Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from FY 2008 - FY 2021, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
OH-01 Steve Chabot (R)
OH-02 Brad Wenstrup (R)
OH-03 Joyce Beatty (D)
OH-04 Jim Jordan (R)
OH-05 Robert Latta (R)
OH-06 Bill Johnson (R)
OH-07 Bob Gibbs (R)
OH-08 Warren Davidson (R)
OH-09 Marcy Kaptur (D)
OH-10 Michael Turner (R)
OH-11 Marcia Fudge (D)
OH-12 Patrick Tiberi (R)
OH-13 Tim Ryan (D)
OH-14 David Joyce (R)
OH-15 Steve Stivers (R)
OH-16 James Renacci (R)


Grant Data for Ohio - 2021
AFG Grants Given: 0
AFG-S Grants Given: 0
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 0

Total Amount of Grants Given: $0.00

Active Career Fire Fighters: 13,240
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 12,451
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 15,716
Total Fire Fighters: 41,407
Fire Departments: 1,663
FAMA members in Ohio
Member Name Located in
Action Coupling & Equip., Inc. Holmesville
Akron Brass Co. Wooster
Hendrickson Medina
Signature 4 Fire Shopp Coldwater
Sutphen Corporation Amlin
Truck Cab Manufacturers Inc Cincinnati
VisionMark Sidney
Will-Burt Co. Orrville
FEMSA members in Ohio
Member Name Located in
Akron Brass Company Wooster
Finley Fire Equipment Co., Inc. McConnelsville
Fire-Dex, Inc. Medina
FireCraft Safety Products Columbus
FirehouseDecals, Inc. Cincinnati
FSI - Fire Safety International, Inc. Sheffield Lake
Genesis Rescue Kettering
Honeywell First Responder Products Dayton
LION Dayton
Red Head Brass, LLC Shreve
Sutphen Towers, Inc. Hilliard
Fire Departments in Ohio
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
Aberdeen-HuntingtonTwp. Vol.Fire Department Aberdeen Local 36
Ada-Liberty TWP Fire Department Ada Local 28
Adamsville Community Fire Department Adamsville Local 32
Adena VFC Adena Local 25
Springfield Twp Fire Dept Akron Local 52
Coventry Township Fire Department Akron Local 24
Lockheed Martin NE&SSA Akron Akron Private or industrial fire brigade 18
Bath Fire & Rescue Akron Local 96
New Franklin Fire Department Akron Local 51
Albany Area VFD Albany Private or industrial fire brigade 27
Columbia Twp Volunteer Fire Department Albany Local 15
Alexandria-Saint Albans Township Fire Department Alexandria Local 70
Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department Allaince Local 30
Alliance Fire Department Alliance Local 32
Lexington Township Volunteer Fire Department Alliance Local 28
Marlboro Vol. Fire Co. Alliance Private or industrial fire brigade 32
Alvordton-Millcreek Township Fire Department Alvordton Local 29
Amanda Township Fire Department Amanda Local 32
Ames-Bern- Amesville VFD Amesville Local 12
Amherst Fire Department Amherst Local 65
Amsterdam Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Amsterdam Local 12
Andover Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Andover Private or industrial fire brigade 35
Anna Fire Department Anna Local 52
Ansonia VFD Ansonia Local 25
Antioch Community Volunteer Fire Department Antioch Local 20
Apple Creek Volunteer Fire & Emergency Squad, Inc. Apple Creek Local 35
Washington TWP Volunteer Fire Department Arcadia State Government 70
Arcanum Fire Dept Arcanum Local 48
Archbold-German TWP Fire Department Archbold Local 60
Arlington Volunteer Fire Department Arlington Local 30
City of Ashland, Division of Fire Ashland Local 81
Mifflin VFD Ashland Local 17
Elm Valley Joint Fire District Ashley Local 48
Ashtabula Fire Department Ashtabula Local 26
Ashtabula Twp Fire Dept Ashtabula Local 38
Saybrook TWP Fire Dept Ashtabula Local 44
Plymouth Township Fire Department Ashtabula Local 56
Harrison Township Fire Department Ashville Local 33
Richland Area Fire Department Athens Private or industrial fire brigade 26
Athens Fire Dept Athens Local 25
Atwater Fire Department Atwater Local 14
Aurora Fire Department Aurora Local 63
Austinburg Volunteer Fire Department Austinburg Local 23
Austintown Fire Department Austintown Local 101
Avon Fire Department Avon Local 48
Avon Lake Fire Dept Avon Lake Local 31
Bakersville VFD Bakersvilee Contract fire department 20
Baltic Fire & Rescue Baltic Local 46
Basil Joint Fire District Baltimore Local 120
Barberton Fire Department Barberton Local 45
Barnesville Volunteer Fire Department Barnesville Local 62
Barton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Barton Private or industrial fire brigade 25
Bascom Joint Fire District Bascom Local 62
Central Joint Fire - EMS District Batavia Fire District 103
Batavia Twp Fire & Rescue/ Batavia Village FD Batavia Local 67
Bay Village Fire Department Bay Village Local 26
Baechwood Fire Dept Beaachwood Local 39
Beach City Fire & Rescue Beach City Local 23
Beaver VFD Beaver Local 20
Beavercreek Fire Department Beavercreek Local 134
Beaverdam Richland Fire Department Beaverdam Local 19
Bedford Division of Fire Bedford Local 29
Bedford Heights Fire Department Bedford Heights Local 29
Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Department & EMS Bellaire Local 20
Bellaire Fire Department Bellaire Local 31
Spirit of 76 Fire/ EMS Department, Inc. Bellaire Local 37
Bellbrook Fire Department Bellbrook Local 34
Richland Township Volunteer Fire Department Belle Center Local 26
Belle Valley Volunteer Fire Department Belle Valley Local 18
Bellefontaine Fire Department Bellefontaine Local 21
Bellevue Fire Department Bellevue Local 42
Jefferson Twp Bellville Fire Department Bellville Local 38
Belmont Volunteer Fire Department Belmont Local 48
Smith Township Volunteer Fire Company Belmont Private or industrial fire brigade 28
Beloit Fire Department Beloit Local 110
Dunham Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Belpre Local 26
Blanchard Township Volunteer Fire Department Benton Ridge Local 21
Berea Fire Department Berea Local 23
Richfield Township Fire Department Berkey Local 31
East Holmes Fire & EMS Berlin Unknown 66
Berlin Township Fire Department Berlin Center Local 28
Berlin Township Fire Department Berlin Heights Local 35
Bethel-Tate Fire Dept Bethel Local 45
Center TWP Volunteer Fire Department Beverly Local 9
Beverly Volunteer Fire Department Beverly Local 32
Springfield Township Fire Department Bidwell Local 24
Florence Township Fire Department Birmingham Local 40
Jefferson Township Fire Department Blacklick Local 58
Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department Bladensburg Local 42
Blanchester Marion Township Fire District Blanchester Local 35
Bloomdale Fire Department & Rescue Squad Bloomdale Local 27
B. P. M. Fire Dept Bloomingburg Local 42
Belvedere Vol. Fire Dept. Inc. Bloomingdale Local 16
City of Blue Ash Fire Dept Blue Ash Local 45
Jefferson Township Fire Department Blue Creek Local 12
Boardman F.D. Boardman Local 43
Bolivar Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Bolivar Local 50
Botkins Fire Dept Botkins Local 52
Twin Twp VFD Bourneville Local 28
Bowerston Volunteer Fire Department Bowerston Local 17
Jefferson Township Fire Department Bowersville Local 16
Center Township Fire Department Bowling Green Local 22
Bowling Green Fire Division Bowling Green Local 67
Bradford Fire & rescue Services Bradford 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Org 40
Bradner Fire Department Bradner Local 28
Brecksville Fire Dept Brecksville Local 53
Bremen-Rushcreek Fire Dept Bremen Local 80
Brewster Fire Department BREWSTER Local 58
Brookside Fire Department Bridgeport Local 32
Sunset Heights Volunteer Fire Department Bridgeport Local 20
Bridgeport Fire Department Bridgeport Local 40
Brilliant Volunteer Fire Department Brilliant Local 35
Bristol Fire Department Bristolville Local 20
Broadview Heights Fire Dept Broadview Heights Local 47
Brook Park Fire Department Brook Park Local 40
Brookfield Township Fire Department Brookfield Local 37
City of Brooklyn Fire Department Brooklyn Local 46
Brooklyn Heights Fire Department Brooklyn Heights Local 56
Brookville Fire Department Brookville Local 81
City of New Brunswick/Division of Fire Brunswick Local 46
Brunswick Hills Township Fire Department Brunswick Local 72
City of Bryan Fire Department Bryan Local 57
Buckeye Lake Village Fire Department Buckeye Lake Local 35
Buckland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Buckland Local 25
Holmes Township Volunteer Fire Department Bucyrus Local 32
Bucyrus Fire Department Bucyrus Local 19
Bucyrus Township Fire Department Bucyrus Local 24
Burbank Volunteer Fire Department Burbank Local 30
Burkettsville Community Fire Dept. Burkettsville Local 22
Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department Burton Local 24
Worthington Township Fire Department Butler Local 35
Byesville Volunteer Fire Department Byesville Local 26
Cairo Monroe TWP Fire Department Cairo Local 20
Calcutta Fire Department Calcutta Local 35
Caldwell Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. Caldwell Local 30
First Consolidated Fire District Caledonia Local 66
Cambridge Fire Department Cambridge Local 20
Camden Somers Fire/ Rescue Camden Local 83
Campbell Fire Department CAMPBELL Local 20
Cardinal Joint Fire District Canfield Local 56
Plain Township Fire and Rescue Canton Local 126
Canton Fire Department Canton Local 164
Canton TWP Fire Dept Canton Local 138
Ward Township Volunteer Fire Department Carbon Hill Local 19
Carlisle Fire Department Carlisle Local 19
Greenfield Township Fire Department Carroll Local 96
Carroll County Volunteer Fire Department Carrollton Local 20
Carrollton Village Fire Department Carrollton Local 66
Loudon Twp VFC Carrollton Local 18
Cartland City Fire Department Cartland Local 57
Casstown Community VFC Inc Casstown Local 27
Groton Township Fire Department Castalia Local 18
Margaretta Township Fire Department Castalia Local 54
Pleasant Township Fire Department Catawba Local 84
Crane Township Cecil Fire Department Cecil Local 20
Cedarville Twp VFD Cedarville Local 55
Celina Fire Department Celina Local 36
Central Ohio Joint Fire District Centerburg Local 56
Chagrin Falls Chagrin Falls Local 82
Auburn VFD Chagrin Falls Local 129
Chardon Fire Department Chardon Local 87
Hambden Fire Department Chardon Local 67
Bainbridge Twp Fire Dept Chargrin Falls Local 90
Chauncey-Dover Volunteer Fire Department Chauncey Local 18
Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department Cherry Fork Local 19
Chesapeake-Union Township Volunteer Fire Department Chesapeake Local 33
Windsor TWP Volunteer Fire Department Chesapeake Local 18
Chester Volunteer Fire Department Chester Local 20
Chesterhill Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Chesterhill Private or industrial fire brigade 25
Chesterland Fire Rescue, Inc. Chesterland Local 79
Cheviot Fire Department Cheviot Local 58
Chickasaw Community Mutual Fire Company Chickasaw Local 25
Union Township Fire Department #1 Chillicothe Local 150
Springfield Twp Fire Rescue Association Chillicothe Local 67
Huntington Twp. Fire Department Chillicothe Local 25
Chillicothe Fire Department Chillicothe Local 49
Harrison Twp Fire Dept Chillicothe Local 28
Lafayette TWP Fire & Rescue Chippewa Lake Local 80
Christiansburg Fire Dept Christiansburg Local 30
Cincinatti/ Northern KY Intl Airport Fire Department Cincinatti Transportation Authority or Airport F.D. 52
Anderson TWP Fire & Rescue Department Cincinnati Local 66
Woodlawn Fire Department Cincinnati Local 26
Union Township Fire Department Cincinnati Local 62
Springfield Township Cincinnati Local 178
Pierce Township Fire Department Cincinnati Local 104
Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District Cincinnati Local 80
Green TWP Fire & EMS Cincinnati Local 130
Fairfax/Madison Place Joint Fire Rescue Cincinnati Local 107
Mariemont Fire Dept Cincinnati Local 43
Amberley Village Fire Department Cincinnati Local 40
Delhi Township Fire Department Cincinnati Local 133
Arlington Heights Fire/ EMS Cincinnati Local 48
Cincinnati Fire Division Cincinnati Local 807
Sycamore Township EMS & Fire Department Cincinnati Local 116
Golf Manor Fire Department Cincinnati Local 61
Colerain Township Dept of Fire & EMS Cinti Local 282
Circleville Fire Department Circleville Local 19
Deerfield Township Volunteer Fire Department Clarksburg Local 30
Clarksville VFD Clarksville Local 26
Cleveland Fire Department Cleveland Local 1,014
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Fire-Rescue Department Cleveland Local 60
Cleveland Heights Fire Department Cleveland Heights Local 75
Miami Township Fire Department Cleves Local 135
Cleves Fire Department Cleves Local 23
Clinton Fire Dept Clinton Local 39
Clyde Fire Department Clyde Local 68
Coal Grove Fire Department Coal Grove Local 16
Coalton Volunteer Fire Department Coalton Local 14
Coldwater Fire Department Coldwater Local 22
Colerain Volunteer Fire Company Colerain Private or industrial fire brigade 20
Townsend Twp Fire Dept Collins Local 34
Milford Township Fire Dept. Collinsville Local 28
Columbia Township Fire Department Columbia Station Local 76
Minerva Park Volunteer Fire Department Columbus Local 50
Port Columbus Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Columbus Contract fire department 28
Franklin TWP Fire Department Columbus Local 36
Hamilton Township Fire Department Columbus Local 62
Prairie TWP Fire Department Columbus Local 76
Clinton TWP Fire Department Columbus Local 70
Columbus Grove Volunteer Fire Department Columbus Grove Local 35
Scioto TWP Fire Department Commercial Point Local 35
Concord TWP Fire Department Concord Local 89
FCV VFD Conesville Local 25
Conneaut Fire Department Conneaut Local 164
Monroe Volunteer Fire Department Conneaut Local 20
Village of Convoy Fire & EMS Convoy Local 21
Coolville, Ohio Volunteer Fire Depart. Inc. Coolville Local 27
Copley Fire Department Copley Local 90
Corning Volunteer Fire Department Corning Local 24
Bazetta Fire Department Cortland Local 27
Mecca Volunteer Fire Department Cortland Local 22
Three Rivers Fire District Coshocton Local 40
Coshocton Fire Department Coshocton Local 18
Covington Fire Department Covington Local 36
Creston Fire Department Creston Local 34
Cridersville Fire Dept Cridersville Local 41
Crooksville Fire Department Crooksville Contract fire department 38
Hartford VFD, Inc. Croton Local 34
Harrison Township Fire Department Crown City Local 14
Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department Cumberland Local 31
Jerusalem Township Fire Department Curtice Local 28
Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department Cuyahoga Falls Local 84
Cuyahoga Heights Fire Department Cuyahoga Heights Local 27
Palmyra Township Fire Department Daimond Local 16
Dalton Volunteer Fire Department Dalton Local 31
Damascus VFD Damascus Local 30
Danville Volunteer Fire Department Danville Local 35
Sugarcreek Twp Fire Dept Dayton Local 70
Jefferson Township Fire Department Dayton Local 85
City of Oakwood Public Safety Dept Dayton Local 31
Washington Township Fire Dayton Local 337
Butler Twp Fire Department Dayton Local 91
City of Dayton Fire Department Dayton Local 340
Harrison Twp Fire Dept Dayton State Government 62
Byrd Twp VFD Decatur Local 44
Deerfield Fire Department Deerfield Local 25
Deersville Comm VFD Deersville Local 24
South Richard Fire Department Defiance Local 35
Noble TWP Fire Dept Defiance Local 15
Highland Twp Fire Dept Defiance Local 43
Auglaize Twp Fire Dept Defiance Local 36
Defiance Fire and Rescue Defiance Local 41
Delaware TWP Fire Department Defiance Local 49
GM Powertrain Fire Brigade Defiance Private or industrial fire brigade 130
DeGraff Fire Department DeGraff Local 20
Orange Township Fire Department Delaware Local 64
Concord TWP Fire Department Delaware Local 60
Berlin Township Fire Department Delaware Local 31
Delaware City, Division of Fire Delaware Local 40
Tri-Township Fire Department Delaware Local 54
Dellroy Community Fire Department Dellroy Local 20
Delphos Fire & Rescue Delphos Local 67
Delta Communithy Fire Department Delta Local 68
Village of Dennison, Ohio Fire Department Dennison Local 31
Deshler-Westhope Fire Department Deshler Local 25
Dillonvale Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Dillionvale Local 20
Dorset Volunteer Fire Department Dorset Local 12
Dover Fire Department Dover Local 17
Chippewa Twp Fire Dept Doylestown Local 88
Dresden Volunteer Fire Department Dresden Local 45
Washington TWP - Dublin Fire Department Dublin Local 191
Wayne TWP- Duncan Falls VFD Duncan Falls Local 34
Wayne Twp VFD Dundee Local 20
Northern Hardin County Fire Department Dunkirk Local 42
Osnaburg Township Fire Dept, Governmental E East Canton Local 28
East Cleveland Fire Department East Cleveland Local 52
Liverpool Township Fire Department East Liverpool Local 28
Glenmoor Volunteer Fire Department East Liverpool Local 25
East Palestine Fire Department East Palestine Local 55
East Sparta Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. East Sparta Contract fire department 32
East Springfield VFD East Springfield Local 21
Eastlake Fire Department Eastlake Local 29
City of Eaton Fire Division Eaton Local 61
Gasper Fire/ Rescue Eaton Local 40
Village of Edgerton Fire Department Edgerton Local 70
Edison Vol. Fire Dept. Edison Local 12
Florence Twp Fire Dept Edon Local 30
Elida Community Fire Co.,Inc Elida Local 38
Harris-Elmore Volunteer Fire Department Elmore Local 32
Elmwood Place Fire Department Elmwood Place Local 50
Elyria Fire Department Elyria Local 72
Elyria Twp Fire Department Elyria Local 58
Empire VFD Empire Local 20
Clayton Fire Department Englewood Local 78
Englewood Fire Department Englewood Local 115
Mad River TWP Fire & EMS Enon Local 115
Euclid Fire Dept Euclid Local 80
Tiffin Township Volunteer Fire Department Evansport Local 35
Evendale Fire Department Evendale Local 25
Fairborn Fire Department Fairborn Local 53
Fairfield Fire Department Fairfield Local 63
Fairlawn Fire Department Fairlawn Local 64
Fairport Harbor Fire Department Fairport Harbor Local 51
Fairview Volunteer Fire Department, Inc Fairview Local 15
Fairview Park Fire Department Fairview Park Local 26
Gustavus Township Volunteer Firefighters Farmdale Private or industrial fire brigade 7
Johnston Township Fire Department Farmdale Local 59
Farmer Twp Fire Dept Farmer Local 42
Farmersville Fire Dept Farmersville Local 24
Gorham Fayette Fire Department Fayette Local 36
Fayetteville Fire Department, Inc. Fayetteville Local 19
Findlay Fire Department Findlay Local 74
Liberty TWP Fire Department Findlay Local 33
Fletcher Volunteer Fire Department Fletcher Contract fire department 24
Flushing Fire Department Flushing Local 25
Forest Fire Department Forest Local 22
Forest Park Fire Department Forest Park Local 60
Fort Loramie Community Fire Co, Inc. Fort Loramie Local 35
Southwest Mercer Fire Dist. Fort Recovery Local 26
Fostoria Fire Department Fostoria Local 26
Fowler Volunteer Fire Department Fowler Local 36
Concord Township Fire Department Frankfort Local 10
City of Franklin Division of Fire Franklin Local 57
Green Township Volunteer Fire Department Franklin Furnace Local 38
Frazeysburg Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Frazeysburg Local 29
Fredericksburg VFD Fredericksburg Local 28
Fredericktown Community Fire District Fredericktown Local 48
Antrim Community Volunteer Fire Department Freeport Local 25
Freeport Community Volunteer Fire Department Freeport Local 26
Ballville TWP Volunteer Fire Department Fremont Local 25
Fremont Fire Department Fremont Local 26
Sandusky Township Fire Department Fremont Local 38
Nile Township Volunteer Fire Department Friendship Local 31
Mifflin Township - Division of Fire Gahanna Local 107
Harlem Township Division of Fire Galena Local 52
Genoa Township Fire Department Galena Local 56
City of Galion Fire Department Galion Local 17
Gallipolis Fire Department Gallipolis Local 65
Cambier College Twp Fire Department Gambier Local 28
Garfield Heights Fire Dept Garfield Heights Local 47
Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Joint Fire District Garrettsville Local 80
Gates Mills Fire Department Gates Mills Local 50
Trumbull Township Fire Rescue Geneva Local 15
Harpersfield VFD Geneva Local 66
Geneva Fire Department Geneva Local 64
Geneva-on-the-Lake Fire Dept Geneva-on-the-Lake Local 35
Allen - Clay Joint Fire District Genoa Local 120
Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department Georgetown Local 52
Germantown Fire Dept Germantown Local 56
Gettysburg Rural Fire Department, Inc. Gettysburg Local 24
Gibsonburg Volunteer Fire Department Gibsonburg Local 50
Girard Fire Dept Girard Local 16
Glandorf Volunteer Fire Department Glandorf Local 35
Glencoe Volunteer Fire Department Glencoe Local 24
Glendale Fire Dept Glendale Local 32
Richland Township Glenmont Volunteer Fire Department Glenmont Local 20
Glouster Fire Department Glouster Local 32
Gnadenhutten Fire Department Gnadenhutten Local 32
Goshen Township Fire and EMS Goshen Local 75
Grafton Township Fire Department Grafton Local 70
Grafton Village Fire Department Grafton Local 40
Eaton Township Fire and Rescue Grafton Local 64
Grand Rapids Township Fire Dept Grand Rapids Local 40
Grand River Volunteer Fire Department Grand River Local 54
City of Grandview Heights, Division of Fire Grandview Heights Local 18
Granville Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Granville Local 35
National Trail VFD Gratiot Local 25
Gratis Fire Department Gratis Local 22
Graysville Community VFD Graysville Local 14
City of Green Fire Department Green Local 41
Green Camp Township Volunteer Fire Department Green Camp Local 26
Green Spring Rural Volunteer Fire Department Green Springs Local 40
Greenfield Fire Department greenfield Local 36
Wayne TWP Fire Department Greenfield Local 16
Green TWP Volunteer Fire Department Greenford Local 46
Greenhills Fire Department Greenhills Private or industrial fire brigade 35
Greenville Fire Department Greenville Local 32
Tri-Community Joint Fire District Greenwich Local 44
Pleasant Township Fire Department Grove City Local 104
Jackson Twp Division Of Fire Grove City Local 85
Madison Township fire Department Groveport Local 41
Grover Hill Volunteer Fire Department Grover Hill Local 21
Colerain Township Volunteer Fire Department Hallsville Local 35
Hamden Volunteer Fire Deartment Hamden Local 20
Hamersville Fire Dept Hamersville Local 24
New Miami Fire Dept Hamilton Local 28
St Clair TWP Fire & Rescue Hamilton Local 36
Fairfield Township Fire Department Hamilton Local 111
City Of Hamilton Ohio Hamilton Local 109
Millville Fire Department Hamilton Local 37
Hamler Volunteer Fire Department Hamler Local 32
Hanover Township Fire Department Hamliton Local 120
Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Association, INC. Hanoverton Private or industrial fire brigade 15
Pitt TWP Volunteer Fire Department Harpster Local 40
Crosby Township Fire Department Harrison Local 52
Harrison Fire Department Harrison Local 51
Harrisville Volunteer Fire Company Harrisville Local 22
Westminster RFD Harrod Private or industrial fire brigade 35
Harrod VFD Harrod Contract fire department 40
Hartford Township Volunteer Fire Department Hartford Local 15
Hartville Fire Department Hartville Private Non-Profit Fire Co. By Contract 61
Massie Township Fire Department Harveysburg Local 16
Middleton Township Fire Department Haskins Local 84
Heath Fire Department Heath Local 89
Hebron Fire Department Hebron Local 22
Helena Community VFD Helena Local 15
Hicksville Volunteer Fire Department Hicksville Local 60
Higginsport Volunteer Fire Department Higginsport Local 22
Highland Heights Fire Dept Highland Heights Local 48
Highland Hills Fire Department Highland Hills Local 39
Norwich Township Fire Department Hilliard Local 69
Hillsboro Fire & Rescue Hillsboro Local 34
Marshall TWP Fire Department Hillsboro Local 20
Hinckley Fire Department Hinckley Local 83
Hiram Fire Department Hiram Local 74
Holgate Volunteer Fire Department Holgate Local 44
Springfield Township Fire Department Holland Local 155
Spencer Fire Department Holland Local 30
Holland Fire Department Holland Local 30
Hollansburg Volunteer Fire Department Hollansburg Local 19
Prairie TWP Fire Department Holmesville Local 52
Homer VFD Homer Local 32
Whitewater Township Fire Department Hooven Local 67
Hopedale Volunteer Fire and EMS Department Inc. Hopedale Local 25
Hoytville & Jackson Township Fire Department Hoytville Local 19
Hubbard Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc. Hubbard Local 28
Huber Heights Fire Dept Huber Heights Local 55
Hudson Fire Department Hudson Local 64
Village of Boston Heights Fire Dept Hudson Local 30
Huntsville VFD Huntsville Local 22
City of Huron Fire Division Huron Local 41
Iberia VFC Iberia Local 34
Independence Fire Dept Independence Local 40
Irondale Fire & Rescue Department Irondale Local 66
Upper Township Volunteer Fire Department Ironton Local 23
Hamilton Township Volunteer Fire Department Ironton Local 14
Perry Township VFD Ironton Local 25
Sciota Twp Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. Jackson Local 21
Jackson Fire Department Jackson Local 48
Bloomfield Volunteer Fire Department Jackson Contract fire department 10
Liberty TWP Volunteer Fire Department Jackson Local 15
Jackson Center Volunteer Fire Department Jackson Center Local 60
Licking Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Jacksontown Private or industrial fire brigade 30
Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Jacksonville Local 32
Silver Creek Twp Fire Dept Jamestown Local 36
Jefferson TWP Fire Department Jefferson Local 55
Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department Jefferson Local 52
Jenera VFD Jenera Local 36
Jeromesville Community Fire District Jeromesville Local 42
Jewett Volunteer Fire Department Jewett Private or industrial fire brigade 34
Monroe Township Fire Department Johnstown Local 36
Junction City Volunteer Fire Department Junction City Local 48
Kalida Volunteer Fire Department Kalida Local 36
Kansas Fire & Rescue Kansas Private or industrial fire brigade 27
Kelleys Island Volunteer Fire Department Kelleys Island Local 32
Kent Fire Dept Kent Local 35
Brimfield Fire Department Kent Local 36
Kenton Fire Dept Kenton Local 13
Kettering Fire Rescue Kettering Local 168
Kettlersville Van Boren Twp. VFD Kettersville Local 34
Kidron VFD, Inc. Kidron Local 31
Killbuck Township Fire Department Killbuck Local 32
Paramount's Kings Island Kings Island Local 13
Kingston-Green Township Fire Department Kingston Local 47
Kingsville Volunteer Fire Department Kingsville Local 32
Kinsman Volunteer Fire Department Kinsman Local 25
Burghill-Vernon Volunteer Fire Department Kinsman Private or industrial fire brigade 33
Camden TWP Fire Department Kipton Local 15
City Of Kirtland Fire Department Kirtland Local 60
Lawrence Township Volunteer Fire Department Kitts Hill Local 28
Madison Township Kunkle Fire Department Kunkle Local 42
Scioto Valley Fire District La Rue Local 60
Erie Township Volunteer Fire Department LaCarne Local 44
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility Lacasville State Government 11
LaFayette - Jackson TWP Fire Department LaFayette Local 27
Lafferty Volunteer Fire Department Lafferty Contract fire department 1
LaGrange Fire & Rescue LaGrange Local 43
Carlisle Township Fire Department Lagrange Local 57
Village Of Lakemore Lakemore Local 52
Western Holmes County Fire District Lakeville Local 60
Lakewood Fire Dept Lakewood Local 78
Lancaster Fire Department Lancaster Local 83
Salem Township VFD Langsville Local 15
Wolfhurst VFD Lansing Local 32
Laura Fire CO Laura Local 18
Laurelville VFD Laurelville Local 40
Turtlecreek Township Fire Lebanon Local 58
Lebanon Fire Division Lebanon Local 98
Highland Co. North Joint Fire & Ambulance Distr Leesburg Local 45
Leetonia Fire Dept Leetonia Local 52
Lewisburg Fire Department Lewisburg Local 89
Lewisville & Community Vol. Fire Dept. Lewisville Private or industrial fire brigade 18
Troy Twp Fire Lexington Local 60
Liberty TWP Fire Department Liberty TWP Local 147
Shawnee Township Fire Department Lima Local 41
Perry Twp FD Lima Local 150
Bath Twp Fire Dept Lima Local 59
Lima Fire Department Lima Local 70
Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department Lisbon Local 52
Litchfield Fire & Rescue dept. Litchfield Local 26
Bloom Township Fire Department Lithopolis Local 30
Little Hocking Volunteer Fire Dept. Little Hocking Local 37
Lockland Fire Dept Lockland Local 81
Lodi Fire Department Lodi Local 48
Washingtgon Township Volunteer Fire Department Logan Local 16
Monday Creek Twp VFD Logan Local 20
London Fire Dept London Local 24
Central Twp Fire Dept London Local 45
Harrison Twp Fire Dept Londonderry Local 16
Liberty TWP Volunteer Fire Department Londonderry Local 21
Lorain Fire Department Lorain Local 90
Sheffield Township Fire Department Lorain Local 52
Lordstown Fire Department Lordstown Local 36
Loudonville Fire Department Loudonville Local 77
Nimishillen TWP Fire Department Louisville Local 64
Louisville Fire Department Louisville Local 51
Loveland Symmes Fire Department Loveland Local 57
L-A Fire and Rescue Association Lowell Local 44
Coitsville Fire Department Lowellville Local 40
Lowellville Volunteer Fire Department Lowellville Local 32
Salem Twp VFD Lower Salem Local 33
Bethel Twp. V.F.D. Lower Salem Local 20
Monroe TWP/ Lucas Fire Department Lucas Local 34
Jefferson TWP Volunteer Fire Department Lucasville Local 20
Rubyville Volunteer Fire Department Lucasville Local 24
Morgan TWP Volunteer Fire Department Lucasville Local 25
Valley TWP Volunteer Fire Department Lucasville Local 30
Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department Luckey Local 39
Ludlow Falls Fire Department Ludlow Falls Local 16
Lynchburg Area Joint Fire and Ambulance District Lynchburg Local 64
Lyndhurst Fire Dept Lyndhurst Local 25
Lyons-Royalton Fire Dept. Lyons Local 29
Macedonia Macedonia Local 47
Madison Fire District Madison Local 55
Leesburg Twp Fire Dept Magnetic Springs Local 28
Volunteer Firemen of Magnolia, Inc. Magnolia Private or industrial fire brigade 15
Hamilton Twp Fire Rescue Maineville Local 53
Washington TWP Mainsfield Local 56
Brown TWP Fire Department Malvern Local 42
Malvern Fire Department Malvern Local 30
Manchester Fire Department Manchester Local 70
Mansfield Fire Department Mansfield Local 104
Mifflin Township Richland County Fire Department Mansfield Local 44
Madison Township Fire Dept Mansfield Local 50
Mantau-Shalersville Fire Dept Mantua Local 53
Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department Maplewood Local 17
Marblehead Fire Department Marblehead Local 49
Big Walnut Joint Fire District Marengo Local 48
Devola Volunteer Fire Company Marietta Local 27
Marietta Fire Department Marietta Local 35
Warren Township Volunteer Fire Department Marietta Local 32
New Vision Fire and Rescue, Inc. Marion Local 20
Marion City Fire Department Marion Local 65
Pleasant TWP Volunteer Fire Department Marion Local 46
Marion TWP Fire Department Marion Local 35
Dallas Township Volunteer Fire Department Marion Local 17
Martins Ferry Fire Department Martins Ferry Local 111
Martinsville and Clark Township Fire Department Martinsville Local 20
Marysville Fire Department Marysville Local 64
Allen Township Fire Department Marysville Local 51
City of Mason Fire Department Mason Local 140
Deerfield Twp Fire Rescue Dept Mason Local 139
Massillon Fire Department Massillon Local 48
Jackson Township Fire Department Massillon Local 136
Perry Township Fire Dept Massillon Local 70
Maumee Fire Division Maumee Local 110
Mayfield Village Fire Dept Mayfield Local 53
Mayfield Heights Fire Dept Mayfield Heights Local 30
Maynard Community Volunteer Fire Department Maynard Private or industrial fire brigade 20
Damascus Twp Volunteer Fire Dept. McClure Local 19
Malta-McConnelsville Volunteer Fire Department McConnelsville Local 40
McCutchenville McCutchenville Private or industrial fire brigade 28
Union TWP Volunteer Fire Department McDermott Local 20
Rush Township Volunteer Fire Department MCDERMOTT Local 29
McDonald Fire Dept McDonald Local 12
McGuffey Volunteer Fire Company McGuffey Private or industrial fire brigade 18
Mechanicsburg Fire Department Mechanicsburg Local 30
Fox TWP Volunteer Fire Department Mechanicstown Local 16
Medina Fire Dept Medina Local 79
Medina Twp Fire Dept Medina Local 42
Granger Township Fire & Rescue Department Medina Local 70
Bethel Township Fire Department Medway Local 110
Mendon - Union Fire Department Mendon Private or industrial fire brigade 25
Mentor Fire Dept Mentor Local 233
City of Mentor-on-the-Lake Fire Department Mentor-on-the-Lake Local 5
Mesopotamia Volunteer Fire Department Mesopotsmia Local 20
Metamora-Amboy Volunteer Fire Department Metamora Local 37
Miami Twp Fire Dept Miamisburg Local 124
City Of Miamisburg Fire Dept Miamisburg Local 33
Middle Point Fire Department Middle Point Local 36
Middleburg Heights Fire Department Middleburg Heights Local 24
Middlefield Volunteer Fire Department Middlefield Local 52
Middleport Fire Department Middleport Local 30
Middletown, Division of Fire Middletown Local 90
Clinton South joint Fire District Midland Local 15
Midvale VFD Midvale Local 26
Milan Township Fire Department Milan Local 66
Milford Community Fire Dpeartment Milford Local 100
Miami Township Fire & EMS Milford Local 101
Union TWP Fire Department Milford Center Local 16
Lake Township Fire Department Millbury Local 62
Miller City Volunteer Fire Department Miller City Local 35
Holmes Fire District #1 Millersburg Local 91
Millersport Fire Department Millersport Local 36
Milton Twp Fire District Milton Center Local 30
Mineral City Volunteer Fire Department Mineral City Local 24
Weathersfield TWP Fire Department Mineral Ridge Local 96
Minerva Volunteer Fire Department Minerva Local 48
Mingo Junction Fire & E.M.S. Mingo Junction Local 37
Hillndale Volunteer Fire Department Mingo Junction Private or industrial fire brigade 18
New Alexandria VFD Mingo Junction Local 20
Suffield Mogadore Local 59
Mogadore Fire Dept Mogadore Local 39
Monclova Township Fire/ Rescue Department Monclova Local 49
City of Monroe, Division of Fire Monroe Local 43
Huron River Joint Fire District Monroeville Local 56
Montezuma Community Fire Co., Inc. Montezuma Contract fire department 18
Montgomery Fire Dept Montgomery Local 69
Montpelier Fire Department Montpelier Local 59
Montville VFD Montville Local 19
Moraine Fire Department Moraine Local 51
Morral- Salt Rock Township Fire Department Morral Local 26
Morrow Fire Department Morrow Local 53
Washington Township Fire & Rescue Moscow Local 50
Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department Mount Pleasant Contract fire department 23
Tri-County Joint Fire District Mount Sterling Local 48
Mount Vernon Fire Department Mount Vernon Local 30
Southeast Hardin Northwest Union Joint Fire District Mount Victory Local 60
Mowrystown Fire & Rescue Mowrystown Local 24
Mt. orab Fire Department, Inc. Mt Orab Private or industrial fire brigade 78
Union Township-Mt. Cory Volunteer Fire Department Mt Cory Local 21
Mt Gilead Fire Dept Mt Gilead Local 68
Mt. Healthy Fire Dept Mt Healthy Local 47
Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department Mt. Blanchard Local 25
Paint Township Fire Department Mt. Eaton Local 20
Munroe Falls Fire Department Munroe Falls Local 53
Munson Fire Department Munson Private or industrial fire brigade 66
Murray City VFD Murray City Local 17
North Kingsville VFD N Kingsville Local 20
Nankin/Orange Township Volunteer Fire Department Nankin Contract fire department 18
Florida Flatrock Fire Department Napoleon Local 35
Napoleon Fire Dept Napoleon Local 70
Licking Township Volunteer EMS & Fire Dept. Inc. Nashport Local 19
Navarre Village Fire Department Navarre Local 46
Bethlehem Fire And Rescue Inc. Navarre Private or industrial fire brigade 27
Providence Township Fire & Rescue Neapolis Local 25
Neffs Fire Department Station 32 Neffs Local 29
Negley Volunteer Fire Department Association Inc. Negley Local 32
Nelsonville Division of Fire Nelsonville Local 55
York Township Volunteer Fire Department Nelsonville Local 18
Wyandot East Fire District Nevada Local 32
Plain Township Fire Department New Albany Local 74
New Athens Volunteer Fire & Emergency Dept. New Athens Local 25
New Bavaria/Pleasant Twp Fire Dept New Bavaria Local 48
New Boston Fire Dept New Boston Local 10
New Bremen German Township Fire Department New Bremen Local 60
New Carlisle Fire Division New Carlisle Local 70
New Concord Fire Department New Concord Local 45
Pic-A-Way Fire District NEW HOLLAND Local 20
New Knoxville-Washington Township Fire Department New Knoxville Local 24
New Lebanon Fire Dept New Lebanon Local 63
New Lexington Fire Department New Lexington Local 64
New London Fire Dept New London Local 26
New Madison Community Volunteer Fire Co Inc. New Madison Private or industrial fire brigade 28
New Matamoras Volunteer Fire Department New Matamoras Local 20
New Middletown Village Fire Department New Middletown Local 18
Northwest Fire Dept New Paris Local 14
City of New Philadelphia Fire Department New Philadelphia Local 21
York Township Volunteer Fire Department New Philadelphia Local 28
New Riegel Fire Dept New Reigel Local 32
New Richmond Fire Dept New Richmond Local 60
Monroe Township Fire Department New Richmond Local 50
Springfield Township Fire Department New Springfield Local 168
New Straitsville Volunteer Fire Department New Straitsville Local 20
Clinton Highland Joint Fire District New Vienna Local 26
New Waterford Volunteer Fire Department New Waterford Local 25
Mary Ann TWP Fire Department Newark Local 35
Hanover Volunteer Fire Department Newark Local 35
Newark Fire Department Newark Local 93
Madison Township Fire Department Newark Local 40
Newburgh Heights Fire Department Newburgh Heights Local 21
Newbury Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Newbury Local 32
Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad, Inc. Newcomerstown Local 28
Braceville TWP Fire Department Newton Falls Local 24
NF Joint Fire District Newton Falls Local 72
Wayne Township Fire & Rescue Newtonsville Local 64
Niles Fire Department Niles Local 29
Greene Volunteer Fire & Rescue North Bloomfield Local 18
Bloomfield TWP, Vol, Fire Dept, North Bloomfield Local 36
North Canton Fire Dept North Canton Local 65
North College Hill Fire Department North College Hill Local 52
Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department North Fairfield Local 28
North Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department North Georgetown Private or industrial fire brigade 25
Pike Township Fire & Emergency Department North Hampton Local 23
North Lawrence Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. North Lawrence Private or industrial fire brigade 35
Northeast Champaign County Fire District North Lewisburg Joint Fire District 49
Beaver Township Fire Dept. North Lima Local 75
City of North Olmsted Fire Department North Olmsted Local 49
North Randall Fire Department North Randall Local 0
North Ridgeville Fire Department North Ridgeville Local 32
North Royalton Fire Dept North Royalton Local 37
North Star Fire Dept. North Star Private or industrial fire brigade 26
Northfield Village Fire Dept Northfield Local 42
Northfield Center Fire Department Northfield Center Local 72
Northwood Fire Department Northwood Local 83
Norton Fire Division Norton Local 75
Norwalk Fire Department Norwalk Local 18
Norwood Fire Department Norwood Local 56
Ruggles Troy VFD Nova Local 13
Russell Fire Dept Novelty Local 83
Carroll Township Fire Department Oak Harbor Local 69
Portage Fire District Oak Harbor Local 72
Madison-Jefferson Joint Fire District Oak Hill Local 33
Hamilton TWP Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Oak Hill Local 15
Village of Oakwood Fire Department Oakwood Local 60
Oberlin Fire Department Oberlin Local 55
Ohio City Fire Department Ohio City Local 0
Morgan Township Volunteer Fire Department Okeana Local 54
Old Fort VFD Old Fort Local 25
Old Washington Volunteer Fire Department Old Washington Local 16
City of Olmsted Falls, Division of Fire Olmsted Falls Local 49
Olmsted Twp Fire Dept Olmsted Township Local 38
Springfield Township Ontario Local 50
Orange Village Fire Department Orange Village Local 64
Orangeville Volunteer Fire Department Orangeville Local 15
Oregon Fire Department Oregon Local 202
Orrville Fire Department Orrville Local 79
Osgood Community Vol.Fire Dept. Osgood Private or industrial fire brigade 25
Scioto Township Fire Department Ostrander Local 56
Blanchard TWP/ Gilboa Fire Department Ottawa Local 25
Ottawa Volunteer Fire Department Ottawa Local 40
Ottoville VFD Ottoville Local 31
owensville fire & rescue owensville Local 38
City of Oxford Oxford Local 59
Reily TWP Fire Dept Oxford Local 25
Painesville City Fire Department Painesville Local 26
Painsville Twp Fire Dept Painesville Local 27
Leroy Twp Fire Dept Painesville Local 50
Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department Palestine Local 30
Parkman Township Vol Fire Dept parkman Local 22
City Parma Fire Department Parma Local 99
Parma Heights Fire Department Parma Heights Local 27
West Licking Joint Fire District Pataskala Fire District 49
Greenfield TWP Volunteer Fire Department Patriot Local 20
Payne VFD Payne Local 54
Decatur Vol. Fire Dept. Pedro Local 20
Elizabeth Township Volunteer Fire Department Pedro Local 15
Pemberville-Freedom Fire Dept Pemberville Local 80
Valley Fire District Peninsula Local 40
Pepper Pike Fire Dept Pepper Pike Local 48
Perry Joint Fire District Perry Joint Fire District 29
Perrysburg Fire Division Perrysburg Local 59
Perrysburg Twp Fire Dept Perrysburg Local 114
Phillipsburg Fire Department Phillipsburg Local 106
Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department Philo Local 24
Violet Twp Fire Dept Pickerington Local 102
Moorefield Twp VFD Piedmont Local 17
Elm Grove VFD Piketon Local 17
Benton Twp VFD Piketon Local 20
Piketon Seal Twp Fire Dept Piketon Local 16
Pioneer Fire Dept Pioneer Local 46
Lockington VFD Piqua Local 27
Pittsburg Fire Dept Pittsburg Local 0
Jerome Township Division of Fire Plain City Local 90
Pleasant Valley Joint Fire District Plain City Local 89
Pleasant City VFD Pleasant City Local 20
Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Joint Fire Department Pleasant Hill Local 31
Pleasant Township Fire Department Pleasantville Local 81
Harlan Township Fire and Rescue Pleasent Plain Local 46
Plymouth VFD Plymouth Local 54
Western Reserve Joint Fire District Poland Local 140
Polk-Jackson-Perry Polk Local 26
Scipio Township Volunteer Fire Department Pomeroy Local 17
Port Clinton Fire Department Port Clinton State Government 35
Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department Port Clinton Local 30
Port Jefferson Community Fire Company Port Jefferson Local 20
Delaware Valley Joint Fire District Port Washington Local 30
Port William Fire Department Port William Local 27
Central Joint Fire District Portage Local 35
Rosemount Fire Department Portsmouth Local 23
Portsmouth Fire Department Portsmouth Local 39
Liberty Township Fire Department Powell Local 64
Powhatan Point Volunteer Fire Department Powhatan Point Local 18
Proctorville Community Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. Proctorville Local 32
Rome Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Proctorville Local 25
Battle Run Fire District Prospect Local 36
Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department Put-in-Bay Local 20
Quaker City VFD Quaker City Local 25
Quincy-Miami Twp Fire Dept Quincy Local 24
Racine Volunteer Fire Department Racine Local 38
Radnor Township Volunteer Fire Department Radnor Local 56
Randolph TWP Volunteer Fire Department Randolph Local 25
Rarden VFD Rarden Local 30
Ravenna Fire Department Ravenna Local 21
Ravenna Township Fire Department Ravenna Local 76
Brady Lake Fire Department Ravenna Local 30
Charlesdown Fire Department Ravenna Local 24
Union Township - Rawson Fire Department Rawson Local 20
Rayland Volunteer Fire Department Rayland Contract fire department 12
Liberty Township Fire Department Raymond Local 80
City of Reading Fire Department Reading Local 56
Olive Twp VFD Reedsville Local 25
Reminderville Fire Dept Reminderville Local 34
Reno VFD Reno Local 35
Scipio-Republic Fire Department REPUBLIC Local 30
Truro Township Fire Department Reynoldsburg Local 46
Richfield Fire Dept Richfield Local 49
Richmond Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc. Richmond Local 25
Jefferson Twp Fire & Rescue Richmond Dale Local 38
Richmond Heights Fire Department Richmond Heights Local 46
Northern Union County Joint Fire & EMS District Richwood Local 98
Ridgeville Twp. Volunteer Fire Department Ridgeville Corners Local 35
Ridgeway Fire Department Ridgeway Local 17
Rio Grande Volunteer Fire Department Rio Grande Local 30
Ripley Fire Department Ripley Local 60
Rising Sun Volunteer Fire Department Rising Sun Local 27
Rittman Fire and Rescue Rittman Local 72
City of Riverside Fire Department Riverside Local 63
Robertsville VFD Robertsville Local 15
Rochester Volunteer Fire Department Rochester Local 30
Morgan Hose Company Volunteer Fire Department Rock Creek Local 20
Rockford Community Fire Co Inc Rockford Private or industrial fire brigade 24
Rocky Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Rocky Ridge Local 26
Rocky River Fire Department Rocky River Local 29
Rome Fire Department Rome Local 21
Hartsgrove Volunteer Rome Local 16
Edinburg Twp. Fire Dept. Rootstown Local 27
Rootstown Fire Department Rootstown Local 56
Roseville Volunteer Fire Department Roseville Local 25
Ross Township Fire Department Ross Local 30
Rossburg Fire Dept Rossburg Local 16
Rossford Fire & Rescue Dept Rossford Local 73
Rushcreek Twp. Fire Dept Rushsyvania Local 23
Russia Community Fire CO Russia Local 23
Rutland Fire Department Rutland Local 39
SRWW Joint Fire District 2 Sabina Local 12
Salem Fire Dept Salem Local 16
Perry Twp VFD Salem Local 25
Salineville VFD Salineville Local 30
Bay View Fire Department Sandusky Local 24
Perkins Township Fire Department Sandusky Local 63
Sandusky Fire Department Sandusky Local 58
Sardinia Fire Department Sardinia Local 25
Sardis Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Sardis Local 20
Savannah Volunteer Fire Company Savannah Local 28
Tappan Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Scio Local 21
Scio VFD Scio Local 20
Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department & EMS Scio Local 1
Scott VFD Scott Local 50
Scott Township Fire Department Seaman Local 24
Range Township Volunteer Fire Department Sedalia Local 50
Senecaville Volunteer Fire Department Senecaville Local 22
Seven Hills Fire Department Seven Hills Local 70
Seven Mile VFD-Life Squad Seven Mile Local 35
Seville-Guilford Twp. Fire Dept Seville Local 26
Shadyside Fire Dept Shadyside Local 48
Shaker Heights Fire Department Shaker Heights Local 67
Sharon TWP Fire Department Sharon Center Local 60
Sharonville Fire Department Sharonville Local 70
Perry-Congress Fire District, Johnsville Fire Department Shauck Local 35
Shawnee Volunteer Fire Department Shawnee Local 25
Sheffield Lake Fire Department Sheffield Lake Local 29
Sheffield Village Fire Department [Fire Station 1] Sheffield Village Local 36
Franklin Township Fire Department Shelby Local 24
Shelby Fire Department Shelby Local 45
Sherrodsville Volunteer Fire Department Sherrodsville Local 17
Village of Sherwood Vol. Fire Department Sherwood Local 25
Clinton TWP Fire Department Shreve township 28
Sidney Fire &Emergency Services Sidney Local 37
Shelby County Fire Department Sidney Local 23
Deer Park-Silverton Joint Fire District Silverton Local 106
Brushcreek Twp. Vol. Fire Dept. Sinking Spring Local 22
Smithfield VFD Smithfield Local 20
Smithville Fire Department Smithville Local 76
Solon Fire Department Solon Local 60
Fairfield Township Volunteer Fire Department Somerdale Local 24
Somerset-Reading Volunteer Fire Department Somerset Local 31
Somerton Volunteer Fire Department Somerton Private or industrial fire brigade 24
Somerville VFD Somerville Local 20
South Amherst Fire Department South Amherst Local 42
Madison Township Fire & Ems South Charleston Local 16
South Euclid Fire Dept South Euclid Local 30
Union Township/South Lebanon Fire Department South Lebanon Local 51
South Point Volunteer Fire Department South Point Local 30
Burlington-Fayette Fire Department South Point Local 23
Fayette II Volunteer Fire Department Station 700 South Point Local 20
Harmony Twp Fire Dept South Vienna Local 25
South Zanesville Fire Department South Zanesville Local 25
Southington Volunteer Fire Department Southington Local 29
Chatham Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Spencer Local 27
Spencerville Volunteer Fire Department Spencerville Local 33
Spring Valley Township Fire Department Spring Valley Local 50
Springdale Fire Department Springdale Local 72
German Township Fire Department Springfield Local 104
Springfield Township Fire Department springfield Local 66
Springfield Township Fire Department #2 Springfield Local 76
Springfield TWP Fire Department #3 Rockway Springfield Local 28
Hustead Fire Department Springfield Local 32
City of Springfield Fire Rescue Division Springfield Local 127
St. Bernard Fire Department St Bernard Local 29
Cumberland Trail Fire District St Clairsville Local 60
St Henry VFD St Henry Local 28
St. Johns Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Inc. St Johns Private or industrial fire brigade 21
ST Marys Township Fire Department St Marys Local 60
City of St. Marys Fire Department St Marys Local 29
JSP Joint Fire District St Paris Local 70
Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department Steubenville Local 25
Pottery Addition Volunteer Fire Department Steubenville Private or industrial fire brigade 10
City Of Steubenville Fire Dept Steubenville Local 40
Stockdale Vol. Fire Dept. Stockdale Local 15
Stockport Volunteer Fire Department Stockport Local 20
Stone Creek Fire & Rescue Stone Creek Local 20
Green Township Fire Department Stout Local 16
Clearcreek TWP Fire Department Stoutsville Local 28
City of Stow Fire Department Stow Local 54
Stratton VFD Stratton Local 21
Streetsboro Fire Dept Streetsboro Local 35
Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Strongsville Local 57
City of Struthers Fire Department Struthers Local 60
Springfield Twp Stryker Fire Dept Stryker Local 60
Sugarcreek Fire Dept Sugarcreek Local 50
Sullivan Volunteer Fire Department Sullivan Local 18
Liberty TWP Fire Department Sulphur Springs Local 34
Summerfield Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Summerfield Private or industrial fire brigade 12
Franklin TWP Volunteer Fire Department Summitville Local 19
Porter-Kingston Fire District Sunbury Local 54
BST & G Joint Fire District Sunbury Local 80
180th Ohio Air National Guard Fire Department Swanton Federal Government - DOD 40
Village of Swanton Fire Department Swanton Local 115
Sycamore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Sycamore Local 36
Sylvania Township Fire Department Sylvania Local 80
Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department Syracuse Local 31
Tallmadge Fire Department Tallmadge Local 101
Saltcreek-Tarlton Fire Dept Tarlton Local 36
Terrace Park Fire Dept Terrace Park Local 24
Thompson Fire Dept Thompson Local 26
Thornville-Thorn Twp Fire Dept Thornville Local 40
Centerville Fire Department Thurman Local 54
Clinton Twp VFD Tiffin Local 60
Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division Tiffin Local 38
Tiltonsville VFD Tiltonsville Local 25
Tipp City Fire Dept Tipp City Local 44
Bethel Township Fire Department Tipp City Local 80
Tiro-Auburn V.F.D. tiro Local 33
Washington TWP Fire Department Toledo Local 80
Toledo Fire Dept Toledo Local 521
Ottawa Hills Fire Department Toledo Local 10
Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department Tontogany Local 48
Knoxville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Toronto Local 23
Toronto Fire Department Toronto Local 34
City of Trenton Division of Fire Trenton Local 78
Trotwood Fire Department Trotwood Local 194
Troy Fire Department Troy Local 41
Tuppers Plains Fire Department, Inc. Tuppers Plains Contract fire department 22
Tuscarawas Warwick Volunteer Fire Department Tuscarawas Local 19
Twinsburg Fire Dept Twinsburg Local 48
Union City Fire Department Union City Local 48
Starr Twp VFD Union Furnace Local 17
Unionport Volunteer Fire & Rescue Inc. Unionport Local 30
Uniontown Fire Department Uniontown Local 88
Greentown Volunteer Fire Department Uniontown Contract fire department 71
Uniopolis Volunteer Fire Department Uniopolis Private or industrial fire brigade 22
University Heights Fire Dept University Heights Local 29
Upper Arlington Fire Division Upper Arlington Local 67
Upper Sandusky Fire Department Upper Sandusky Local 69
Marseilles Volunteer Fire Department Upper Sandusky Local 26
Urbana Fire Department Urbana Local 35
Utica VFD Utica Local 28
Valley City -Liverpool TWP Fire Department Valley City Local 65
Valley View Fire Department Valley View Local 53
Van Wert Fire Department Van Wert Local 36
Vandalia Fire Division Vandalia Local 134
Vanlue Fire Department, Inc. Vanlue Local 25
Vermillion Fire Dept Vermillion Local 77
Verona Fire Department Verona Local 26
Townsend Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Vickery Local 30
Vienna Fire Department VIENNA Local 19
Vinton Fire Department Vinton Local 19
Farmington Township Volunteer Fire Department W. Farmington Local 22
Wadsworth Fire Department Wadsworth Local 78
Wakeman Fire District Wakeman Local 60
Fort Morrow Consolidated Fire District Waldo Local 25
Wapakoneta Fire Department Wapakoneta Local 45
Wapanucka Volunteer Fire Department Wapanucka Local 7
Champion Township Fire Dept Warren Local 20
Warren City Fire Department Warren Local 65
Howland TWP Fire Department Warren Local 74
Warrensville Heights Fire Department Warrensville Heights Local 36
Walhonding Valley Fire District Warsaw Local 66
Washington Fire Department Washington C.H. Local 64
Concord- Greene Volunteer Fire Department Washington Court House Local 20
Watertown Volunteer Fire Department Watertown Local 43
Waterville Fire Department Waterville Local 58
Wauseon Fire Department Wauseon Local 71
Pebble TWP Volunteer Fire Department Waverly Local 25
City of Waverly,Ohio Fire Department Waverly Local 56
Wayne VFD Wayne Local 30
Waynesburg Fire Dept Waynesburg Local 21
Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department Waynesfield Local 25
Wayne Township Fire Department Waynesville Local 46
Wellington Fire District Wellington Local 60
Wellston Fire Dept Wellston Local 37
Wellsville Fire Dept Wellsville Local 54
West Alexandria Fire Department West Alexandria Local 26
West Carrollton Fire Department West Carrollton Local 96
West Chester TWP Fire Department West Chester Local 258
West Elkton Gratis Township Fire Department West Elkton Local 24
Jefferson Township Fire Department West Jefferson Local 50
West Lafayette Volunteer Fire Department West Lafayette Local 20
West Liberty Fire Department West Liberty Local 25
West Manchester Fire Department West Manchester Local 42
Bokoescreek Township Fire Department West Mansfield Local 15
West Point Fire Department West Point Local 14
Washington Twp. Vol. F.D. West Portsmouth Local 30
Town & Country Fire district west Salem Local 58
West Union Volunteer Fire Department West Union Local 24
Brady Township Fire Department West Unity Local 59
Westerville Division of Fire Westerville Local 122
Westfield Fire & Rescue Westfield Center Local 82
City of Westlake Fire Dept Westlake Local 45
Wharton-Richland Township Fire Department Wharton Local 21
Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Wheelersburg Local 19
Porter Township Fire Department Wheelersburg Local 40
Newton Township Fire Department White Cottage Local 40
City of Whitehall Fire Division Whitehall Local 37
Whitehouse Fire Department Whitehouse Local 60
Wickliffe Fire Department Wickliffe Local 52
Wilkesville Volunteer Fire Department Wilkesville Local 14
Willard Fire Department Willard Local 77
Jackson Township FIre & Rescue Williamsburg Local 26
Williamsburg Township Emergency Services Williamsburg Local 72
Wayne Township Williamsfield Local 18
Williamsport-Deercreek Township Volunteer Fire Department Williamsport Local 32
Willoughby Hills Fire Department Willoughby Hills Local 64
Aid TWP Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Willow Wood Contract fire department 16
Willowick Fire Department Willowick Local 131
Willshire Fire Department Willshire Local 34
Wilmington Fire Department Wilmington Local 29
Chester Twp New Burlington Fire Dept Wilmington Contract fire department 24
Wilmot Fire & Rescue, Inc. Wilmot Local 18
Winchester Community Fire District Winchester Local 15
Windham Volunteer Fire Department Windham Local 59
Windsor Fire and Rescue Windsor Local 26
Paint Township Volunteer Fire Department Winesburg Local 35
Winona Fire Department, Inc. Winona Private or industrial fire brigade 21
Wintersville VFD Inc Wintersville Local 26
Woodmere Fire Department Woodmere Local 31
Woodsfield VFD Woodsfield Local 31
Woodville Twp VFD Woodville Local 28
New Pittsburg Fire Department Wooster Private or industrial fire brigade 31
Wooster Fire Division Wooster Local 42
Wooster TWP Fire Department Wooster Local 60
City of Worthington Division of Fire and EMS Worthington Local 63
Wren Fire and EMS Wren Local 20
Wyoming Fire Dept Wyoming Local 70
New Jasper Twp Fire Dept Xenia Local 21
Xenia Twp Fire Dept Xenia Local 122
City of Xenia Fire Division Xenia Local 44
Miami Township Fire-Rescue Yellow Springs Local 107
Yorkville VFD Yorkville Local 15
Liberty Township Fire Department Youngstown Local 45
City of Youngstown Fire Department Younstown Local 148
Zaleski Volunteer Fire Department Zaleski Local 19
Tri-Valley Fire District Zanesfield Local 18
Zanesville Fire Department Zanesville Local 46
Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Zanesville Local 22
Perry TWP Fire Department Zanesville Local 30
Falls Township Fire Deptartment Zanesville Local 50
Zoar Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Zoar Contract fire department 10