Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from 2008-2018, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
SD-00Dusty Johnson (R)

South Dakota

Grant Data for South Dakota - 2018
AFG Grants Given: 8
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 8

Total Amount of Grants Given: 1235251.57

Active Career Fire Fighters: 489
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 128
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 6601
Total Fire Fighters: 7218
Fire Departments: 309
FAMA members in South Dakota
Member NameLocated in
Crimson FireBrandon
Rosenbauer America, LLCLyons
FEMSA members in South Dakota
Member NameLocated in
Heiman Fire EquipmentSioux Falls
Fire Departments in South Dakota
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
Aberdeen Fire & RescueAberdeenLocal41
Aberdeen Rural Fire Protection DistrictAberdeenLocal24
Agar Fire DeptAgarLocal28
Alcester VFDAlcesterLocal24
Alexandria VFDAlexandriaLocal28
Alpena Fire DepartmentAlpenaLocal19
Amour Fire DeptAmourLocal30
Andover Volunteer Fire DepartmentAndoverLocal20
Ardmore Fire DistrictArdmoreLocal18
Arlington Volunteer Fire DepartmentArlingtonLocal31
Artesian Volunteer Fire DepartmentArtesianLocal35
Ashton Fire DeptAshtonLocal19
Astoria Volunteer Fire DepartmentAstoria100 percent vol.19
Aurora Fire DepartmentAuroraLocal25
Avon Fire DepartmentAvonLocal28
Baltic Volunteer Fire DepartmentBalticLocal25
Batesland VFDBateslandLocal27
Bath Fire DeptBathLocal7
Beresford Fire and RescueBedesfordLocal40
Belle Fourche Volunteer Fire DepartmentBelle FourcheLocal39
Belvidere VFDBelvidereLocal15
Big Stone City Fire DeptBig Stone CityLocal25
Bison Volunteer Fire DepartmentBisonLocal20
Black Hawk Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlack HawkLocal26
Bonesteel Volunteer Fire DepartmentBonesteelLocal21
Box Elder Volunteer Fire RescueBox ElderLocal27
Brandon Fire DeptBrandonPrivate or industrial fire brigade38
Brandt Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrandtLocal15
Brentford Fire DepartmentBrentfordLocal21
Bridgewater Fire DepartmentBridgewaterLocal26
Bristol Fire DepartmentBristolLocal21
Sunset Fire DeptBrittonLocal16
North Marshall Fire DeptBrittonLocal21
Brookings Fire DeptBrookingsLocal47
Bruce Fire DepartmentBruceLocal23
Bryant Volunteer Fire DepartmentBryantLocal15
Buffalo Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuffaloLocal18
Baffalo Gap VFDBuffalo GapLocal16
Burke VFDBurkeLocal29
Camp Crook Volunteer Fire DepartmentCamp CrookLocal40
Canova Fire DepartmentCanovaLocal20
Canton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCantonLocal35
Castlewood Fire DeptCastlewoodLocal26
Cavour Volunteer Fire DepartmentCavourLocal15
Centerville Fire DepartmentCentervilleLocal25
Chamberlain Volunteer Fire DepartmentChamberlainLocal33
Chancellor Volunteer Fire Department Inc.ChancellorLocal27
Claire City Volunteer Fire DepartmentClaire CityLocal21
Clark Volunteer Fire DepartmentClarkLocal29
Clear Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Clear LakeLocal24
Colman Fire and RescueColmanLocal23
Colome Volunteer Fire DepartmentColomeLocal22
Colton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.ColtonLocal22
Columbia Community Fire DeptColumbiaLocal20
Conde Fire DeptCondeLocal18
Corona Fire DepartmentCoronaLocal25
Corsica Community Fire DeptCorsicaLocal23
Cresbard Fire DeptCresbardLocal27
Crooks Fire DepartmentCrooksLocal18
Argyle Volunteer Fire DepartmentCusterLocal26
Custer Volunteer Fire DepartmentCusterLocal30
Dante Fire DepartmentDanteLocal18
Brownsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeadwoodLocal18
Deadwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeadwoodLocal40
Dell Rapids Fire DeptDell RapidsLocal26
Delmont Volunteer Fire DepartmentDelmontLocal19
DeSmet Fire DeptDeSmetLocal30
Doland Fire DepartmentDolandLocal18
Draper Volunteer Fire DepartmentDraperLocal10
Dupree Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.DupreeLocal25
Eagle Butte Volunteer Fire DepartmentEagle ButteLocal27
eden Fire DeptEdenLocal25
Highlands VFDEdgemontLocal15
Dewey VFDEdgemontLocal8
Edgemont Volunteer Fire DepartmentEdgemontLocal36
Elk Point Fire Protection DistrictElk PointLocal30
Emery Volunteer Fire DepartmentEmeryLocal32
Ethan Fire DepartmentEthanLocal17
Eureka Fire DeptEurkaLocal24
Faulkton VFDFaulktonLocal25
Flandreau Fire DeptFlandreauLocal30
Fort Meade VAMCFort MeadeFederal Government - Executive Branch Agency12
Fort Pierre vol. fire dept.Fort PierreLocal50
Frankfort Fire DepartmentFrankfortLocal23
Gann Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentGann ValleyLocal16
Buffalo County Rural Fire Protection District 1Gann ValleyLocal12
Garretson Volunteer Fire DepartmentGarretsonLocal29
Gary Volunteer Fire DepartmentGaryLocal30
Gayville Community Fire DepartmentGayvilleLocal23
Geddes VFDGeddesLocal21
Gettysburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentGettysburgLocal34
Glad Valley Fire DeptGlad ValleyLocal35
Goodwin VFDGoodwinLocal19
Gregory Volunteer Fire DepartmentGregoryLocal28
Groton Community Fire DepartmentGrotonLocal29
Harrisburg Comm Fire DeptHarrisburgLocal35
Hartford Fire & RescueHartfordLocal24
Four Corners Volunteer Fire DepartmentHayesLocal83
Hayti VFDHaytiLocal27
Hazel VFDHazelLocal19
Hecla Volunteer Firefighters, Inc.HeclaLocal25
Hermosa VFDHermosaLocal22
Highmore Fire DeptHighmoreLocal28
Hill City Fire DeptHill CityLocal31
Hitchcock Community Fire DepartmentHitchcockLocal26
Hosmer Volunteer Fire DepartmentHosmerLocal25
Minnekahta Fire DepartmentHot SpringsLocal14
Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department, IncHot SpringsLocal56
Cascade Fire DepartmentHot SpringsLocal30
Dept of Veterans Affairs - Black Hills Health Fire DepartmentHot SpringsLocal11
Hoven VFD, Inc.HovenLocal30
Howard Volunteer Fire DepartmentHowardLocal20
Hudson Volunteer Fire DepartmentHudsonLocal20
Humboldt Fire & Ambulance ServiceHumboldtLocal45
Hurley Volunteer Fire DepartmentHurleyLocal40
Huron Fire DeptHuronLocal53
Interior Volunteer Fire DepartmentInteriorLocal30
Green Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentInteriorLocal35
Ipswich VFDIpswichLocal24
Irene Volunteer Fire DepartmentIRENELocal25
Iroquois Fire & Rescue DistrictIroquoisLocal25
Isabel Fire DepartmentIsabelLocal32
Java VFDjAVALocal16
Jefferson VFDJeffersonLocal35
Kadoka Volunteer Fire DepartmentKadokaLocal30
Kennebec Fire DepartmentKennebecLocal30
Keystone VFDKeystoneLocal18
Hayward Volunteer Fire DepartmentKeystoneLocal15
Kimball Fire DepartmentKimballLocal26
LaBolt Fire DeptLaBoltLocal10
Lake Andes Fire DeptLake AndesLocal26
Lake Norden Fire DistrictLake NordenLocal15
Lake Preston VFDLake PrestonLocal30
Langford VFDLangfordLocal21
Spearfish Canyon Fire Protection DistrictLeadLocal15
Lebanon Volunteer Fire DepartmentLebanonLocal15
Lemmon Fire DepartmentLemmonLocal28
Lennox VFDLennoxLocal27
Leola Fire DeptLeolaLocal26
Lesterville Fire & RescueLestervilleLocal24
Letcher Fire DeptLetcherLocal26
Long Lake Fire DeptLong LakeLocal15
Longvalley Fire DeptLongvalleyLocal20
Lower Brule Fire DepartmentLower BruleFederal Government - Executive Branch Agency26
Ludlow VFDLudlowLocal52
Lyons Volunteer Fire DepartmentLyonsLocal16
Madison Fire DepartmentMadisonLocal28
Marion Fire DeptMarionLocal30
Martin Volunteer Fire DepartmentMartinLocal25
McIntosh Vol. Fire DepartmentMCINTOSHLocal22
McLauchlin VFDMcLaughlinLocal25
Melletle Fire DeptMelletleLocal20
Menno Fire DeptMennoLocal26
Midland VFDMidlandLocal26
Milbank Volunteer Fire DepartmentMilbankLocal32
Milesville Fire DeptMilesvilleLocal15
Miller Fire DepartmentMillerLocal76
Rosedale Fire DepartmentMitchellLocal12
Mobridge Fire DeptMobridgeLocal22
Monroe Volunteer Fire DepartmentMonroeLocal15
Montrose Volunteer Fire DepartmentMontroseLocal26
Mound City Vol. Fire DeptMound CityLocal16
Mt Vernon VFDMt VenonLocal24
Murdo Vol Fire Dept.MurdoLocal20
Nemo VFDNemoLocal16
New Effington Fire DepartmentNew EffingtonLocal20
New Underwood Fire DeptNew UnderwoodLocal23
Castle Rock Vol. Fire Department., FDID 15003NewellLocal24
North Sioux City Fire DeptNorth Sioux CityLocal33
Northville Vol. Fire Dept.NorthvilleLocal12
Nunda Volunteer Fire DepartmentNundaLocal26
Oldham Volunteer Fire DepartmentOldhamLocal16
Olerich's VFDOlerich'sLocal25
Onaka Volunteer Fire DepartmentOnakaLocal15
The Onida Fire DepartmentonidaLocal30
Opal VFDOpalLocal100
Oral VFDOralLocal26
Orient Fire DeptOrientLocal7
Ortley VFDOrtleyLocal10
Parker Volunteer Fire DepartmentParkerLocal27
Parkston Fire DepartmentParkstonLocal25
Peever Fire DepartmentPeeverLocal15
Philip VFDPhilipLocal42
Piedmont Fire DeptPiedmontLocal20
Pierpont Rural Fire DepartmentPierpontLocal20
Pierre Airport Fire & RescuePierreTransportation Authority or Airport F.D.28
Hughes County Fire DeptPierreLocal70
City of Pierre Fire DepartmentPierreLocal75
Plankinton VFDPlankintonLocal25
Academy Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlatteLocal25
Platte Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlatteLocal34
Pollock Fire DepartmentPollockLocal26
Presho VFDPreshoLocal30
Pringle VFDPringleLocal22
Pukwana Volunteer Fire Dept.PukwanaLocal37
Ramona VFDRamonaLocal22
Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid CityLocal36
Rockerville Vol. Fire Dept., IncRapid CityLocal30
Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency ServicesRapid CityLocal123
Rapid Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid CityLocal41
North Haines Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid CityLocal18
Johnson Siding VFDRapid CityLocal12
Doty Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid CityLocal16
Ravinia Fire Dept.RaviniaLocal13
Raymond Fire Community AssociationRaymondLocal18
Enning Fire DepartmentRed OwlLocal33
Ree Heights Fire DeptRee heightsLocal24
Renner Fire RescueRennerLocal30
Revillo Volunteer Fire DepartmentRevilloLocal25
Roscoe VFDRoscoeLocal22
Salem Fire DepartmentSalemLocal36
Scotland Fire DeptScotlandLocal30
Selby Fire DeptSelbyLocal22
Silver City Volunteer Fire DepartmentSilver CityLocal10
Sinai Fire DepartmentSinaiLocal20
Splitrock Volunteer Fire DepartmentSIOUX FALLSLocal32
Wayne Twp Fire & RescueSioux FallsLocal25
South Dakota Air National GuardSioux FallsFederal Government - DOD25
Sioux Falls Fire RescueSioux FallsLocal170
Sisseton Fire DeptSissetonLocal27
Smithwick Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmithwickLocal25
Spencer Vol. Fire Dept.SpencerLocal22
Springfield Fire DepartmentSpringfieldLocal30
Stockholm Volunteer Fire DepartmentStockholmLocal0
Stratford Community Fire DeptStratfordLocal19
Hutterville Community Fire DepartmentStratfordLocal26
Sturgis VFDSturgisLocal46
Summit Volunteer Fire DepartmentSummitLocal28
Tabor Fire DeptTaborLocal24
Tea Volunteer Fire DepartmentTeaLocal26
Tolstoy Fire Department, Inc.TolstoyLocal15
Trail City Fire DeptTrail CityContract fire department28
Trent Volunteer Fire DepartmentTrentLocal24
Tripp Fire DeptTrippLocal24
Tulare Volunteer Fire DepartmentTulareLocal15
Turton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.TurtonLocal20
Vetal VFDTuthillLocal30
Utica VFDUticaLocal16
Vale Fire DepartmentValeLocal30
Valley Springs Fire & RescueValley SpringsLocal28
Veblen Volunteer Fire DepartmentVeblenLocal28
Vermillion Fire DeptVermillionLocal43
Viborg Volunteer Fire DepartmentViborgLocal30
Vienna Rural Fire DepartmentViennaLocal25
Vivian Fire DeptVivianLocal18
Volga Fire DeptVolgaLocal56
Volia Fire DeptVoliaLocal22
wagner fire deptwagnerLocal25
Wakonda Fire Dept.WakondaLocal26
Wall Volunteer Fire Dept.WallLocal24
Wallace Fire DeptWallaceLocal14
Warner Fire DepartmentWarnerLocal25
Elm Springs Fire DepartmentWastaLocal25
Watertown Fire DepartmentWatertownLocal28
Waubay VFDWaubayLocal22
Webster Fire DepartmentWebsterLocal25
Wentworth Fire DeptWentworthLocal20
Wessington Rural Fire Dept.WessingtonLocal23
Wessington Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Wessington SpringsLocal30
White Volunteer Fire DepartmentWHITELocal26
White Lake VFDWhite LakeLocal27
Whitewood Volunteer Fire Department/ Rescue Hose Company #1WhitewoodLocal35
Wilmot Fire DeptWilmotLocal21
Winner Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinnerLocal30
Wood Volunteer Fire DepartmentWoodLocal14
Town and Country Fire and RescueWoonsocketLocal22
Worthing Community Fire DepartmentWorthingLocal26
Yankton Fire DepartmentYanktonLocal37