Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from 2008-2018, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
ND-00Kelly Armstrong (R)

North Dakota

Grant Data for North Dakota - 2018
AFG Grants Given: 4
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 4

Total Amount of Grants Given: 385071.19

Active Career Fire Fighters: 507
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 490
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 6714
Total Fire Fighters: 7711
Fire Departments: 318
FAMA members in North Dakota
Member NameLocated in
FEMSA members in North Dakota
Member NameLocated in
Fire Departments in North Dakota
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
Abercrombie FPDAbercrombieLocal16
Alamo Rural Fire Protection DistrictALAMOLocal31
Alexander Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlexanderLocal19
Alice Fire Rural Fire Dist.AliceLocal25
Almont Rural Fire Protection District #1AlmontLocal25
Erie Rural Fire DeptAmeniaLocal15
Amidon Fire Protection DistrictAmidonLocal32
Anamoose Fire DeptAnamooseLocal25
Aneta Fire Protection DistrictAnetaLocal20
Antler Rural Fire Protection DistrictAntlerLocal25
Argusville FPDArgusvilleLocal25
Arthur Volunteer Fire DepartmentArthurLocal15
Ashley Fire DepartmentAshleyLocal21
Barney Fire Protection DistrictBarneyLocal23
Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeachLocal22
Belcourt RFDBelcourtLocal33
Belfield VFDBelfieldLocal17
Binford Fire Protection DistrictBinfordLocal23
Bismarck Rural Fire DepartmentBismarckLocal69
Bismarck Fire DepartmentBismarckLocal61
Bottineau Fire DepartmentBottineauLocal28
Bottineau Rural Fire DepartmentBottineauLocal40
Bowbells Fire Protection DistrictBowbellsLocal20
Bowdon Fire DepartmentBowdonLocal18
Bowman Fire DepartmentBowmanLocal24
Braddock Fire Protection DistrictBraddockLocal25
Brocket Lawton Fire DepartmentBrocketLocal32
Buffalo Fire DeptBuffaloLocal31
Burlington Fire DepartmentBurlingtonLocal37
Butte Rural Fire Protection DistrictButteLocal100
Cando Rural Fire Protection DistrictCandoLocal10
Carpio FPDCarpioLocal19
Carrington City Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarringtonLocal35
Carrington Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarringtonLocal40
Greater Carson Rural Fire Protection DistrictCarsonLocal18
Cedar Valley Fire Protection DistrictCarsonLocal27
Sioux-Yellowstone Rural Fire Protection DistrictCartwrightLocal5
Casselton Fire DepartmentCasseltonLocal26
Casselton Rural Fire DepartmentCasseltonLocal26
Cathay FPDCathayLocal18
Cavalier Air Force Station Fire DepartmentCavalierContract fire department17
Cavalier Fire DepartmentCavalierLocal26
center fire prot distcenterLocal46
Christine Community Fire DistrictChristineLocal16
Cleveland Rural Fire DistrictClevelandLocal60
Clifford RFPDCliffordLocal15
Cogswell Fire Protection DistrictCogswellLocal22
Columbus Volunteer Fire Department (City & Rural)ColumbusLocal30
Concrete Volunteer Fire DepartmentConcreteLocal8
Cooperstown Fire DeptCooperstownLocal30
Courtenay Rural Fire DistrictCourtenayLocal30
Crosby and Rural Fire DepartmentCrosbyLocal23
Crystal Fire DistrictCrystalLocal18
Dawson Rural Fire Protection Dist.DawsonLocal10
Goodrich Rural FPDDenhoffLocal20
Des Lacs Fire Protection DistrictDes LacsLocal24
Devils Lake RFDDevils lakeContract fire department35
Dickinson Fire DeptDickinsonLocal35
Dickinson RFDDickinsonLocal102
DonnyBrook Fire DepartmentDonnyBrookLocal25
Drake Fire DepartmentDrakeLocal25
Drake Rural Fire Protection DistrictDrakeLocal25
Drayton Fire DeptDraytonLocal20
Dunseith Fire DepartmentDunseithLocal30
Edgeley Fire DepartmentEdgeleyLocal30
Edinburg Fire Protection DistrictEdinburgLocal25
Egeland Rural Fire Protection DistrictEgelandLocal15
Ellendale Fire Protection DistrictEllendaleLocal30
Emerado Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.EmeradoLocal22
Enderlin Rural FPDEndealinLocal18
Epping RFDEppingLocal35
Fairdale Rural Fire Protection DistrictFairdaleLocal20
Fairmount Fire Protection DistrictFairmountLocal25
119th CES/CEFFARGOFederal Government - DOD24
Fargo Fire DepartmentFargoLocal84
Fingal Fire DepartmentFingalLocal33
Finley Fire District #203FinleyLocal30
Flasher Rural Fire Protection DistrictFlasherLocal20
Forbes RFDForbesLocal18
Fordville RFPDFordvilleLocal15
Forest River Fire DepartmentForest RIverLocal12
Forman Fire DistrictFormanLocal28
Fort Ransom RFDFort RansomLocal20
Spirit Lake Volunteer Fire DepartmentFort TottenLocal20
Fortuna Rural Fire Protection DistrictFortunaLocal18
Fredonia Fire Protection District #1FredoniaLocal25
Fessenden Fire Protection DistrictFressedenLocal27
Fullerton Fire DepartmentFullertonLocal20
Gackle Fire DeptGackleLocal27
Galesburg Rural Fire DistrictGalesburgLocal15
Garrison Fire DeptGarrisonLocal40
Garrison Rural Fire Protection DistrictGarrisonLocal80
Gilby fire protection districtGilbyLocal15
Gladstone Consolidated Fire DeptGladstoneLocal18
Glenburn Fire Protection DistrictGlenburnLocal17
Glenfield Fire DistrictGlenfieldLocal25
Golden Valley RFDGolden ValleyLocal20
Golva Rural Fire DepartmentGolvaLocal25
Goodrich Rural Fire DepartmentGoodrichLocal10
Grafton City Fire DepartmentGraftonLocal32
Grafton Rural Fire DepartmentGraftonLocal32
Grand Forks Airport Fire/ RescueGrand ForksTransportation Authority or Airport F.D.12
Grand Forks Fire DepartmentGrand ForksLocal63
Grand Forks AFBGrand Forks AFBFederal Government - DOD56
Grandin Fire DepartmentGrandinLocal24
Granville FPDGranvilleLocal30
Grassy Butte Fire Protection DistrictGrassy ButteLocal50
Great Bend Fire Protection DistrictGreat BendLocal26
Grenora RFPDGrenoraLocal18
Gwinner Fire DepartmentGwinnerLocal42
Hague Fire Protection DistrictHagueLocal25
Halliday RFPDHallidayLocal19
Hankinson Fire Protection DistrictHankinsonLocal35
Hannaford Rural Fire DepartmentHannafordLocal20
Harvey Volunteer Fire DepartmentHarveyLocal40
Harwood Area Fire & RescueHarwoodLocal16
Hatton Fire DeptHattonLocal40
Havana FPDHavanaLocal15
Hazelton Fire Protection DistrictHazeltonLocal130
Stanton Rural FPDHazenLocal25
Hazen Fire & RescueHazenLocal28
Hebron FPDHebronLocal32
Hettinger FPDHettingerLocal25
Hoople Fire DepartmentHoopleLocal31
Hoople Rural Fire DepartmentHoopleLocal31
Hope Fire DeptHopeLocal25
Hunter Fire Protection DistrictHunterLocal20
Jamestown Fire DeptJamestownLocal70
Jamestown RFDJamestownLocal42
Jud Rural Fire DistrictJudLocal31
Karlsruhe Rural Fire DepartmentKarlsruheLocal15
Kensal Fire Protection DistrictKensalLocal18
West Dunn Fire DistrictKilldeerLocal38
Kindred Community Fire DistrictKindredLocal22
Kramer Volunteer Fire DepartmentKramerLocal15
Kulm Volunteer Fire DepartmentKulmFederal Government - DOD30
Lakota Fire Protection DistrictLakotaLocal48
LaMoure Fire DepartmentLaMoureLocal30
Langdon Fire DepartmentLangdonLocal28
Langdon Rural Fire Protection DistrictLangdonLocal28
Lankin Fire DepartmentLankinLocal12
Lansford Fire DeptLansfordLocal20
Larimore Fire DeptLarimoreLocal45
Lehr Fire DepartmentLehrLocal22
Lehr Rural Fire DepartmentLehrLocal22
Leonard FPDLeonardLocal16
Lidgerwood Fire DeptLidgerwoodLocal26
Linton Fire DepartmentLintonLocal36
Lisbon Fire DepartmentLisbonLocal40
Litchville Fire DeptLitchvilleLocal75
Maddock Rural Fire Protection DistrictMaddockLocal25
Mandan RFDMandanLocal34
Mandan Fire DepartmentMandanLocal62
Mantador FirefightersMantadorLocal50
Ferry Twp Rural FPDManuelLocal23
Mapleton Fire DeptMapletonLocal17
Marion Fire DeptMarionLocal25
Marmarth Rural Fire DistrictMarmarthLocal15
Harvey Rural Fire Protection DistrictMartinLocal36
Max Bass RFPDMax BassLocal15
Mayville Fire DepartmentMayvilleLocal45
McClusky City Fire DeptMcCluskyLocal16
McHenry Rural Fire DeptMcHenryLocal22
McVille FPDMcVilleLocal22
Medina Fire DeptMedinaLocal20
Medora Fire DeptMedoraLocal15
Billings County Rural Fire Protection Dist.MedoraLocal42
Mercer Rural Fire Protection DistrictMercerLocal23
Merricourt Fire DepartmentMerricourtLocal8
Milnor Fire DistMilnorLocal39
Minnewaukan Fire DeptMinnewaukanLocal15
Minnewaukan RFODMinnewaukanLocal15
Minot Rural Fire Protection DistrictMinotLocal31
Minot Fire DepartmentMinotLocal48
Minot AFB Fire DepartmentMinot AFBFederal Government - DOD63
Minto Fire DepartmentMINTOLocal14
Mohall Fire DeptMohallLocal25
Mohall Fire Protection DistrictMohallLocal26
Mooreton Fire DeptMooretonLocal18
Mott Fire DepartmentMottLocal26
Mountain-Thingvalla Fire Protection DistrictMountainLocal25
Mylo Fire DepartmentMyloLocal15
Napoleon FPDNapoleonLocal40
Neche Fire Protection DistrictNecheLocal16
Nekoma Fire Protection DistrictNekomaLocal19
New England Fire DepartmentNew EnglandLocal30
New Leipzig Rural Fire DistrictNew LeipzigLocal24
New Rockford Fire Dept & RescueNew RockfordLocal24
New Salem VFDNew SalemLocal32
Three Affiliated Tribes-Fire DepartmentNew TownState Government160
Newburg Rural Fire DepartmentNewburgLocal17
Nome Volunteer Fire DepartmentNomeLocal20
Noonan Fire DeptNoonanLocal26
Northwood Fire Protection DistrictNorthwoodLocal30
Oakes Fire DeptOakesLocal23
Oriska Volunteer Fire DepartmentOriskaLocal25
Osnabrock RFPDOsnabrockLocal25
Page Fire Dept.PageLocal21
Park River RFPDPark RiverLocal10
Park River Volunteer Fire DepartmentPark RiverLocal38
Parshall Rural Fire Protection DistrictParshallLocal23
Pekin FPDPekinLocal10
Pembina Rural Fire DepartmentPembinaLocal20
Petersburg FPDPetersburgLocal15
Pick City Fire DeptPick CityLocal10
Pisek RFPDPisekLocal20
Plaza Fire Protection DistrictPlazaLocal31
Portland FPDPortlandLocal26
Powers Lake Volunteer Fire Protection DistrictPowers LakeLocal18
Ray Fire Protection DistrictRAYLocal25
Regent Rural Fire Protection District #1RegentLocal20
Reynolds Rural Fire Protection DistrictReynoldsLocal18
Rhame Rural Fire Potection DistrictRhameLocal20
Richardton Fire Protection DistrictRichardtonLocal31
Robinson Rural Fire DepartmentRobinsonLocal10
Rock Lake Rural Fire ProtectionRock LakeLocal20
Rogers VFDRogersLocal25
Rolette Fire DepartmentRoletteVolunteer for City & Rural16
Rolla Volunteer Fire DepartmentRollaLocal23
Rugby Fire DeptRugbyLocal64
Ryder-Makoti Fire DeptRyderLocal25
Sanborn Fire DepartmentSanbornLocal62
Sanborn Rural Fire Protection DistrictSanbornLocal43
Sarles Rural Fire Protection DistrictSarlesLocal20
Scranton Fire DepartmantscrantonLocal23
Selfridge RFDSelfridgeLocal0
Sentinel Butte Volunteer Fire Department/ Sentinel Rural Fire Protection DistrictSentinel ButteLocal25
Sherwood Fire DepartmentSherwoodLocal21
Sheyenne City & Rural Fire DeptSheyenneLocal22
Sibley VFDSibleyLocal15
Solen Rural Fire DistrictSolenLocal15
Souris Rural Fire Protection DistrictSourisLocal14
South Heart Fire DistrictSouth HeartLocal26
St John FPD # 5St JohnLocal21
ST Thomas Rural Fire Protection DistrictST ThomasLocal18
Stanley Fire DepartmentStanleyLocal25
Starkweather Fire Protection DistrictStarkweatherLocal12
Steele Fire DeptSteeleLocal30
Strasburg Fire Protection DistrictStrasburgLocal22
Streeter FPDStreeterLocal30
Surrey FPDSurreyLocal22
Sykeston Fire DistrictSykestonLocal15
Tappen Fire DeptartmentTappenLocal30
Taylor RFPDTaylorLocal17
Thompson Rural Fire Protection Dist.ThompsonLocal25
Tioga City Fire DepartmentTiogaLocal50
Tioga Rural Fire DepartmentTiogaLocal36
Tolley Volunteer Fire DepartmentTolleyLocal15
Tolna Rural Fire Protection DistrictTolnaLocal30
Tower City RFPDTower CityLocal25
Towner Fire DepartmentTownerLocal63
Turtle Lake Rural Fire Protection DistrictTurtle LakeLocal32
Tuttle FPDTuttleLocal15
Underwood Fire Protection DistrictUnderwoodLocal29
Upham FPDUphamLocal35
Valley City Fire DeptValley CityLocal40
Velva Fire DepartmentVelvaLocal28
Verona Fire DepartmentVeronaContract fire department21
Verona Rural Fire DepartmentVeronaContract fire department15
Wahpeton Fire DepartmentWahpetonLocal90
Dwight FPDWahpetonLocal25
Walhalla Fire Dept.WalhallaLocal75
Warwick RFDWarwickLocal10
Washburn Fire DepartmentWashburnLocal48
Washburn Rural Fire Protection DistrictWashburnLocal48
McKenzie County Rural Fire Protection DistrictWatfordLocal40
Watford City Volunteer Fire DepartmentWatford CityLocal25
West Fargo Fire Department, Inc.West FargoPrivate or industrial fire brigade45
West Fargo Rural Fire DepartmentWest FargoPrivate or industrial fire brigade45
Westhope Fire DeptWesthopeLocal23
Wildrose Fire Protection DistrictWildroseLocal27
Williston Rural Fire Protection District-AmbulanceWillistonLocal22
Willow City Rural Fire Protection DistrictWillow CityLocal14
Dunseich Fire Protection DistrictWillow CityLocal21
Wilton Fire Protection DistrictWiltonLocal53
Wing Fire Protection DistrictWingLocal25
Wishek Fire Protection DistrictWishekLocal32
Wolford FPDWolfordLocal23
Woodworth Fire DeptWoodworthLocal32
Wyndmere Rural Fire Protection DistrictWyndmereLocal28
Zap RFPDZapLocal20
Zeeland Fire Protection DistrictZeelandLocal25