Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from 2008-2018, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
TX-01Louie Gohmert (R)
TX-02Dan Crenshaw (R)
TX-03Van Taylor (R)
TX-04John Ratcliffe (R)
TX-05Lance Gooden (R)
TX-06Ron Wright (R)
TX-07Lizzie Fletcher (D)
TX-08Kevin Brady (R)
TX-09Al Green (D)
TX-10Michael McCaul (R)
TX-11K. Conaway (R)
TX-12Kay Granger (R)
TX-13Mac Thornberry (R)
TX-14Randy Weber (R)
TX-15Vicente Gonzalez (D)
TX-16Veronica Escobar (D)
TX-17Bill Flores (R)
TX-18Sheila Jackson Lee (D)
TX-19Jodey Arrington (R)
TX-20Joaquin Castro (D)
TX-21Chip Roy (R)
TX-22Pete Olson (R)
TX-23Will Hurd (R)
TX-24Kenny Marchant (R)
TX-25Roger Williams (R)
TX-26Michael Burgess (R)
TX-27Michael Cloud (R)
TX-28Henry Cuellar (D)
TX-29Sylvia Garcia (D)
TX-30Eddie Johnson (D)
TX-31John Carter (R)
TX-32Colin Allred (D)
TX-33Marc Veasey (D)
TX-34Filemon Vela (D)
TX-35Lloyd Doggett (D)
TX-36Brian Babin (R)


Grant Data for Texas - 2018
AFG Grants Given: 31
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 31

Total Amount of Grants Given: 6883325.01

Active Career Fire Fighters: 22487
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 9962
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 27579
Total Fire Fighters: 60028
Fire Departments: 2536
FAMA members in Texas
Member NameLocated in
Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc.Dallas
Harrison Hydra-Gen, Inc.Houston
Hart-A-Gen Systems, Inc.Houston
Williams Fire & Hazard ControlMauriceville
FEMSA members in Texas
Member NameLocated in
Jacobs-Weber InsuranceYoakum
Metro Fire Apparatus SpecialistsHouston
Nightstick by Bayco Products, Inc.Wylie
Setcom CorporationAustin
Fire Departments in Texas
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
Abernathy Volunteer Fire DepartmentAbernathyLocal37
Abilene Fire DepartmentAbileneLocal171
View Volunteer Fire DepartmentAbileneLocal12
Potosi Volunteer Fire DepartmentAbileneLocal9
Hamby Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.AbileneLocal23
South Polk County Volunteer Fire DepartmentAceLocal15
Addison Fire DeptAddisonLocal55
Lone Oak Volunteer Fire DepartmentAdkinsLocal0
Agua Dulce Volunteer Fire DepartmentAgua DulceLocal11
Alamo Fire DeptAlamoLocal30
Alamo Heights Fire DepartmentAlamo HeightsLocal25
Alba VFDAlbaLocal20
Albany Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlbanyLocal18
Aledo Volunteer Fire DepartmentAledoLocal28
City of Alice Fire DepartmentAliceLocal32
Allen Fire DepartmentAllenLocal80
Alto Fire DepartmentAltoLocal20
Alton Volunteer Fire DepartmentAltonLocal19
Alvarado Fire DepartmentAlvaradoLocal19
Alvin Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlvinLocal65
County Road 143 Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlvinLocal12
Alvord Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlvordLocal15
Timbercreek Canyon Volunteer Fire DepartmentAmarilloLocal10
Randall County Fire-RescueAmarilloLocal40
Potter County Fire RescueAmarilloLocal81
Pantex Fire DepartmentAmarilloContract fire department61
Lake Tanglewood Volunteer Fire Department & EMSAmarilloLocal20
Amarillo Fire Dept.AmarilloLocal217
Amherst Volunteer Fire Dept.AmherstLocal22
Smith Point Volunteer Fire Department & Emergency ServicesAnahugeLocal12
Central Grimes Anderson Volunteer Fire DepartmentAndersonLocal20
Andrews Volunteer Fire Dept.AndrewsLocal96
Angleton Fire DepartmentAngletonLocal34
Anna Fire DeptAnnaLocal20
Boxelder Volunteer Fire DepartmentAnnonaLocal13
Anson VFDAnsonLocal25
LaTuna Fire DepartmentAnthonyLocal13
Apple Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentApple SpringsLocal13
Aransas Pass Fire DepartmentAransas PassLocal25
Archer City Volunteer Fire DepartmentArcherLocal25
Argyle Fire DistrictArgyleLocal54
Arlington Texas Fire DepartmentArlingtonLocal265
ARP Volunteer Fire DepartmentARPLocal27
Asherton Volunteer Fire DepartmentAshertonLocal6
Stonewall County Volunteer Fire DepartmentAspermontLocal10
Atascocita Volunteer Fire DepartmentAtascocitaLocal44
South Van Zandt Volunteer Fire DepartmentAthensLocal35
Baxter Volunteer Fire DepartmentAthensLocal15
Athens Fire DepartmentAthensLocal27
Atlanta Texas Fire DepartmentAtlantaLocal35
Aubrey Fire DeptAubryLocal22
Travis County Emergency Services District NO 6AustinEmergency Services District70
Travis County Fire Control / ESD4AustinLocal100
Oak Hill Fire Department-Travis County ESD # 3AustinLocal47
Austin Fire DepartmentAustinLocal1032
CE-Bar Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.AustinLocal31
Avalon VFDAvalonLocal10
Avery Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentAveryLocal20
Mims Volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance ServiAvingerPrivate, incorporated15
Reno VFDDAzleLocal15
Azle Fire DepartmentAzleLocal27
Briar Volunteer Fire DepartmentAzleLocal27
Bacliff VFDBacliffLocal20
Pinecreek Volunteer Fire DepartmentBagwellLocal8
Bagwell Community VFDBagwellLocal15
Baird Volunteer Fire DepartmentBairdLocal25
Balch Springs Fire RescueBalch SpringsLocal26
Ballinger Fire DepartmentBallingerLocal34
Bandera Fire & RescueBanderaLocal16
Bangs VFDBangsLocal27
Bardwell Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentBardwellLocal12
Bartlett Volunteer Fire DepartmentBartlettLocal20
Bastrop Fire DepartmentBastropLocal40
Circle D Volunteer Fire DepartmentBastropLocal15
Bayside VFDBaysideLocal15
Baytown Fire DepartmentBaytownLocal91
Beach City Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeach CityLocal12
Beasley Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeasleyLocal21
Lamar Institute of Technology Regional Fire AcademyBeaumontRegional Fire Academy57
Jefferson County Emergency Services District #1BeaumontLocal15
Beaumont Fire/ Rescue ServicesBeaumontLocal229
Beckville Vol Fire DepartmentBeckvilleLocal20
Bedford Fire DepartmentBedfordLocal80
Beeville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeevilleLocal70
Vashti Volunteer Fire DepartmentBellevueLocal15
Bellevue Volunteer Fire DepartmentBellevueLocal15
Bellmead Fire DepartmentBellmeadLocal30
Bells Fire DepartmentBellsLocal15
Belmont Volunteer Fire DepartmentBelmontLocal15
Stillhouse Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeltonLocal28
Belton Fire DeptBeltonLocal54
Van Zandt - Midway Volunteer Fire DepartmentBen WheelerLocal10
Benbrook Fire DepartmentBenbrookLocal60
Benjamin Volunteer Fire Dept.BenjaminLocal16
Bertram VFDBertramLocal15
Beverly Hills DPSBeverly HillsLocal23
Reagan County Volunteer Fire DepartmentBig LakeLocal18
Big Lake Volunteer Fire DepartmentBig LakeLocal17
Pleasant Grove VFDBig SandyLocal10
Harmony Consolidated Volunteer Fire DepartmentBig SandyLocal25
Howard County Volunteer Fire DepartmentBig SpringLocal84
Big Wells Volunteer Fire DepartmentBig WellsLocal7
Blackwell Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.BlackwellLocal30
Blanket Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlanketLocal15
Bleiblerville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.BleiblervilleLocal24
Blessing VFDBlessingLocal12
Bloomburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentBloomburgLocal12
Bloomington Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.BloomingtonLocal22
Blossom Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlossomLocal12
Blue Mound Fire DepartmentBlue MoundLocal12
Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlue RidgeLocal21
Bluegrove Volunteer Fire DepartmentBluegroveLocal22
Bluff Dale Volunteer Fire DepartmentBluff DaleLocal18
Blum Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlumLocal20
Boerne Fire DepartmentBoerneLocal55
Rosalie Volunteer Fire DepartmentBogataLocal10
Bogata Fire & RescueBogataLocal21
Cuthand Comm VFDBogataLocal20
Boling Fire DepartmentBolingLocal28
Bon Wier Volunteer Fire DepartmentBon WierLocal20
Bonham Fire DepartmentBonhamLocal44
Borger Fire DepartmentBorgerLocal21
Conoco Phillips-Borger Refinery Fire DepartmentBorgerLocal305
Bovina Volunteer Fire DepartmentBovinaLocal22
Bowie Fire DepartmentBowieLocal35
Boyd VFDBoydLocal20
Brady Fire DepartmentBradyLocal20
Wild Peach Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrazoriaLocal21
River's End Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrazoriaLocal10
Brazoria Fire DeptBrazoriaLocal26
Breckenridge Fire DepartmentBreckenridgeLocal10
Prairie Hill - Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrenhamLocal18
Meyersville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrenhamLocal20
Berlin, Mill Creek, Zionsville V.F.D.BrenhamLocal18
Brenham Fire DeptBrenhamLocal60
Bridge City Fire and RescueBridge CityLocal45
Boonsville/ Balsora Volunteer Fire DepartmentBridgeportLocal23
Bridgeport Volunteer Fire DepartmentBridgeportLocal30
Briggs Volunteer Fire DepartmentBriggsLocal21
Briscoe Vol. Fire Dept.BriscoeLocal15
Bristol Volunteer Fire DepartmentBristolLocal15
Bronson Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentBronsonLocal8
Bronte Volunteer Fire DepartmentBronteLocal26
Winchell Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrookesmithLocal6
Brookshire Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrookshireLocal8
Brookston Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrookstonLocal10
Brownfield Fire DepartmentBrownfieldLocal29
Brownsboro Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrownsboroLocal20
Brownsville Fire DepartmentBrownsvilleLocal180
Lake Brownwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrownwoodLocal15
Brownwood Fire DepartmentBrownwoodLocal30
Dam Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrownwoodLocal14
Brazoz County Precinct 4 Volunteer Fire Dept.BryanLocal20
Bryan Fire DepartmentBryanLocal88
Buckholts Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuckholtsLocal7
Buda Volunteer Fire Dept.BudaLocal30
Buffalo Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuffaloLocal13
Buffalo Gap Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuffalo GapLocal20
Lake Palestine East Fire DepartmentBullardLocal20
Bullard Volunteer Fire DepartmentBullardLocal30
Bulverde Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentBulverdeLocal44
Jasper County Rural Fire Prevention District #1BunaLocal30
Buna Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.BunaLocal24
East Texas Mutual Aid AssociationBunaMutual Aid Association200
Burkburnett Fire DepartmentBurkburnettLocal29
Toledo Bend Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.BurkevilleLocal25
Briaroaks Fire DepartmentBurlesonLocal22
Burleson Fire DeptBurlesonLocal47
Burlington VFDBurlingtonLocal9
Burnet Volunteer Fire DepartmentBurnetLocal26
Cassie Volunteer Fire DepartmentBurnetLocal14
East Lake Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department/ EMS, Inc.BurnetLocal12
Rocky Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentBurtonLocal15
Byers Vol Fire DeptByersLocal15
Caddo Mills Fire RescueCaddo MillsLocal28
Beaver Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentCaldwellLocal8
Caldwell Fire and RescueCaldwellLocal69
Trout Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentCallLocal10
Calvert VFDCalvertLocal18
Cameron Volunteer Fire DepartmentCameronLocal45
Nueces Canyon Volunteer Fire DepartmentCamp WoodLocal23
Campbell Volunteer Fire DepartmentCampbellLocal18
Gem City Fire DeptCanadianLocal7
Canadian VFDCanadianLocal26
Caney City VFDCaney CityLocal2
Canton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCantonLocal30
West Valley Fire DepartmentCANUTILLOLocal50
Terria Bianca Mutual Aid AssociationCanyonLocal33
Canyon Fire DeptcanyonLocal33
Canyon Lake Fire/ EMSCanyon LakeLocal23
Carbon Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarbonLocal20
Carlsbad Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarlsbadLocal23
Carlton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarltonLocal12
Carrollton Fire DepartmentCarrolltonLocal137
Carthage Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarthageLocal35
Clayton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarthageLocal27
Castroville Volunteer Fire CompanyCastrovilleLocal0
Cat Spring Volunteer Fire DepartmentCat SpringLocal48
Bethel Cayuga Volunteer Fire DepartmentCayugaLocal17
812 Volunteer Fire Department/EMSCedar CreekLocal12
Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire DepartmentCedar CreekLocal12
Cedar Hill Fire DepartmentCedar HillLocal42
Cedar Park Fire DepartmentCedar ParkLocal55
Celina Fire DeptCelinaLocal21
Center Fire DepartmentCenterLocal31
Center Point VFDCenter PointLocal16
Centerville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.CentervilleLocal22
Westside Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.ChandlerLocal23
Chandler Volunteer Fire DepartmentChandlerLocal16
Channelview Volunteer Fire DepartmentChannelviewContract fire department69
Chatfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentChatfieldLocal13
Cherokee Volunteer Fire DepartmentCherokeeLocal18
Chico Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentChicoLocal15
Crafton Volunteer Fire DepartmentChicoLocal7
Chicota Volunteer Fire DepartmentChicotaLocal25
Chilton Volunteer Fire DepartmentChiltonLocal20
Falls County Volunteer Fire Fighters AssociationChiltonLocal120
China VFDChinaLocal20
Chireno Volunteer Fire DepartmentChirenoLocal26
Christoval Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.ChristovalLocal20
Cibolo Volunteer Fire DepartmentCiboloLocal24
Cisco Fire DepartmentCiscoLocal23
City of Howardwick Volunteer Fire DepartmentClarendonLocal8
Clarendon Volunteer Fire DepartmentClarendonLocal42
North Woods Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.ClarksvilleLocal16
Clarksville Fire DepartmentClarksvilleLocal36
Washburn Vol. Fire Dept.ClaudeLocal12
Claude Fire DepartmentClaudeLocal30
Liberty Chapel Volunteer Fire DepartmentCleburneLocal18
Bono Volunteer Fire DepartmentCleburneLocal15
Cleburne Fire DepartmentCleburneLocal53
Tarkington Volunteer Fire DepartmentClevelandLocal25
Cleveland Fire DepartmentClevelandLocal25
Clifton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCliftonLocal26
Clint Fire DepartmentClintContract fire department26
Clute Volunteer Fire DepartmentCluteLocal31
Oplin Volunteer Fire DepartmentClydeLocal10
Clyde Volunteer Fire DepartmentClydeLocal28
Eula Volunteer Fire DepartmentClydeLocal20
Coldspring Volunteer Fire DepartmentColdspringState Government17
Coleman Fire DepartmentColemanLocal32
College Station Fire DepartmentCollege StationLocal96
Colleyville F.D.ColleyvilleLocal30
Collinsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentCollinsvilleLocal18
Colorado City Fire DepartmentColorado CityLocal27
Columbus VFDColumbusLocal41
Sipe Springs Volunteer Fire DeparmentComancheLocal14
Promontory Park Volunteer Fire DepartmentComancheLocal15
Comanche Volunteer Fire DepartmentComancheLocal26
Combine Fire DeptCombineLocal22
Comfort VFDComfortLocal26
Commerce Fire DepartmentCommerceLocal34
Como Volunteer Fire DepartmentComoLocal12
Happy Hollow Volunteer Fire DepartmentConcanLocal8
The River Plantation Fire DepartmentConroeLocal28
Needham VFDConroeLocal56
Montgomery County Fire MarshalConroeLocal0
Magnolia Bend Volunteer Fire DepartmentConroeContract fire department17
Bennette Volunteer Fire DepartmentConroeLocal12
Conroe Fire DeptConroeLocal69
Converse Fire DepartmentConverseLocal31
Cooper Volunteer Fire DepartmentCooperLocal25
Coppell Fire DepartmentCoppellLocal64
Copperas Cove Fire DepartmentCopperas CoveLocal52
Lake Cities Fire DepartmentCorinthLocal48
Nueces County Emergency Services District #4Corpus ChristiLocal26
Nueces County Rural Fire Protection District #2Corpus ChristiLocal16
NAS Corpus Christi Fire & Emergency ServicesCorpus ChristiFederal Government - DOD75
Annaville Volunteer Fire DepartmentCorpus ChristiLocal31
Corpus Christi Fire DepartmentCorpus ChristiLocal379
Corrigan Fire DepartmentCorriganLocal16
287 R/C Fire and RescueCorsicanaLocal14
Retreat Volunteer Fire DepartmentCorsicanaLocal14
Navarro Volunteer Fire DepartmentCorsicanaLocal8
Mildred Volunteer Fire DepartmentCorsicanaLocal17
Cottonwood Shores Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentCottonwood ShoresLocal16
Covington Volunteer Fire DepartmentCovingtonLocal18
Crandall Volunteer Fire DepartmentCrandallLocal25
Crane Volunteer Fire DepartmentCraneLocal35
Cranfills Gap Volunteer Fire Dept.Cranfills GapLocal18
Crockett Volunteer Fire DepartmentCrockettLocal25
Crosby Volunteer Fire DepartmentCrosbyLocal52
Crosbyton Fire DepartmentCrosbytonLocal0
Crowley Fire DepartmentCrowleyLocal49
Crystal City Volunteer Fire DepartmentCrystal CityLocal18
Cuero Fire DepartmentCueroLocal51
Miller Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentCumbyContract fire department17
Cunningham Vol. Fire Dept.CunninghamLocal15
Cushing Volunteer Fire DepartmentCushingLocal14
Cypress Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentCypressLocal70
D'Hanis VFDD'HanisLocal17
Rocky Branch Volunteer Fire DepartmentDaingerfieldLocal10
Hull-Daisetta Volunteer Fire DepartmentDaisettaLocal25
McMahan Volunteer Fire DepartmentDaleLocal10
Dalhart Volunteer Fire departmentDalhartLocal32
Cockrell Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentDallasLocal30
Dallas County Fire RescueDallasLocal30
Dallas Fire DepartmentDallasLocal1630
Damon Volunteer Fire DepartmentDamonLocal12
The Danbury Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.DanburyLocal14
Darrouzett Volunteer Fire Fighters AssociationDarrouzettLocal15
Union High Volunteer Fire DepartmentDawsonLocal5
Kenefick Volunteer Fire DepartmentDaytonLocal33
Highway 321 Volunteer Fire DepartmentDaytonLocal15
Dayton VFDDaytonLocal35
De Kalb Fire DepartmentDe KalbLocal26
Decatur Fire DepartmentDecaturLocal35
Val Verde County Volunteer Fire DepartmentDel RioLocal56
Laughlin AFB Fire DepartmentDel RioFederal Government - DOD62
Del Rio Fire & RescueDel RioLocal48
Travis County Fire RescueDel ValleLocal29
DeLeon Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeLeonLocal21
Denison Fire DepartmentDenisonLocal54
Brock-Dennis Volunteer Fire DepartmentDennisLocal23
Mayhill-Cooper Creek Fire DepartmentDentonLocal8
Denton Fire DepartmentDentonLocal142
Deport Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeportLocal14
Desdemona Volunteer Fire DepartmentDesdemonaLocal15
DeSoto Fire RescueDeSotoLocal57
Detroit VFDDetroitLocal18
Devine Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, INCDevineLocal19
Dallas Fort Worth Intl Airport Fire ServicesDFW AirportTransportation Authority or Airport F.D.140
Diboll Volunteer Fire DepartmentDibollLocal32
Dickinson Fire DepartmentDickinsonLocal47
Dike Volunteer Fire DepartmentDikeLocal17
Dilley Volunteer Fire DepartmentDilleyLocal16
Dime Boy Fire DeptDime BoyLocal45
Dimmitt Fire DepartmentDimmittLocal20
Dodd City Fire DepartmentDodd CityLocal21
Dodge VFDDodgeLocal15
Donna Vol. Fire Dept.DonnaLocal25
Doole VFDDooleLocal12
Double Oak Volunteer Fire DepartmentDouble OakLocal26
Douglass Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.DouglassLocal10
Douglassville Volunteer Fire DepartmentDouglassvilleLocal15
Driftwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentDriftwoodLocal17
North Hays County Volunteer Fire DepartmentDripping SpringsLocal28
Henly Volunteer Fire DepartmentDripping SpringsLocal24
Dublin Fire DepartmentDublinLocal22
Dumas Fire DepartmentDumasLocal35
Duncanville Fire DepartmentDuncanvilleLocal52
Eagle Pass Fire DepartmentEagle PassLocal74
Early Volunteer Fire DepartmentEarlyLocal25
Eastland Fire DepartmentEastlandLocal29
Easton Volunteer Fire DepartmentEastonLocal7
Bruceville-Eddy Volunteer Fire DepartmentEddyLocal20
Eden Volunteer Fire DepartmentEdenLocal0
Edgecliff Village Fire DepartmentEdgecliff VillageLocal22
Edgewood Volunteer Fire DepartmentEdgewoodLocal17
Edinburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentEdinburgLocal70
Edna Fire DepartmentEdnaLocal30
El Campo Fire DeptEl CampoLocal58
Montana Vista Fire Rescue, IncEl PasoLocal41
Hueco Volunteer Fire DepartmentEl PasoLocal20
El Paso Fire DepartmentEl PasoLocal695
Eldorado Volunteer Fire DepartmentEldoradoLocal35
969 Volunteer DepartmentElginLocal15
Elgin Fire DepartmentElginLocal45
Eliasville Volunteer Fire DepartmentEliasvilleLocal32
Elkhart Volunteer Fire DepartmentElkhartLocal21
Elm Mott Vol. Fire Dept.Elm MottLocal11
Elmo Volunteer Fire DepartmentElmoLocal25
City of ElsaElsaLocal27
Emory VFDEmoryLocal20
Enchanted Oaks Volunteer Fire DepartmentEnchanted OaksLocal10
Edcouch Fire DepartmentEncouchLocal26
Energy VFDEnergyLocal10
Enloe VFDEnloeLocal18
Telico Volunteer Fire DepartmentEnnisLocal17
Garrett Area Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentEnnisLocal15
Alma VFDEnnisLocal15
Central High Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentEnnisLocal6
Ennis Fire DeptEnnisLocal53
Eola Volunteer Fire DepartmentEolaLocal15
Era Volunteer Fire DepartmentEraLocal18
Etoile Volunteer Fire DepartmentEtoileLocal25
Euless Fire DepartmentEulessLocal59
Eustace Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentEustaceLocal20
Evant VFDEvantLocal21
Everman Fire DepartmentEvermanLocal17
Fabens Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.FabensLocal18
Fairfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentFairfieldLocal25
Fairview Fire & RescueFairviewLocal28
Falls City Volunteer Fire Departm,entFalls CityLocal15
North Texas Training AssociationFarmers Branch501(3)c non-profit charitable12
Farmers Branch Fire DepartmentFarmers BranchLocal63
Farmersville Fire DeptFarmersvilleLocal35
Farwell Volunteer Fire DepartmentFarwellLocal20
Fate Fire DeptFateLocal13
Fayetteville Volunteer Fire DepartmentFayettevilleLocal29
Tri-Community VFDFentressLocal25
Ferris Fire DepartmentFerrisLocal26
Flat Volunteer Fire DepartmentFlatLocal15
Flatonia Volunteer Fire DepartmentFlatoniaLocal24
Flint-Gresham Fire DepartmentFlintLocal21
Florence Volunteer Fire DepartmentFlorenceLocal26
Flower Mound Fire DepartmentFlower MoundLocal63
Floydada Volunteer Fire DepartmentFloydadaLocal25
Flynn Volunteer Fire DepartmentFlynnLocal13
Forest Hill Fire DepartmentForest HillLocal12
Forney Fire DepartmentForneyLocal35
Fort Bliss Fire & Emergency ServicesFort BlissFederal Government - DOD93
Davis Mts Prop Own Assn Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Fort DavisLocal12
Fort Davis National Historic SiteFort DavisFederal Government - Executive Branch Agency2
Fort Davis Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Fort DavisLocal18
Fort Hood Fire DepartmentFort HoodFederal Government - DOD100
Tarrant County College Fire AcademyFort WorthFire Academy0
Eagle Mountain Fire/ EMSFort WorthLocal33
Fort Worth Fire DepartmentFort WorthLocal745
City of Berryville Volunteer Fire DepartmentFrankstonLocal13
Coffee City Fire DepartmentFRANKSTONLocal10
Frankston Volunteer Fire DepartmentFrankstonLocal23
Fred Volunteer Fire DepartmentFredLocal14
Alamo Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentFredericksburgLocal5
Fredericksburg Fire DepartmentFredericksburgLocal44
Jones Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentFreeportLocal20
Demi-John Volunteer Fire DepartmentFreeportLocal16
Freeport Fire DepartmentFreeportLocal24
Freer VFD & EMSFreerLocal35
Fresno Volunteer Fire DepartmentFresnoLocal21
Forest Bend Volunteer Fire DepartmentFriendswoodLocal129
Friendswood Vol Fire DeptFriendswoodLocal94
Rhea Hollene Volunteer Fire DepartmentFrionaLocal17
Friona Volunteer Fire DepartmentFrionaLocal23
Frisco Fire DepartmentFriscoLocal95
Fritch Volunteer Fire DepartmentFritchLocal30
Frost Volunteer Fire DepartmentFrostLocal11
FT Stockton Volunteer Fire DepartmentFT StocktonLocal32
Fulshear Simonton Volunteer Fire DepartmentFulshearLocal23
Lamar VFDFultonLocal30
Borden County VFDGailLocal7
Galena Park Fire DepartmentGalena ParkLocal22
Galveston Fire DepartmentGalvestonLocal105
Ganado Volunteer Fire DepartmentGanadoLocal52
La Casita Volunteer Fire DepartmentGarciasvilleLocal14
Bracken Volunteer Fire DepartmentGarden RidgeLocal33
Garland Fire DepartmentGarlandLocal230
Garwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentGarwoodLocal22
Gary VFDGaryLocal30
Turnersville VFDGatesvilleLocal10
Levita Volunteer Fire Dept.GatesvilleLocal10
Gatesville Fire DepartmentGatesvilleLocal34
Gause Volunteer Fire DepartmentGauseLocal18
Georgetown Fire DeptGeorgetownLocal60
Geronimo Vol. Fire Dept. Inc.GeronimoLocal22
Giddings Volunteer Fire DepartmentGiddingsLocal30
Lafayette Volunteer Fire DepartmentGilmerLocal10
Glenwood Acres Volunteer Fire DepartmentGilmerLocal8
Gilmer DepartmentGilmerLocal47
Ewell Volunteer Fire DepartmentGilmerLocal12
Gladewater Fire DepartmentGladewaterLocal20
Clarksville City-Warren City Volunteer Fire DepartmentGladewaterLocal20
Somervell County Volunteer Fire, Rescue & EMSGlen RoseLocal41
Glenn Hieghts Fire DepartmentGlenn HeightsLocal37
Godley Fire DepartmentGodleyContract fire department20
Goldthwaite Volunteer Fire DepartmentGoldthwaiteLocal30
Goliad VFDGoliadLocal25
Ander-Weser VFDGoliadLocal20
City Of Gonzales Fire DepartmentGonzalesState Government41
Goodfellow Air Force Base Fire DeptGoodfellow AFBFederal Government - DOD30
Holiday Lake Estates Volunteer Fire DepartmentGoodrichLocal23
Goodrich Volunteer Fire DepartmentGoodrichLocal15
Gordon Volunteer Fire Dept.GordonLocal28
Sherwood Shores VFDGordonvilleLocal19
Gordonville VFDGordonvilleLocal13
Goree Volunteer Fire DepartmentGoreeLocal8
Gorman VFDGormanLocal20
Graford Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrafordLocal17
Possum Kingdom West Side Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrahamLocal11
Graham Fire DepartmentGrahamLocal33
Pecan Plantation Volunteer Fire & EMS, Inc.GranburyLocal30
North Hood County Volunteer Fire DepartmentGranburyLocal15
Indian Harbor Volunteer Fire DepartmentGranburyLocal18
Hood County Fire MarshalGranburyLocal250
Granbury Volunteer Fire DepartmentGranburyLocal60
DCBE/ Acton Volunteer Fire DepartmentGranburyLocal25
Grand Prairie Fire DepartmentGrand PrairieLocal193
Grand Saline Volunteer Fire Department/ EMSGrand SalineLocal30
Grandfalls Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrandfallsLocal16
Grandview Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrandviewLocal23
Grangerland Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrangerlandLocal30
City of Granite Shoals Fire DepartmentGranite ShoalsLocal17
Grapeland Fire Department and EMSGrapelandLocal30
Grapevine Fire RescueGrapevineLocal96
Greenvile Fire DepartmentGreenvilleLocal48
Gregory Volunteer Fire DepartmentGregoryLocal12
Groesbeck Volunteer Fire DepartmentGroesbeckLocal30
Groves Fire DepartmentGrovesLocal37
Groveton Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrovetonLocal18
Gruver Volunteer Fire RescueGruverLocal20
Gun Barrel City Fire DepartmentGun Barrel CityLocal29
Gunter Volunteer Fire and RescueGunterLocal18
Guthrie VFDGuthrieLocal12
Hale Center VFDHale CenterLocal16
Hallettsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentHallettsvilleLocal46
Hallsville VFDHallsvilleLocal14
Haltom City Fire/RescueHaltom CityLocal49
Hamilton VFDHamiltonLocal25
Hamlin Vol. Fire DepartmentHamlinLocal20
Hankamer Volunteer Fire DepartmentHankamerLocal12
Happy VFDHappyLocal25
Hardin Volunteer Fire DepartmentHardinLocal20
Harker Heights Fire DepartmentHarker HeightsState Government33
Jackson Volunteer Fire DepartmentHarletonLocal10
Harleton Volunteer Fire DepartmnetHarletonLocal27
Harlingen Fire departmentHarlingenLocal105
Harper VFD/EMSHarperLocal20
Paint Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentHaskellLocal8
Haskell Volunteer Fire DepartmentHaskellLocal25
Haslet Fire DeptHasletLocal44
Hawley VF&RHawleyLocal17
Blackjack Volunteer Fire DepartmentHearneLocal18
Heath Fire DepartmentHeathLocal32
Jim Hogg County Fire Department #2HebronvilleLocal14
Hedley Volunteer Fire DepartmentHedleyLocal10
Helotes Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentHelotesLocal21
Grey Forest Volunteer Fire DepartmentHelotesLocal20
Six Mile VFDHemphillLocal18
Pendleton Harbor Volunteer Fire DepartmentHemphillLocal25
Hemphill VFDHemphillLocal20
Fairmount Volunteer Fire DepartmentHemphillLocal20
Henderson Fire DepartmentHendersonLocal91
Church Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentHendersonLocal16
Crims Chapel Volunteer Fire DepartmentHendersonLocal8
Lake Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department Station AHenriettaLocal10
Joy Volunteer Fire DepartmentHenriettaLocal26
Hereford Fire DepartmentHerefordLocal28
Hewitt Fire DeptHewittLocal23
Higgins/ Lipscomb Volunteer Fire DepartmentHigginsLocal20
Highland Park Department of Public SafetyHIGHLAND PARKLocal52
Highland Village Fire DepartmentHighland VillageLocal33
McNair Volunteer Fire DepartmentHighlandsLocal12
Highlands Volunteer Fire DepartmentHighlandsLocal70
Hillsboro Fire/RescueHillsboroLocal29
Hilltop Lakes Volunteer Fire DepartmentHIlltop LakesLocal20
Hitchcock Volunteer Fire DepartmentHitchcockLocal41
Tri County Fire DepartmentHockleyLocal30
Holland VFDHollandLocal25
Lake Kickapoo Fire DepartmentHollidayLocal9
Holliday VFDHollidayLocal20
Holly Lake Volunteer Fire DepartmentHolly Lake RanchLocal25
Hollywood Park Fire DepartmentHollywood ParkLocal42
Hondo Volunteer Fire CompanyHondoLocal17
Honey Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoney GroveLocal19
El Paso County Emergency Services District #1Horizon CityLocal20
Lake LBJ MUD Fire DepartmentHorseshoe BayLocal67
West University Place Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal23
Village Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal42
Southside Place Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal30
Southeast Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal48
Sheldon Community Fire & RescueHoustonLocal15
Port Of Houston AuthorityHoustonPort Of Houston (Ship Channel)40
Ponderosa Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal70
Northwest Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal65
Little York Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal35
Houston Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal3345
Harris County Fire & Emergency Services DepartmentHoustonLocal17
Aldine Fire & RescueHoustonLocal67
Champions Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal54
Cloverleaf Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal90
Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal106
Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoustonLocal430
Howe Volunteer FireFighters, Inc.HoweLocal21
Hubbard VFDHubbardLocal25
Hudson Oaks Fire DepartmentHudson OaksContract fire department42
Huffman Volunteer Fire DepartmentHuffmanLocal30
Hughes Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentHughes SpringsLocal22
Cross Roads/Cornett Volunteer Fire DepartmentHughes SpringsLocal13
Northeast Fire RescueHumbleLocal25
Humble Fire DepartmentHumbleLocal45
Eastex Freeway Volunteer Fire DepartmentHumbleLocal25
Hunt Volunteer Fire DepartmentHuntLocal39
Waterwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentHuntsvilleLocal12
Huntsville Fire DepartmenthuntsvilleLocal75
Crabbs Prairie Volunteer Fire DepartmentHuntsvilleLocal17
Hurst Fire DepartmentHurstLocal54
Hutchins Fire RescueHutchinsLocal20
Hutto Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentHuttoLocal19
Idalou Volunteer Fire DepartmentIdalouLocal20
Naval Station Ingleside, TexasInglesideFederal Government - Executive Branch Agency24
Ingleside Volunteer Fire DepartmentInglesideLocal38
Ingram Volunteer Fire DepartmentIngramLocal33
Iola Volunteer Fire DepartmentIolaLocal20
Iowa Park Volunteer Fire DepartmentIowa ParkLocal18
Iraan Volunteer Fire DepartmentIraanLocal26
Iredell Volunteer Fire DepartmentIredellLocal15
Irving Fire DeptIrvingLocal287
Italy Fire DeptItalyLocal24
Itasca Fire DeptItascaLocal22
North Fannin County Volunteer Fire DepartmentIVANHOELocal13
Jacksboro Volunteer Fire DepartmentJacksboroLocal30
Jacksonville Fire DepartmentJacksonvilleLocal48
Cherokee CountyJacksonvilleLocal10
Earle's Chapel Volunteer Fire DepartmentJacksonvilleLocal16
Jamaica Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentJamaica BeachLocal40
Joaquin Volunteer Fire DepartmentJaoquinLocal29
Jarrell VFDJarrellLocal35
Jasper Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.JasperLocal40
Angelina River Volunteer Fire DepartmentJasperLocal14
East End Volunteer Fire DepartmentJasperLocal12
Texas Forest Service- Jefferson DistrictJeffersonState Government2
SMithland VFDJeffersonLocal20
Jefferson Volunteer Fire DepartmentJeffersonLocal22
Gray VFDJeffersonLocal10
Jermyn Volunteer Fire DepartmentJermynLocal11
Jersey Village Emergency ServicesJersey VillageLocal46
Jonesboro Volunteer Fire DepartmentJonesboroLocal10
North Lake Travis Fire and RescueJonestownLocal45
City of Joshua Fire DepartmentJoshuaLocal30
Jourdanton Volunteer Fire DepartmentJourdantonLocal35
Justin Community Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.JustinLocal32
Kamay Volunteer Fire DepartmentKamayLocal11
Karnes City Volunteer Fire DepartmentKarnes CityLocal24
West I-10 Volunteer Fire DepartmentKatyLocal100
Westlake Volunteer Fire DepartmentKatyLocal88
Katy Fire DepartmentKatyLocal78
Kaufman Volunteer Fire DepartmentKaufmanLocal33
Keene Fire/ RescueKeeneLocal18
North Tarrant County Fire DepartmentKellerLocal40
Keller Fire-RescueKellerLocal40
Kemah VFDKemahLocal13
Kemp Fire DepartmentKempLocal34
Kempner Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.KempnerLocal40
Kendalia Volunteer Fire DepartmentKendaliaLocal10
Kendleton Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentKendletonLocal8
Kennedale Fire DepartmentKennedaleLocal19
Turtle Creek VFD IncKerrvilleLocal6
Tierra Linda Volunteer Fire DepartmentKerrvilleLocal17
Kerrville Fire DeptKerrvilleLocal56
Khippa Emergency ServiceKhippaLocal8
Sabine Volunteer Fire DepartmentKilgoreLocal20
Kilgore Fire DepartmentKilgoreLocal31
Oakalla Volunteer Fire DepartmentKilleenLocal26
Killeen Fire Department Station CentralKilleenLocal174
Southwest Bell County Volunteer Fire DepartmentKillleenLocal32
Kingsbury Volunteer Fire DepartmentKingsburyLocal20
Ricardo Volunteer Fire DepartmentKingsvilleLocal35
Kingsville Fire DepartmentKingsvilleLocal48
Kirby Fire DepartmentKirbyLocal35
Roganville Volunteer Fire Department, IncKirbyvilleLocal10
Klein Volunteer Fire DepartmentKleinLocal156
Kosse VFDKosseLocal18
Kountze Volunteer Fire and RescueKountzeLocal30
Kress Volunteer Fire DepartmentKressLocal19
Krum VFDKrumLocal20
Niederwald Volunteer Fire DepartmentKyleLocal13
Kyle Volunteer Fire DepartmentKyleLocal59
La Feria Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa FeriaLocal36
La Grange Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa GrangeLocal31
La Grulla Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa GrullaLocal10
La Marque Fire DepartmentLa MarqueLocal13
La Porte Fire DepartmentLa PorteLocal103
La Villa Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa VillaLocal14
La Ward Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa WardLocal15
West Shore Volunteer Fire DepartmentLaguna ParkLocal17
Laguna Vista Volunteer Fire DepartmentLaguna VistaLocal10
LaJoya Volunteer Fire DepartmentLaJoyaLocal30
Lake Bridgeport Volunteer Fire DepartmentLake BridgeportLocal0
Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire DepartmentLake JacksonLocal52
Lake Kiowa Volunteer Fire DepartmentLake KiowaLocal20
Lake Worth Fire DepartmentLake WorthLocal25
Lakeside City Volunteer Fire DepartmentLakeside CityLocal15
Lamesa Fire DepartmentLamesaLocal31
Lampasas Fire DeptLampasasLocal38
Lancaster Fire DepartmentLancasterLocal50
Lansing Fire Rescue DeptLansingLocal25
Larue-New York VFD, Inc.LarueLocal11
Latexo Volunteer Fire DepartmentLatexoLocal25
Houston County Firefighters Assn.Latexofirefighters assn.0
Lavernia VFDLaverniaLocal30
League City Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeague CityLocal99
Leakey Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeakeyLocal14
Sandy Creek VFDLeanderLocal18
Leander Fire DepartmentLeanderLocal63
Ledbetter Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.LedbetterLocal20
Lenorah Volunteer Fire DepartmentLenorahLocal19
Leon Valley Fire DepartmentLEON VALLEYLocal37
Leona Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeonaLocal12
Leonard Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeonardLocal26
Levelland Fire DepartmentLevellandLocal28
Blue (Branch) Volunteer Fire DepartmentLexingtonLocal12
Moss Bluff Volunteer Fire DepartmentLibertyLocal10
Liberty Fire DepartmentLIBERTYLocal28
Liberty Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentLiberty HillLocal33
Lillian Volunteer Fire DepartmentLillianLocal28
Lincoln Volunteer Fire DepartmentLincolnLocal21
Lindale Fire DepartmentLindaleLocal80
Linden Volunteer Fire DepartmentLindenLocal10
Center Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentLindenLocal17
Linn-San Maunel VFDLinnLocal10
Little Elm Fire DeptLittle ElmLocal74
Little River- Academy Volunteer Fire DepartmentLittle RiverLocal24
Littlefield Fire DepartmentLittlefieldLocal24
Live Oak Fire DepartmentLive OakLocal28
Liverpool Volunteer Fire DepartmentLiverpoolLocal12
Livingston Volunteer Fire DepartmentLivingstonLocal38
Indian Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentLivingstonLocal16
Scenic Loop Volunteer Fire DeptarmentLivngstonLocal21
Llano VFDLlanoLocal30
Mid-County Fire DepartmentLockhartLocal8
Lockhart Fire DepartmentLockhartLocal22
Lockney Volunteer Fire DepartmentLockneyLocal20
Log Cabin Volunteer Fire DepartmentLog Cabinvolunteer8
Lohn Volunteer Fire DepartmentLohnLocal21
Lometa VFDLometaLocal14
West Harrison Volunteer Fire DepartmentLongviewLocal20
Longview Fire DepartmentLongviewLocal154
Gregg County Airport Fire DepartmentLongviewTransportation Authority or Airport F.D.6
Elderville-Lakeport Volunteer Fire DepartmentLongviewLocal24
Lorena Volunteer Fire DepartmentLorenaLocal30
Lorenzo Volunteer Fire DepartmentLorenzoLocal15
West Phalia Fire DeptLottLocal12
Lott VFDLottLocal13
Louise VFDLouiseLocal16
Lovelady Volunteer Fire DepartmentLoveladyLocal20
Lowry Crossing Fire DepartmentLowry CrossingLocal19
Woodrow Volunteer Fire DepartmentLubbockLocal25
West Carlisle Volunteer Fire DepartmentLubbockLocal19
Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.LubbockLocal20
Lubbock Fire DepartmentLubbockLocal260
Lucas Fire RescueLucasLocal25
Lueders Volunteer Fire DepartmentLuedersLocal10
Texas Forest ServiceLufkinState Government135
Rivercrest/ Redland Volunteer Fire DepartmentLufkinLocal11
Moffett Volunteer Fire DepartmentLufkinLocal10
Lufkin Fire/EMSLufkinLocal80
Hudson Volunteer Fire DepartmentLufkinLocal27
Angelina College Fire AcademyLufkinFire Academy2
Southeast Caldwell County Volunteer Fire DepartmentLulingLocal12
Lumberton Fire & EMSLumbertonLocal53
City of Lyford Volunteer Fire DepartmentLyfordLocal9
Mabank Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.MabankLocal32
Southwest Volunteer Fire DepartmentMacdonaLocal20
Madisonville Volunteer Fire DepartmentMadisonvilleLocal23
Magnolia VFDMagnoliaLocal129
Malakoff Volunteer Fire DepartmentMalakoffLocal20
Manchaca Volunteer Fire DepartmentManchacaLocal40
Manor Volunteer Fire DepartmentManorLocal22
City of Mansfield Fire DepartmentMansfieldLocal57
Manvel Volunteer Fire DepartmentManvelLocal33
City of Marble Falls Fire DepartmentMarble FallsLocal7
marietta fire departmentMariettaLocal6
Marion Volunteer Fire DepartmentMarionLocal22
Markham VFDMarkhamLocal20
Marlin Fire DeptMarlinLocal13
Marshall Fire DepartmentMarshallLocal44
Harrison County Rural Fire Protection District #2MarshallLocal23
Mart Volunteer Fire DepartmentMartLocal17
Martindale Volunteer Fire Department & CompanyMartindaleLocal10
Maryneah VFDMaryneahLocal20
Matador/Motley County Volunteer Fire DepartmentMatadorLocal24
Matagorda Volunteer Fire DepartmentMatagordaLocal22
Maxwell Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentMaxwellLocal18
North Lake Brownwood Volunteer Fire Department & Emergency Medical ServiceMayLocal25
May Volunteer Fire DepartmentMayLocal20
McAdoo V F DMcAdooLocal17
McAllen Fire DepartmentMcAllenLocal145
McDade VFDMcDadeLocal12
McKinney Fire DeptMcKinneyLocal88
McLean VFDMcLEanLocal21
Cass County Fire District # 1McLeodLocal29
McQueeney Volunteer Fire DepartmentMcQueeneyLocal28
Medina Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.MedinaLocal11
Melissa Volunteer Fire DepartmentMelissaLocal18
Melvin VFDMelvinLocal10
Memphis Fire DepartmentMemphisLocal29
Menard Volunteer Fire DepartmentMenardLocal22
Mercedes Fire DepartmentMercedesLocal33
Meridian VFDMeridianLocal24
Merit Fire DepartmentMeritLocal19
Mulberry Canyon Volunteer Fire DepartmentMerkelLocal12
Mertens VFDMertensLocal19
Mesquite Fire DepartmentMesquiteLocal189
Mexia Fire DepartmentMexiaLocal27
Mexia State School Fire BrigadeMexiaPrivate or industrial fire brigade12
Lake Mexia Volunteer Fire DepartmentMexiaLocal20
Meyersville VFDMeyersvilleLocal20
Miami/ Roberts County Volunteer Fire DepartmentMiamiLocal16
Mico Volunteer Fire DepartmentMicoLocal16
Midfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentMidfieldLocal17
Northeast Midland County Volunteer Fire DepartmentMidlandLocal18
Midland Fire DepartmentMidlandLocal189
Greenwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentMidlandLocal13
Midlothian Fire DepartmentMidlothianLocal32
Shamrock Shores Volunteer Fire DepartmentMilamLocal9
Millersview VFDMillersviewLocal10
South Brazos County Fire DepartmentMillicanLocal34
Mineola Fire DepartmentMineolaLocal29
Mineral Wells Fire/ EMS DepartmentMineral WellsLocal53
Missouri City Fire & Rescue ServicesMissouri CityLocal57
Monahans VFDMonahansLocal32
Old River-Winfree Volunteer Fire DepartmentMont BelvieuLocal10
Barbers Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentMont BelvieuLocal25
Mont Belvieu Fire DepartmentMont BelviewLocal0
Montalba Volunteer Fire DepartmentMontalbaLocal10
Montgomery Fire DepartmentMontgomeryLocal84
Morgan VFDMorganLocal12
Lakeside Village Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorganLocal21
Morgan Mill Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorgan MillLocal25
Morgans Point VFDMorgans Point ResortLocal30
Morton Volunteer Fire DepartmentMortonLocal19
Moulton Volunteer Fire DepartmentMoultonLocal35
Mount Calm V.F.D.Mount CalmLocal10
Mount Enterprise Volunteer Fire DepartmentMount EnterpriseLocal13
Five Star Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Mount PleasantLocal12
Mount Vernon Fire DeptMount VernonLocal18
Nortex Volunteer Fire DepartmentMT PleasantLocal15
MT Pleasant Fire DepartmentMT PleasantLocal52
North Franklin Volunteer Fire DepartmentMt VernonLocal11
Eastside Volunteer Fire DepartmentMt. EnterpriseLocal18
Muenster VFDMuensterLocal24
Muldoon Volunteer Fire DepartmentMuldoonLocal18
Muleshoe Volunteer Fire DeptMuleshoeLocal33
Munday Volunteer Fire DepartmentMundayLocal24
Murchison Volunteer Fire DepartmentMurchisonLocal16
Murphy Fire RescueMurphyLocal42
Swift-Shade Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentNacogdochesLocal14
South Nacogdoches County Fire DepartmentNacogdochesLocal17
Nacogdoches Fire DepartmentNacogdochesLocal50
Lake Nacogdoches Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentNacogdochesLocal14
Appleby Volunteer Fire DepartmentNacogdochesLocal40
Central Heights Volunteer Fire DepartmentNacogdochesLocal15
Melrose Volunteer Fire DepartmentNalogaochesLocal10
Naples Fire DepartmentNaplesLocal26
Nash Fire DepartmentNashLocal17
C-5 Red Lick / Leary Volunteer Fire DepartmentNashLocal23
Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire DepartmentNassau BayLocal40
Natalia Volunteer Fire DepartmentNataliaLocal31
Navasota Fire DepartmentNavasotaLocal33
Nazareth VFDNazarethLocal15
Nederland Fire-RescueNederlandLocal31
Jefferson County Water District #10 Volunteer Fire DepartmentNederlandLocal16
Needville Volunteer Fire DepartmentNeedvilleLocal35
Nevada Volunteer Fire DepartmentNevadaLocal18
New Boston Volunteer Fire Dept.New BostonLocal35
New Braunfels Fire DepartmentNew BraunfelsLocal81
Lake Dunlap Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew BraunfelsLocal22
New Caney Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew CaneyLocal32
New Deal Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew DealLocal21
New London Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew LondonLocal66
New Summerfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew SummerfieldLocal16
Punkin-Evergreen Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew WaverlyLocal19
Newton Volunteer Fire DepartmentNewtonLocal19
Nixon Volunteer Fire DepartmentNixonLocal29
Nocona Hills Volunteer Fire Department/ EMSNoconaLocal8
Nocona Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.NoconaLocal25
Nocona Volunteer Fire DepartmentNoconaLocal25
Nolanville Fire DepartmentNolanvilleLocal21
Normangee Volunteer Fire DepartmentNormangeeLocal11
North Richland Hills Fire DepartmentNorth Richland HillsLocal79
North Zulch Volunteer Fire DepartmentNorth ZulchLocal20
Nursery Volunteer Fire DepartmentNurseryLocal14
Oak Point Fire Services/ DPSOak PointLocal3
Oak Ridge Volunteer Fire DepartmentOak RidgeLocal23
Oakhurst Volunteer Fire DepartmentOakhurstLocal20
Oakland Volunteer Fire DepartmentOaklandLocal15
Oakwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentOakwoodLocal6
Butler Volunteer Fire DepartmentOakwoodLocal5
Odessa Fire DepartmentOdessaLocal159
Quad-City VFDOiltonLocal12
Old Ocean Volunteer Fire DepartmentOld OceanLocal14
Old Station Volunteer Fire DepartmentOld StationLocal7
Olden Volunteer Fire DepartmentOldenLocal9
Olney Volunteer Fire DepartmentOlneyLocal30
Olton VFDOltonLocal24
Omaha VFDOmahaLocal23
Omaha Volunteer Fire DepartmentOmahaLocal15
West Orange Fire DepartmentOrangeLocal20
Pinehurst Volunteer Fire DepartmentOrangeLocal15
Orange County Emergency Services District #3OrangeLocal30
Orange Fire DepartmentOrangeLocal37
Mauriceville Volunteer Fire DepartmentOrangeLocal22
Little Cypress Volunteer Fire DepartmentOrangeLocal0
Orange Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentOrange GroveLocal35
Orchard VFDOrchardLocal10
The Ore City Volunteer Fire DepartmentOre CityLocal25
South Shore Volunteer Fire DepartmentOre CityLocal12
New Mountain Volunteer Fire DepartmentOre CityLocal10
City Of Ovilla Texas Volunteer Fire DepartmentOvillaLocal44
Ozona Fire DeptOzonaLocal40
Paducah Volunteer Fire DepartmentPaducahLocal18
Paige VFDPaigeLocal12
Palacios Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalaciosLocal25
Carancahua Volunteer Fire Dept.PalaciosLocal12
79 East Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalestineLocal6
84 East Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalestineLocal12
Westside Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalestineLocal28
Lone Pine Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalestineLocal14
Bradford Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalestineLocal21
City of Palestine Fire DepartmentPalestineLocal39
Elmwood Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.PalestineLocal23
Palmview Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalmviewLocal54
Palo Pinto Volunteer Fire DepartmentPalo PintoLocal20
Lone Camp Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Palo PintoLocal25
Pampa Fire DepartmentPampaLocal28
Hoover Volunteer Fire DepartmentPampaLocal27
Panhadle Fire DepartmentPanhandleLocal17
Community Four Volunteer Fire DepartmentPanolaLocal21
Pantego Fire DepartmentPantegoLocal33
Cottondale Volunteer Fire DepartmentParadiseLocal23
Lamar County Midway Volunteer Fire DepartmentParisLocal10
Biardstown Volunteer Fire DepartmentParisLocal15
City of Paris Fire DepartmentParisLocal56
Faught VFDParisLocal20
Parker Volunteer Fire DepartmentParkerLocal23
Pasadena Fire DepartmentPasadenaLocal161
Mt. Zion Community Fire Fighting AssociationPattisonLocal15
Pattonville VFDPattonvilleLocal20
Payne Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentPayne SpringsLocal32
Pearland Volunteer Fire DepartmentPearlandLocal55
Pearsall Volunteer Fire DepartmentPEARSALLLocal18
Peaster Volunteer Fire DepartmentPeasterLocal18
Pecan Gap Volunteer Fire DepartmentPecan GapLocal8
Penelope Volunteer Fire DepartmentPenelopeLocal15
Pennington Fire & RescuePenningtonLocal15
Perrin Volunteer Fire DepartmentPerrinLocal33
Perryton Volunteer Fire DepartmentPerrytonLocal30
Petrolia Volunteer Fire DepartmentPetroliaLocal12
Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2PflugervilleLocal63
Pharr Fire RescuePharrLocal59
Pickton Pine Forest Volunteer Fire DepartmentPicktonLocal10
Pilot Point Fire DepartmentPilot PointLocal26
Pineland Fire DepartmentPinelandLocal32
Pipe Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Pipe CreekLocal20
Thunderbird VfdPittsburgLocal10
Placedo Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlacdeoLocal18
City of Plains Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlainsLocal2
Plainview Fire/EMS DepartmentPlainviewLocal36
Halfway Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlainviewLocal15
Plano Fire DepartmentPlanoLocal272
Plantersville - Stoneham Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlantersvilleLocal18
Point VFDPointLocal15
Charlotte Parkhurst / SW, Rains Volunteer Fire DepartmentPointVOL18
Point Blank Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Point BlankLocal14
Ponder Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.PonderLocal20
Pontotoc Volunteer Fire AssociationPontotocLocal10
Poolville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.PoolvilleLocal16
Port Arthur Fire DepartmentPort ArthurLocal105
Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire DepartmentPort BolivarLocal25
Port Isabel Volunteer Fire DepartmentPort IsabelLocal26
Port Lavaca Fire DepartmentPort LavacaLocal27
Olivia-Port Alto Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Port LavacaLocal20
Magnolia Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentPort LavacaLocal11
Port Neches Fire DepartmentPort NechesLocal32
Port O'Connor Volunteer Fire DepartmentPort O'CpnnorLocal20
Porter Volunteer Fire DepartmentPorterLocal43
Post Volunteer Fire DepartmentPostLocal25
Primrose Volunteer Fire DepartmentPoteetLocal18458
Poth Volunteer Fire DepartmentPothLocal21
Locust Volunteer Fire DepartmentPottsboroLocal15
City Of Pottsboro Volunteer Fire DepartmentPottsboroLocal21
Pottsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentPottsvilleLocal10
Powell Volunteer Fire DepartmentPowellLocal10
Poynor VFDPoynerLocal16
Prairie Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentPrairie HillLocal6
Premont Volunteer Fire DepartmentPremontLocal21
Presidio VFDPresidioLocal23
CARLISLE Volunteer Fire DepartmentPRICELocal18
Prosper Fire DepartmentProsperLocal22
Navarro Mills Volunteer Fire DepartmentPurdonLocal6
Cass County Fire District #2Queen CityLocal25
West Tawakoni Volunteer Fire DepartmentQuinlanLocal12
Quitaque Volunteer Fire DepartmentQuitaqueLocal17
Quitman Volunteer Fire DepartmentQuitmanLocal24
Hainesville Volunteer Fire DepartmentQuitmanLocal21
Ralls Volunteer Fire DepartmentRallsLocal34
Rancho Viejo Volunteer Fire DepartmentRancho ViejoLocal20
Randolph Fire DeptRandolphLocal17
Ranger Volunteer Fire Department Inc..RangerLocal23
Ransom Canyon Volunteer Fire DepartmentRansom CanyonLocal17
Ravenna Volunteer Fire DepartmentRavennaLocal34
Raywood Volunteer Fire DepartmentRaywoodLocal14
Red Oak Fire DepartmentRed OakLocal18
Redwater Volunteer Fire DepartmentRedwaterLocal30
Refugio VFDRefugioLocal25
Blanconia Volunteer Fire DepartmentRefugioLocal12
New Salem Volunteer Fire DepartmentReklawVolunteer12
Reno Volunteer Fire & Rescue DepartmentRenoLocal28
Richards Volunteer Fire Dept.RichardsLocal11
Richardson Fire DeptRichardsonLocal145
Richland Volunteer Fire DepartmentRichlandLocal15
Richland Hills Fire DeptRichland HillsLocal30
Richland Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentRichland SpringsLocal18
Richmond Fire DepartmentRichmondLocal44
Pecan Grove Fire DepartmentRichmondLocal40
Fairchilds Fire DepartmentRichmondLocal15
Riesel Vol. Dept.RieselLocal21
Ringgold Volunteer Fire DepartmentRinggoldLocal9
Rio Grande City Fire DepartmentRio Grande CityLocal18
City of Rio Hondo Volunteer Fire DepartmentRio HondoLocal25
Rio Vista Volunteer Fire DepartmentRio VistaLocal20
Rising Star Volunteer FirefightersRising StarLocal14
River Oaks Volunteer Fire DepartmentRiver OaksLocal43
Thomas Lake Road Volunteer Fire DepartmentRiversideLocal12
Riverside Volunteer Fire DepartmentRiversideLocal20
Riviera Volunteer Fire DepartmentRivieraLocal15
Roanoke Fire DepartmentRoanokeLocal29
Robert Lee Volunteer Fire DepartmentRobert LeeLocal19
Robinson Volunteer Fire DepartmentRobinsonLocal36
Robstown Fire DepartmentRobstownLocal34
Rochelle Volunteer Fire DepartmentRochelleLocal12
Rock Island Volunteer Fire DepartmentRock IslandLocal12
Black Jack Volunteer Fire DepartmentRockdaleLocal25
Rockport Volunteer Fire DepartmentRockportLocal45
Holiday Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentRockportLocal21
Rocksprings Volunteer Fire DepartmentRockspringsLocal11
Rockwall Fire DepartmentRockwallLocal40
Rogers Volunteer Fire DepartmentRogersLocal20
Roma Fire DepartmentRomaLocal21
North Liberty Volunteer Fire DepartmentRomayorContract fire department23
Rosebud Volunteer Fire DepartmentRosebudLocal38
Rosenberg Fire DepartmentRosenbergLocal52
Rosharon Volunteer Fire DepartmentRosharonLocal14
Iowa Colony Volunteer Fire DepartmentRosharonLocal16
Ross VFDRossLocal16
Rosser VFDRosserLocal30
Rotan VFDRotanLocal42
Round Mountain VFDRound MountainLocal6
Sam Bass Fire DepartmentRound RockLocal43
Round Rock Volunteer Fire DepartmentRound RockLocal35
Round Rock Fire DepartmentRound RockLocal112
Rowena Volunteer Fire DepartmentRowenaLocal16
Rowlett Fire RescueRowlettLocal62
Roxton Volunteer Fire DepartmentRoxtonLocal20
Union Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentRoyse CityLocal14
Runaway Bay Volunteer Fire DepartmentRunaway BayLocal12
Rusk VFDRuskLocal33
Woodpecker VFDRyeLocal12
Sabinal VFDSabinalLocal15
Sachse Fire RescueSachseLocal40
Sadler Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.SadlerLocal13
Saginaw Fire DeptSaginawLocal21
Saint Hedwig Volunteer Fire DepartmentSaint HedwigLocal28
Saint Jo Volunteer Fire DepartmentSaint JoLocal25
Salado Fire DeptSaladoLocal21
Salineno VFDSalinenoLocal9
Guadalupe Mountains National Park Fire DepartmentSalt FlatFederal Government - Executive Branch Agency20
Lake Rayburn Volunteer Fire DepartmentSam RayburnLocal11
San Angelo Fire DeptSan AngeloLocal138
San Angelo Regional Airport Fire DepartmentSan AngeloTransportation Authority or Airport F.D.4
Quail Valley Volunteer Fire Department Inc.San AngeloLocal18
Pecan Creek VFDSan AngeloLocal27
Grape Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentSAN ANGELOLocal20
East Concho Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AngeloAll Volunteer none paid22
South Bexar Volunteer Fire and RescueSan AntonioLocal15
Shavano Park Fire Department/ EMSSan AntonioLocal16
Sandy Oaks Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal32
Olmos Park Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal17
Montgomery Drive Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., d/b/a/ Camelot Volunteer Fire and RescueSan AntonioLocal16
Leon Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal32
Harmony Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal30
Geronimo Village Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal85
Ata-Bexar County Line Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AntonioContract fire department20
Bexar Bulverde Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal52
Castle Hills Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal20
City of Terrell Hills Fire DepartmentSan AntonioLocal14
Denning New Hope Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan AugustineLocal19
San Benito Fire DeptSan BenitoLocal26
San Diego Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan DiegoLocal25
San Felipe - Frydek Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan FelipeLocal25
San Juan Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan JuanLocal90
San Leon Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan LeonLocal19
South Hays Fire DepartmentSan MarcosContract fire department63
San Marcos Fire RescueSan MarcosLocal59
Sanderson Volunteer Fire DepartmentSandersonLocal11
Lagarto Volunteer Fire DepartmentSandiaLocal20
Sanger Volunteer Fire DepartmentSangerLocal44
Sansom Park Fire DepartmentSansom ParkLocal32
Santa Fe Fire & RescueSanta FeLocal70
Santa Maria Volunteer Fire DepartmentSanta MariaLocal13
Santo Fire & EMSSantoLocal15
Brazos Volunteer Fire DepartmentSantoLocal16
Saratoga VFDSaratogaLocal20
Schertz Fire DepartmentSchertzLocal31
Schulenburg VFDSchulenburgLocal32
Scurry VFDScurryLocal30
Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department Inc.SeabrookContract fire department30
Seadrift Volunteer Fire DepartmentSeadriftLocal15
Seagoville Fire DepartmentSeagovilleLocal34
Seagrave Fire DeptSeagravesLocal0
Sealy Volunteer Fire DepartmentSealyLocal28
New Berlin Volunteer Fire DepartmentSeguinLocal25
City of Selma, Texas Fire DepartmentSelmaLocal13
Seminole Volunteer Fire DepartmentSeminoleLocal35
Seven Points VFDSeven PointsLocal24
Seymour-Baylor County VFDSeymourLocal25
Shallowater Fire DepartmentShallowaterLocal96
Shamrock Volunteer Fire DepartmentShamrockLocal20
SHEFFIELD Volunteer Fire DepartmentSHEFFIELDLocal14
Shelbyville Volunteer Fire DepartmentSHELBYVILLELocal25
Shepherd Volunteer Fire DepartmentShepherdLocal25
Sheppard AFB Fire DepartmentSheppard AFBFederal Government - DOD62
Sheridan Volunteer Fire DepartmentSheridanLocal12
Sherman Fire DepartmentShermanLocal73
Shiner Volunteer Fire DepartmentShinerLocal46
Silverton Volunteer Fire DepartmentSilvertonLocal25
Simms District Volunteer Fire DepartmentSimmsLocal22
Papalote Volunteer Fire DepartmentSintonLocal12
Skellytown Area Volunteer Firefighters-EMS Association, Inc.SkellytownLocal15
Skidmore Volunteer Fire DepartmentSkidmoreLocal16
Greenwood-Slidell Volunteer Fire DepartmentSlidellLocal20
City of Smiley Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmileyLocal20
Smithville Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmithvilleLocal50
City of Smyer Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmyerLocal14
Snook Volunteer Fire DepartmentSnookLocal25
Somerset Volunteer Fire DepartmentSomersetLocal19
Somerville Volunteer Fire DepartmentSomervilleLocal29
Border Line VFDSonoraLocal5
South Houston Volunteer Fire DepartmentSouth HoustonLocal31
Southlake Department of Public SafetySouthlakeLocal36
Southmayd Volunteer Fire DepartmentSouthmaydLocal20
Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department-EMS, Inc.SpicewoodLocal28
Pedernales Emergency ServicesSpicewoodLocal31
Splendora Volunteer Fire DepartmentSplendoraLocal20
Timber Lakes Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpringLocal20
Spring Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpringLocal164
South Montgomery County Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpringLocal72
Spring Branch Comal County Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpring BranchLocal50
Springtown Volunteer Fire Dept.SpringtownLocal35
La Junita Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpringtownLocal15
Spur Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpurLocal19
City of Stafford Fire-Rescue DeptStaffordLocal75
Stamford Fire DepartmentStamfordLocal30
Stanton Volunteer Fire DepartmentStantonLocal20
Star VFDStarLocal25
Stephenville Fire DepartmentStephenvilleLocal43
Selden Volunteer Fire DepartmentStephenvilleLocal16
Huckabay Volunteer Fire DepartmentStephenvilleLocal9
Erath County Volunteer Fire RescueStephenvilleLocal10
Stinnett Volunteer fire DepartmentStinnettLocal28
Stockdale Volunteer Fire DepartmentStockdaleLocal25
Longhorn VFD/ First Responder, IncStockdaleLocal15
Strawn Volunteer Fire DepartmentStrawnLocal18
Southern Oaks Volunteer Fire DepartmentStreetmanLocal21
Sudan Fire DepartmentSudanLocal31
Sugar Land Fire DeptSugar LandLocal84
North East Fort Bend County Volunteer Fire DepartmentSugar LandLocal14
Sullivan City Volunteer Fire DepartmentSullivan CityLocal10
Tira Volunteer Fire DepartmentSulphur SpringsLocal6
Sulphur Springs Fire DepartmentSulphur SpringsLocal28
North Hopkins Volunteer Fire DepartmentSulphur SpringsLocal14
Hopkins County Fire and RescueSulphur SpringsLocal15
Arbala Volunteer Fire DepartmentSulphur SpringsLocal10
Lamar Point Volunteer Fire DepartmentSumnerLocal32
Sundown Volunteer Fire DepartmentSundownLocal33
Sunnyvale Fire DepartmentSunnyvaleLocal32
Sunray Fire and EMSSunrayLocal25
Sunrise Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentSunrise BeachLocal40
Sunset Volunteer Fire DepartmentSunsetLocal20
Surfside Volunteer Fire DepartmentSurfside BeachLocal9
Sweeny Fire and RescueSweenyLocal30
Sweet Home Volunteer Fire DepartmentSweet HomeLocal12
Lake Sweetwater Volunteer Fire DepartmentSweetwaterLocal22
Taft Volunteer Fire DepartmentTaftLocal21
Tahoka Volunteer Fire DepartmentTahokaLocal20
Talco VFDTalcoLocal40
Taylor Volunteer Fire Dept.TaylorLocal22
Taylortown Volunteer Fire DepartmentTaylortownVolunteer30
Teague Volunteer Fire DepartmentTeagueLocal28
Dew Volunteer Fire DepartmentTeagueLocal24
Tehuacana VFDTehuacanaLocal16
Telephone Volunteer Fire DepartmentTelephoneLocal20
Telferner Volunteer Fire DepartmentTelfernerLocal6
Temple Fire & RescueTempleLocal98
Moffat Volunteer Fire DepartmentTempleLocal20
Tenaha VFDTenahaLocal25
Terrell Fire DepartmentTerellLocal42
Terlingua Volunteer Fire DepartmentTerlinguaLocal10
Ables SpringsTerrellLocal22
Terrell ( City of) Fire DepartmentTerrellLocal47
Kaufman County Emergency Services UnitTerrellLocal15
College Mound Fire DeptTerrellLocal32
Texarkana Fire DepartmentTexarkanaLocal78
Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentTexarkanaLocal21
Liberty - Eylau Volunteer Fire DepartmentTexarkanaLocal45
Texas City F.D.Texas CityLocal0
Texline Volunteer Fire & RescueTexlineLocal12
The Colony Fire DeptThe ColonyLocal38
The Woodlands Fire DeptThe WoodlandsPrivate or industrial fire brigade75
Votaw Thicket Volunteer Fire DepartmentThicketLocal18
Thomaston Volunteer Fire DepartmentThomastonnon-governmental VFD8
Thompsons VFDThompsonsLocal10
Thorndale Voluntary Fire DepartmentThorndaleLocal36
Thornton VFDThorntonLocal11
Throckmorton Volunteer Fire DepartmentThrockmortonLocal22
Tiki Island Fire & RescueTiki IslandLocal14
Timpson Volunteer Fire DepartmentTimpsonLocal35
Tioga Volunteer Fire Dept.TiogaLocal14
Tivoli Volunteer Fire DepartmentTivoliLocal20
Tolar Volunteer Fire DepartmentTolarLocal25
Tom Bean Volunteer FirefightersTom BeanLocal21
Tomball Fire DepartmentTomballLocal41
Rosehill Fire DepartmentTomballLocal30
Tool Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.ToolLocal14
Tow VFDTowLocal15
Toyah VFDToyahLocal8
Trinidad Volunteer Fire DepartmentTrinidadLocal23
Trophy Club-Westlake Dept of Public SafetyTrophy ClubLocal42
Troup VFDTroupLocal25
Troy Volunteer Fire DepartmentTroyLocal15
Tulia VFDTuliaLocal23
Jim Ned Volunteer Fire DepartmentTuscolaLocal12
Elm Creek Citizens AssociationTuscolaLocal18
Tye Volunteer Fire Department Inc.2TyeLocal17
Tyler Fire DepartmentTylerLocal128
Red Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentTylerLocal16
Jackson Heights Volunteer Fire DepartmentTylerLocal15
Tynan VFDTynanLocal10
Uhland Volunteer Fire DepartmentUhlandLocal12
City of Universal City Fire DepartmentUniversal CityLocal22
University Park Fire DepartmentUniversity ParkLocal32
Utopia Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.UtopiaLocal16
Uvalde Fire DistrictUvaldeLocal32
Van Fire DepartmentVanLocal38
Van Alstyne Fire DepartmentVan AlstyneLocal27
Van Uleck VFD, Inc.Van UleckLocal8
Vanderpool Volunteer Fire DepartmentVanderpoolLocal9
Vega VF&RVegaLocal13
Venus VFDVenusLocal17
Victoria Fire DepartmentVictoriaLocal107
Raisin Volunteer Fire DepartmentVictoriaLocal15
Quail Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentVictoriaLocal20
Lone Tree VFDVictoriaLocal10
Orange County Emergency Services District #1VidorLocal35
Vigo Park Volunteer Fire DepartmentVigo ParkLocal12
Wildwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentVillage MillsContract fire department15
Voca Volunteer Fire DepartmentVocaLocal21
Volente Volunteer Fire DepartmentVolenteLocal29
Jarret Volunteer Fire Association, Inc.Von OrmyLocal19
Waco Fire DepartmentWacoLocal180
Lacy Lakeview Fire DepartmentWacoLocal24
Gholson Volunteer Fire DepartmentWacoLocal15
Chalk Bluff Volunteer Fire DepartmentWacoLocal15
Wall Volunteer Fire DepartmentWallLocal20
Waller Volunteer Fire DepartmentWallerLocal28
Monaville Volunteer Fire DepartmentWallerLocal21
Wallis Volunteer Fire DepartmentWallisLocal16
Walnut Springs Volunteer FIre DepartmentWalnut SpringsLocal15
Waring Volunteer Fire DepartmentWaringLocal20
Warren Volunteer Fire DepartmentWarrenLocal25
Washington Volunteer Fire DepartmentWashingtonLocal19
Waskom Volunteer Fire Department/ EMS Services, Inc.WaskomLocal30
Watauga Fire DepartmentWataugaLocal12
Water Valley VFDWater ValleyLocal6
Waxahachie Fire DepartmentWAXAHACHIELocal40
Waxahachie Rural Fire DepartmentWaxahachieLocal26
Weatherford Fire DepartmentWeatherfordLocal60
Tin Top Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeatherfordLocal20
Horseshoe Bend Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeatherfordLocal10
Greenwood Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeatherfordLocal20
Central Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeatherfordLocal30
Cool-Garner Fire/RescueWeatherfordLocal16
Webster Fire DepartmentWebsterLocal68
Weesatche Vol. Fire Dept.WeesatcheLocal25
Weimar VFDWeimarLocal40
Weinert Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeinertLocal18
Weir Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeirLocal29
Wellington Fire DepartmentWellingtonLocal25
Weslaco Fire DepartmentWeslacoLocal65
West VFDWestLocal30
Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire DepartmentWest ColumbiaLocal16
Travis County Emergency Services District #9 (Westlake Fire Department)West Lake HillsLocal55
Westbrook Volunteer Fire DepartmentWestbrookLocal23
Westhoff VFDWesthoffLocal15
Westlake Department of Public SafetyWestlakeLocal11
Westminster VFDWestminsterLocal18
Westworth Village Fire DepartmentWestworth VillageLocal30
Wharton VFDWhartonLocal48
Wheeler VFDWheelerLocal26
Sweetwater Creek Fire Fighterrs AssociationWheelerLocal550
White Deer Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhite DeerLocal17
White Oak Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhite OakLocal76
White Settlement Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhite SettlementLocal40
Whitehouse Fire DepartmentWhitehouseLocal25
Whitewright Fire DepartmentWhitewrightLocal24
2604 Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhitneyLocal13
White Bluff on Lake Whitney Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhitneyLocal16
Lakeview Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhitneyLocal10
Adell-Whitt Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhittLocal25
Wichita Falls Fire DepartmentWichita FallsLocal151
Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Wichita FallsLocal20
Bowman Community Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Wichita FallsLocal11
Cameron Gardens Volunteer Fire DepartmentWichita FallsLocal15
Charlie Thornberry Volunteer Fire DepartmentWichita FallsLocal14
Wickett Volunteer Fire DepartmentWickettLocal14
North Montgomery County Volunteer Fire DepartmentWillisLocal47
Willow City Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Inc.Willow CityLocal32
Willow Park Fire-Rescue DepartmentWillow ParkLocal18
Wills Point Fire DepartmentWills PointLocal40
Waco Bay Volunteer Fire DepartmentWills PointLocal11
Rolling Oaks Volunteer Fire DepartmentWills PointLocal20
Wilmer Fire DepartmentWilmerLocal16
Wilson Volunteer Fire DepartmentWilsonLocal10
Wimberley VFDWimberleyLocal34
Winchester Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinchesterLocal32
Windcrest Vol.F.D.WindcrestLocal35
Windhorst VFDWindhorstLocal23
Wingate Volunteer Fire DepartmentWingateLocal10
Wink Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinkLocal15
Winnie-Stowell Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinnieLocal18
Ogburn Vol. Fire DepartmentWinnsboroLocal17
Winona Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinonaLocal28
Wolfe City Volunteer Fire DepartmentWolfe CityLocal25
Wolfforth Fire DeptWolfforthLocal60
Woodsboro Fire DepartmentWoodsboroContract fire department28
Woodville Volunteer Fire DepartmentWoodvilleLocal28
Whitetail Ridge Volunteer Fire DepartmentWoodvilleLocal19
Tyler CountyWoodvilleNo fire services provided18
Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire DepartmentWoodvilleLocal16
Dam-B VFDWoodvilleLocal20
Wortham Volunteer Fire DepartmentWorthamLocal15
Wylie Fire DepartmentWylieLocal36
Yantis VFDYantisLocal25
Yoakum Fire/ EMS DepartmentYoakumLocal36
Fordtran Volunteer Fire DepartmentYoakumLocal15
Zapata County Fire DepartmentZapataLocal20
Zavalla VFDZavallaLocal22
Zephyr Volunteer Fire DepartmentZephyrLocal15