantly to local economies through our supplier networks. 

The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) and Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) programs are critical to ensuring that fire and EMS departments have the equipment, staffing, and training needed to ensure the health and safety of their personnel and the citizens they protect.  Every year, these programs receive far more applications than can be funded, showing the dire need for assistance among America’s fire service.  Despite the significant needs of fire and EMS personnel across the country, AFG and SAFER will sunset this year if they are not reauthorized, harming communities all across America.

The Fire Service industry helps our nation’s first responders save lives.  Fire and Rescue Departments, whether career or volunteer, are part of the our National Response Strategy, as we are first on the scene of natural and man-made disasters and stay throughout the response period.  We protect many federal assets across the nation. 

Please protect America’s fire and emergency services by ensuring that the Fire Grants and Safety Act (S.870/H.R.4090) is included in the FY2024 appropriations package so it can become law before AFG and SAFER expire.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.