Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from FY 2008 - FY 2021, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
MT-00 Ryan Zinke (R)


Grant Data for Montana - 2021
AFG Grants Given: 0
AFG-S Grants Given: 0
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 0

Total Amount of Grants Given: $0.00

Active Career Fire Fighters: 609
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 474
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 4,486
Total Fire Fighters: 5,569
Fire Departments: 349
FAMA members in Montana
Member Name Located in
FEMSA members in Montana
Member Name Located in
Fire Departments in Montana
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
Alder Fire District Alder Local 21
Georgetown Lake Volunteer Fire Deptartment Anaconda Local 30
Lost Creek/Antelope Gulch VFD Anaconda Local 10
Anaconda Fire Dept Anaconda Local 7
Arlee Fire Department Arlee Local 24
St. Labre VFD Ashland Local 28
Bainville Volunteer Fire Department Bainville Local 24
Baker Rural Fire District Baker Local 28
Baker Volunteer Fire Dept. Baker Local 28
Bearcreek Volunteer Fire Department Bearcreek Local 6
Belfry RFD # 9 Belfry Local 10
Belgrade Rural Fire District Belgrade Local 47
Belle Creek Fire District Belle Creek Local 24
Big Timber Volunteer Fire Department big timber Local 40
Bigfork Fire & Ambulance Bigfork Local 59
Billings Fire Department Billings Local 106
Homewood Park VFD Billings Local 10
Lockwood Rural Fire District #8 Billings Local 31
Blue Creek Volunteer Fire Department Billings Local 20
Black Eagle Fire Department Black Eagle Local 0
Box Elder VFD Box Elder Local 16
Bozeman Fire Department Bozeman Local 28
Bighorn Fire Company Bozeman Contract fire department 34
Bridger Canyon Rural Fire Department Bozeman Local 20
Fort Ellis Rural Fire Department Bozeman Local 20
Knees VFC Brady Local 16
Bridger Volunteer Fire Department Bridger Local 46
Broadus Volunteer Fire Dept. Broadus Local 19
Browning Volunteer Fire Department Browning Local 20
Centerville Volunteer Fire Department Butte Local 17
Home Atherton Volunteer Fire Department Butte Local 14
Butte-Silver Bow Butte Local 174
Little Basin Creek Volunteer Fire CO Butte Local 25
Bert Mooney Airport FD Butte Transportation Authority or Airport F.D. 12
Race Track Volunteer Fire Department Butte Local 29
Boulevard Volunteer Fire Department Butte Local 26
Canyon Creek VFD Canyon Creek Local 10
Carter Vol Fire Department Carter Local 21
Dearborn Volunteer Fire Company Cascade Local 12
Chester VFD/West Liberty VFD Chester Local 20
Chinook Volunteer Fire Department Chinook Local 28
Choteau Volunteer Fire Department Choteau Local 25
McCone County Fire Deptartment Circle Local 20
Clancy Volunteer Fire Department Clancy Local 23
Montana City VFD Clancy Local 27
Clinton RFD Clinton Local 22
Clyde Park Volunteer Fire Department Clyde Park Local 10
Colstrip VFD Colstrip Local 25
Columbia Falls Fire Department Columbia Falls Local 21
Columbus Volunteer Fire Department Columbus Local 25
Conrad Volunteer Fire Department Conrad Local 17
Cooke City - Silvergate VFD Cooke City Local 8
Crow Agency Bja VFD Crow Agency Federal Government - Executive Branch Agency 13
Custer VFD Custer Local 15
Glacier County Rural Fire Department Cut Bank Local 28
Darby Volunteer Fire Department Darby Local 28
Painted Rocks Fire District Darby Local 10
West Fork Volunteer Fire District Darby Local 15
Deer Lodge VFD Deer Lodge Local 50
Race Track Valley Fire District Deer Lodge Local 28
Montana State Prison Deer Lodge State Government 22
Denton Rural Fire District Denton Local 20
Beaverhead Fire District #2 Dillon Local 0
Dillon Volunteer Fire Department Dillon Local 0
Grant Volunteer Fire Department Dillon Local 30
Rural Valley Fire District Drummond Local 24
Dutton Volunteer Fire Department Dutton Local 19
East Glacier Park VFD East Glacier Park Local 18
East Helena Volunteer Fire Department East Helena Local 16
Eastgate Volunteer Fire Department East Helena Local 13
Tri-Lakes Volunteer Fire Department East Helena Local 45
Edgar Rural Fire District 4 Edgar Local 15
Edgar Volunteer Fire Department Edgar Local 15
Paradise Valley Fire Service Area Emigrant Local 22
Eureka Rural Volunteer Fire Department Eureka Local 31
Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department Fairfield Local 24
Fairview Volunteer Fire Department Fairview Local 23
Flaxville FRD Flaxville Local 14
Florence Rural Fire District Florence Local 28
N Fork Flatwillow RFD Forest Grove Local 8
Forsyth Fire Department Forsyth Local 60
Rosebud County Fire Forsyth Local 51
Fort Benton Volunteer Fire Department Fort Benton Local 20
Froid VFD Froid Local 16
Gallatin Gateway RFD Gallatin Gateway Local 18
Gateway Hose Company Gardiner Local 15
Garrison VFD Garrison Local 28
Geraldine Volunteer Fire Department Geraldine Local 44
Valley County Long-Run Fire Department Glasgow Local 88
Dawson Rural Fire Dept. Glendive Local 30
Glendive Fire Department Glendive Local 35
West Glendive Fire Dept Glendive Local 21
Grass Range Rural Fire District Grass Range Local 11
Grass Range Volunteer Fire Department Grass Range Local 20
Cheadle VFC Grass Range Local 20
Great Falls Fire Rescue Great Falls Local 65
Gore Hill Volunteer Fire Department Great Falls Local 18
Montana Air National Guard/Great Falls Airport Great Falls Federal Government - DOD 36
Hamilton VFD Hamilton Local 28
Big Horn County Rural Fire Department Hardin Local 26
Fort Belknap Volunteer Fire Department Harlem Local 8
Harlowton VFD/Wheatland Co VFD Harlowton Local 56
Havre Fire Department Havre Local 17
Baxendale Volunteer Fire Department Helena Local 22
W Helena Valley Volunteer Fire Department Helena Local 30
Birdseye VFD Helena Local 12
Lewis & Clark Volunteer Fire Department Helena Local 17
Helena Fire Dept Helena Local 35
Heron RFD Heron Local 18
Hilger Rural Volunteer Fire Department Hilger Local 10
Hingham VFD Hingham Local 10
Hogeland VFD Hogeland Local 18
Hungry Horse Volunteer Fire Department Hungry Horse Local 6
Ismay Rural Fire Dept Ismay Local 10
Inverness VFD Iverness Local 25
Jackson Volunteer Fire Department Jackson Local 15
Jefferson City Volunteer Fire Department Jefferson City Local 12
Carbon County Rural Fire District #4 Joliet Local 12
Joplin Fire Department Joplin Local 25
West Valley Volunteer Fire & Rescue Kalispell Local 31
Creston Fire Department Kalispell Local 35
Kalispell Fire Department Kalispell Local 30
Smith Valley Fire Department Kalispell Local 20
Lambert Fire District Lambert Local 19
Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Laurel Local 70
Dean Creek Community Association & Volunteer Fire Department Lavina Local 14
Lavina Volunteer Fire Department Lavina Local 12
Lewistown Fire Department Lewistown Local 33
Lincoln County Rural Fire District #1 Libby Local 28
Stimson Fire Brigade Libby Private or industrial fire brigade 34
Cabinet View Fire Department Libby Local 18
Libby Volunteer Fire Department Libby Local 28
Fisher River VFC Libby Local 7
Ranchers VFC Libby Local 12
Lima Rural VFD Lima Local 15
Lincoln Volunteer Fire Company Lincoln Local 18
Park County Rural Fire District #1 Livingston Local 26
Livingston Fire and Ambulance Department Livingston Local 26
Loma Rural Volunteer Fire Department Loma Local 15
Phillips County RVFD Malta Local 100
Manhattan Volunteer Fire Department Manhattan Local 27
Amsterdam RFD Manhattan Local 18
Marysville VFD Marysville Local 6
Medicine Lake VFD Medicine Lake Local 30
Custer County Rural Volunteer Fire Company miles city Local 15
Miles City Fire Dept Miles City Local 76
Missoula Rural Fire Department Missoula Local 73
East Missoula Volunteer Fire Department Missoula State Government 15
Frenchtown Rural Fire District Missoula Local 65
Molt VFD Molt Local 18
Monarch Volunteer Fire Department Monarch Local 15
Moore VFD moore Local 8
Beaver Creek/ Cottonwood Creek Rural Fire District Moore Local 28
Hawk Creek Volunteer Fire Department Musselshell Local 15
Neihart VFD Neihart Local 11
Noxon Rural Fire Department Noxon Local 15
Olney Volunteer Fire Department Olney Local 6
Ophiem VFD Opheim Local 28
Opportunity Volunteer Fire Department Opportunity Local 20
Outlook RFD Outlook Local 20
Park City Volunteer Fire Department Park City Local 22
Pendroy Volunteer Fire & Rescue Pendroy Local 28
Town Of Plains Volunteer Fire Dept. Plains Local 10
Plentywod Rural Fire Dept Plentywood Local 52
Grasshopper Valley Volunteer Fire Company Polaris Local 22
Montecahto RFD Polson Local 18
Polson Fire Department Polson Local 35
Poplar Volunteer Fire Dept. Poplar Local 16
Greenough-Potomac VFD Potomac Local 38
Power Volunteer Fire Department Power Local 16
Red Lodge Fire Department Red Lodge Local 38
Red Lodge Rural Fire District #7 Red Lodge Local 45
Reed Point Volunteer Fire Company Reed Point Local 19
Rexford VFD Rexford Local 5
Richey Volunteer Fire Department Richey Local 15
Roberts Rural Fire District #6 Roberts Local 12
Rollins Volunteer Fire Department Rollins Local 22
Ronan Volunteer Fire Department Ronen Local 40
Roundup VFD Roundup Local 26
Mussel Shell County Fire Dept Roundup Local 28
Roy Rural Fire Department Roy Local 15
Rudyard Volunteer Fire Department Rudyard Local 10
Saco VFD Saco Local 21
Sand Coulee Vol. Fire Dept. Sand Coulee Local 27
Scobey Volunteer Fire Department Scobey Local 28
Daniels County RFD Scobey Local 28
Seeley Lake Refuse District Seeley Lake Local 45
Shelby Volunteer Fire Department Shelby Local 21
Shepherd VFD Shepherd Local 30
Sheridan Rural Fire District Sheridan Local 24
Sidney VFD Sidney Local 64
Simms Volunteer Fire Department Simms Local 28
Somers Volunteer Fire Dept. Somers Local 30
St. Ignatius Fire Dept St Ignatius Local 20
St Marie Volunteer Fire Department St Marie Local 11
St. Regis Volunteer Fire Department St. Regis Local 25
Judith Basin Fire District stanford Local 40
Stanford Volunteer Fire Department Stanford Local 16
Stevensville VFD Stevensville Local 28
Stockett Vol.Fire Dept. Stockett Local 21
Superior Volunteer Fire Dept SUPERIOR Contract fire department 21
Swan Lake VFD Swan Lake Local 10
Terry Fire Department Terry Local 15
Thompson Falls RFD Thompson Falls Local 17
Three Forks Volunteer Fire Department Three Forks Local 28
Clarkston Fire Service Area #6 Three Forks Local 32
Broadwater County Rural Fire District Townsend Local 45
Trego fortine Stryker VFD Trego Local 15
Trout Creek Rural Fire District Trout Creek Local 24
Troy Fire Department Troy Local 32
McCormick VFD Troy Local 17
Bull Lake Volunteer Fire Department Troy Local 5
Two Dot Two Dot Local 8
Valier Volunteer Fire Department Valier Local 24
Vaughn Rural VFD Vaughn Local 24
Victor Volunteer Rural Fire Department Victor Local 21
Belt City Volunteer Fire & Ambulance W Belt Local 18
Montana State Hospital Fire Department Warm Springs State Government 40
Glacier National Park West Glacier Local 40
West Yellowstone Fire Department West Yellowstone Local 45
Northside Rural Fire District West Yellowstone Local 30
Meagher County Fire Dept White Sulphur Spring Local 32
White Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire Department White Sulphur Spring Local 25
Big Mountain Fire & Rescue Whitefish Local 12
Whitefish Fire Department, Fire & Ambulance Whitefish Local 54
Whitehall Vol.F.D. Whitehall Local 21
Willow Creek Rural Fire Department Willow Creek Local 20
Wilsall Volunteer Fire Department Wilsall Local 16
Winnett VFD Winnett Local 16
Wisdom Rural Fire and Ambulance Wisdom Local 23
Wolf Creek - Craig FSA Wolf Creek Local 15
Wolf Point VFD Wolf Point Local 42
Roosevelt County Fire Department Wolfpoint Local 21
Worden Fire Dept Worden Local 34