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President Signs FY 2019 Spending Bill, including FAMA/FEMSA Priority Programs

February 15, 2019

AFG and SAFER Receive Level Funding, $350 million each;
Urban Search and Rescue receives $10 million increase.

Congress has passed and President Trump has signed into law an FY 2019 appropriations measure that includes funding for FAMA and FEMSA priority programs.   As expected, AFG and SAFER received $350 million each-level funding over FY 2018.

The U.S. Fire Administration received $44.18 million, plus an additional $1.5 million for National Fire Academy improvements.

In a significant development, the Urban Search and Rescue System was funded at $45.18 million, $10 million more than in FY 2018.   FAMA and FEMSA has called for such an increase for the last several years.

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