Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from FY 2008 - FY 2021, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
KY-01 James Comer (R)
KY-02 Brett Guthrie (R)
KY-03 John Yarmuth (D)
KY-04 Thomas Massie (R)
KY-05 Harold Rogers (R)
KY-06 Andy Barr (R)


Grant Data for Kentucky - 2021
AFG Grants Given: 0
AFG-S Grants Given: 0
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 0

Total Amount of Grants Given: $0.00

Active Career Fire Fighters: 3,418
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 1,608
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 13,855
Total Fire Fighters: 18,881
Fire Departments: 943
FAMA members in Kentucky
Member Name Located in
ArvinMeritor, Inc. Louisville
FEMSA members in Kentucky
Member Name Located in
Bullard Cynthiana
HAIX North America Lexington
Fire Departments in Kentucky
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
City of Adairville Volunteer Fire Department Adairville Local 15
Adairville Rural Fire Department, Inc. Adairville Local 15
City of Albany Fire Department Albany Local 18
Alexandria Fire District Alexandria Local 49
Southern Campbell Fire District Alexandria Local 45
Allen Fire Dept Allen Local 18
Allensville Fire Dept Allensville Local 20
Alvaton Volunteer Fire Department Alvaton Local 36
Pond Creek Volunteer Fire Department Annville Local 15
Little Sandy Volunteer Fire Department Argillite Local 44
Artemus Volunteer Fire Dept Artemus Local 20
Troublesome Creek Volunteer Fire Department Ary Local 18
Sycamore React Volunteer Fire Department Ashcamp Local 18
Ashland Fire Department Ashland Local 55
Summit-Ironville Volunteer Fire Department Ashland Local tax funds and State Government 48
Cannnsburg Fire Department Ashland Local 63
Johnson Controls Fire/Rescue Ashland Private or industrial fire brigade 24
Westwood Fire Department Ashland Local 46
Auburn Rural Fire Fighter, Inc. Auburn Local 20
Augusta Fire Department Augusta Local 16
Austin Tracy Volunteer Fire Department Austin Local 20
Auxier Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Auxier Local 21
Bagdad Fire Protection District Bagdad Local 31
Bailey Switch Volunteer Fire Department Barbourville Local 20
Barbourville Fire Dept Barbourville Local 31
Bardstown-Nelson County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Bardstown Local 82
Bardwell Fire Department BARDWELL Local 27
Barlow City Volunteer Fire Department Barlow Local 16
Barlow Rural Fire Department Barlow Local 20
Baskett F.D. Baskett Local 18
Battletown Fire Department Battletown Local 19
Bear Track Volunteer Fire Department Beattyville Local 17
Beattyville Volunteer Fire Department Beattyville Local 15
Lee County Volunteer Fire Department Beattyville Local 18
Bedford Volunteer Fire & Rescue Bedford Local 28
Beechmont Volunteer Fire Department Beechmont Local 30
Ferrells Creek Area Volunteer Fire Department Belcher Local 22
Belfry Volunteer Fire Department, LTD Belfry Local 29
Benham Volunteer Fire Department Benham Local 13
Elva, New Harmony, Oak Level (E N O) Fire Department Benton Local 22
Benton Fire Department Benton Local 20
Briensburg Fire Protection District Benton Local 31
Harvey Brewers Fire Department Benton Local 22
Berea Fire Department Berea Local 42
Red Lick Volunteer Fire Department Berea Local 21
Northern Harrison Rural Fire Department Berry Local 24
Berry Fire Department Berry Local 25
Southeast Casey County Volunteer Fire Department Bethelridge Local 22
Kentucky River Fire & Rescue Bethlehem Local 15
Red Bird Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. Beverly Local 19
East Grayson County Fire Dept Big Clifty Local 15
Big Creek Fire & Rescue Big Creek Local 34
Blaine VFD Blaine Local 15
Bledsoe Rural Volunteer Fire Department Bledsoe Local 27
Northeast Nelson Fire Department Bloomfield Local 26
North Graves Volunteer Fire Department Boaz Local 22
Community Volunteer Fire Department of Canoe Booneville Local 16
Booneville-Owsley County Volunteer Fire Department Booneville Local 22
Boston Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Boston Local 17
Plano Volunteer Fire Department Bowling Green Local 22
Hadley Volunteer Fire Department Bowling Green Local 24
Wingfield Volunteer Fire Department Bowling Green Local 14
Barren River Volunteer Fire Department Bowling Green Local 40
Bowling Green Fire Department Bowling Green Local 111
City of Bradfordsville Fire Department Bradfordsville Local 15
Rural Bradfordsville Fire Dept Bradfordsville Local 19
Meade County Volunteer Fire Protection District Brandenburg Local 56
Breeding Area Volunteer Fire Department Breeding Local 23
Bremen Community Volunteer Fire Department Bremen Local 26
Brodhead Volunteer Fire Department Brodhead Local 25
Bromley Volunteer Fire Department Bromley Local 22
Bronston-Quinton Volunteer Fire Department Bronston Local 18
Brooksville Volunteer Fire Department. Inc., Brooksville Local 22
Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department Brownsville Local 16
Brownsville Volunteer Fire Department Brownsville Local 21
Chalybeate Fire Department Brownsville Local 21
Buffalo Fire Deptment Buffalo Local 29
Jakes Branch Fire & Rescue Bulan Local 34
Burgin Fire Department Burgin Local 160
Burkesville Fire Department Burkesville Local 21
Burlington Fire Department Burlington State Government 45
Belleview-McVille Fire Protection District Burlington Local 15
Burna Community Fire Dept Burna Local 15
Butler & Community Volunteer Fire Department Butler Local 20
Northern Pendleton County Fire District Butler Local 28
Montgomery Volunteer Fire Department Cadiz Local 19
South Road Volunteer Fire Department Cadiz Local 18
East Golden Pond Volunteer Fire Department Cadiz Local 22
linton volunteer fire department cadiz Local 13
Cadiz Fire Department Cadiz Local 46
McLean County Central District Fire Department Calhoun Local 25
Eastern Campbell Volunteer Fire Department California Local 20
Possum Trot-Sharpe Fire Protection District Calvert City Local 20
Calvert City Fire Department Calvert City Local 18
Taylor County Fire Department Campbellsville Local 80
Campbellsville Fire Department Campbellsville Local 49
Wolfe Co Fire Dept & Ambulance Service Campton Local 30
Caneyville VFD Caneyville Local 15
Little Rock Volunteer Fire Department Carlisle Local 8
Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department Carlisle Local 16
Carter City Volunteer Fire Department Carter City Local 18
Big Sandy Fire Department Catlettsburg Local 20
Catlettsburg Fire Department Catlettsburg Local 38
Cave City Volunteer Fire Department Cave City Local 28
Trigg-Lyon VFD Caviz Local 17
Martins Fork VFD Cawood Local 10
Kentucky 86 Fire and Rescue Cecilia Local 24
North Metcalfe Volunteer Fire Department Center Local 35
Central City Fire Department Central City Local 47
Nelson Creek Volunteer Fire Department Central City Local 21
Cerulean Volunteer Fire Department Cerulean Local 13
Grapevine/Chavies VFD Chavies Local 30
Clarkson Fire & Rescue Department Clarkson Local 31
Wax Fire & Rescue Clarkson Local 25
Clay Fire Department Clay Local 81
Clifty Volunteer Fire Department Clifty Local 20
Hickman County Fire & Rescue Clinton Local 22
Cloverport Fire Department Cloverport Local 17
Central Campbell County Fire District Cold Spring Local 63
Columbia Fire Dept Columbia Local 78
Columbus Volunteer Fire Department Columbus Local 21
Brindle Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Conway Local 23
Corbin Fire Department Corbin Local 20
Oak Grove Fire Department Corbin Local 45
West Knox Volunteer Fire Department Corbin Local 35
Loretto VFD Coretto Local 20
Cornith VFD Corinth Local 24
Cornettsville Fire Department Cornettsville Local 23
Corydon Civil Defense Fire & Rescue Corydon Local 22
Covington Fire Department Covington Local 125
Ryland Heights Volunteer Fire Department Covington Local 36
crab orchard fire dept. crab orchard Local 23
Crescent Springs-Villa Hills Fire and EMS Crescent Springs Local 70
Ballardsville Fire District Crestwood Local 30
South Oldham Fire Department Crestwood Local 42
Crittenden and Community Volunteer Fire Department Crittenden Local 17
Cub Run Volunteer Fire Department Cub Run Local 42
Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department Cumberland Local 32
Cunningham Volunteer Fire Department Cunningham Local 21
Custer Area Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. Custer Local 20
Ruddles Mill - Shawhan Volunteer Fire Department Cynthiana Local 15
Harrison County Fire Department, Inc. Cynthiana Local 28
cynthiana fire department Cynthiana Local 30
Boyle County Fire Protection District Danville Local 110
Danville Fire Department Danville Local 59
David Area VFD David Local 0
Dawson Springs Volunteer Fire Department Dawson Springs Local 22
Charleston Volunteer Fire Department Dawson Springs Local 20
Fire Department of Bellevue-Dayton Dayton Local 48
City of Dixon Volunteer Fire Department Dixon Local 29
Dorton VFD Dorton Local 28
Dover Volunteer Fire Department Dover Local 23
Drakesboro Volunteer Fire Department Drakesboro Local 27
Dry Ridge Fire Department Dry Ridge Local 38
Dundee Fire Department Dundee Local 15
Dunmor Volunteer Fire Department Dunmor Local 25
Dunnville Volunteer Fire Department Dunnville Local 20
Earlington Fire Department Earlington Local 36
East Bernstadt Fire Department Inc. East Bernstadt Local 38
Crossroads Fire Dept. Eastbenstadt Local 18
Edgewood Fire EMS Edgewood Local 104
Edmonton Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Edmonton Local 36
Ekron Fire & Rescue Dept Ekron Local 30
Elizabethtown Fire Department Elizabethtown Local 50
Valley Creek Area Volunteer Fire Department Elizabethtown Local 28
Elliottville Fire Department Elliottville Local 38
Elsmere Fire District Elsmere Local 46
Emineva Fire Dept Emineva Local 16
Emlyn VFD Emlyn Local 23
Erlanger Fire and EMS Department Erlanger Local 177
Point Pleasant Fire Department Erlanger Local 37
Eubank Volunteer Fire Department Eubank Local 18
Lower Cloverfork Fire Department Evarts Local 0
Yocum Creek Volunteer Fire Department Evrets Local 21
Ewing Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Ewing Local 20
Fairdale Fire Protection District Fairdale Local 118
Fairview VFD Fairview Local 8
Falls of Rough Volunteer Fire Department Falls of Rough Local 17
Farmington Volunteer Fire Department Farmington Local 23
Faubush Tri-County Fire Department Faubush Local 24
Ferguson Fire Department Ferguson Local 21
Firebrick Volunteer Fire Department Firebrick Local 12
Fisty Dwarf Volunteer Fire & Rescue Fisty Local 20
Flatwoods Volunteer Fire Department Flatwood Local 38
Mt. Carmel Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Flemingsburg Local 20
Flemingsburg Volunteer Fire Department Flemingsburg Local 23
Florence Fire-EMS Florence Local 68
Fordsville Fire Dept Fordsville Local 19
Fort Knox Fire Department Fort Knox Federal Government - DOD 43
Fort Mitchell Fire Department Fort Mitchell Local 73
Fort Thomas Fire Department Fort Thomas Local 19
Fort Wright Fire Department Fort Wright Local 65
Fountain Run VFD Fountain Run Local 14
Frankfort Fire & EMS Frankfort Local 85
Franklin County Fire Department Frankfort Local 44
Franklin Fire Department Franklin Local 39
Simpson County Fire Department Franklin Local 39
Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department Franklin Local 16
Fredonia Fire and Rescue Fredonia Local 15
Menifee County Volunteer Fire Protection District Frenchburg Local 52
Fort Campbell Fire Department Ft. Campbell Federal Government - DOD 70
Fulton Fire Department Fulton Local 29
Cayce Volunteer Fire Department Fulton Local 23
Gameliel VFD Gamaliel Local 20
Garrett Area Volunteer Fire Department Garrett Local 25
Garrison Volunteer Fire Department Garrison Local 18
Georgetown Fire & Rescue Georgetown Local 71
Scott County Fire Rescue Georgetown Local 85
Gilbertsville Fire Department Gilbertsville Local 22
Richland Volunteer Fire Department Girdler Local 19
East Barren Volunteer Fire Department Glasgow Local 20
Haywood Volunteer Fire Department Glasgow Local 16
Temple Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Glasgow Local 24
Glasgow Fire Department Glasgow Local 39
Glencoe Fire Protection District, Inc Glencoe Local 18
Gordon Volunteer Fire & Rescue Gordon Local 18
North Oldham Fire Protection District Goshen Local 81
Graham Volunteer Fire Department Graham Local 45
Grahn Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Grahn Local 18
Grand Lakes Fire Department Grand Rivers Local 79
Grayson Fire Dept Grayson Local 28
Exie Volunteer Fire Department Greensburg Local 15
Green County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Greensburg Local 36
Greenup Fire Department Greenup Local 20
Greenville Fire Dept Greenville Local 37
Mud Creek Volunteer Fire Department Grethel Local 20
Hanson Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Hanson Local 25
Aurora-Ross Fire District Hardin Local 18
Hardinsburg Fire Dept Hardinsburg Local 21
Hardyville Vol. Fire Dept Inc Hardyville Local 21
Harlan Fire Department Harlan Local 24
Harned Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Harned Local 20
Toler Creek Volunteer Fire Department Harold Local 10
Cornishville Volunteer Fire Department Harrodsburg Local 23
Hartford Fire Department Hartford Local 17
Hatfield Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Hatfield Local 14
Hawesville Volunteer Fire Department Hawesville Local 28
Dukes Volunteer Fire Department Hawesville Local 12
Hazard Fire Department Hazard Local 64
Lost Creek Volunteer Fire Department Hazard Local 17
Hazel Fire Dept Hazel Local 17
Hazel Green Community Volunteer Fire Department Hazel Green Local 31
Hebron Fire Protection District Hebron Local 47
Zion Volunteer Fire Department Henderson Local 25
Hebbardsville Area Volunteer Fire Department Henderson Local 16
Cairo Volunteer Fire Department Henderson Private or industrial fire brigade 16
Henderson Fire Department Henderson Local 58
Niagara VFD Henderson Local 15
Herndon VFD Herndon Local 25
Clear Springs VFD Hickory Local 25
Viola Volunteer Fire Department Hickory Local 19
Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department Hillsboro Local 22
Hiseville Community VFD Hiseville Local 21
LaRue County Fire Department Hodgenville Local 33
Hodgenville Volunteer Fire Department Hodgenville Local 22
West Side Volunteer Fire Department Hopkinsville State Government 15
Highland Volunteer Fire Department Hopkinsville Local 25
Hopkinsville Fire Department Hopkinsville Local 80
Lacy Volunteer Fire Department Hopkinsville Local 17
Honey Grove Volunteer Fire Department Hopkinville Local 18
Horse Cave Volunteer Fire Department Horse Cave Local 23
Stinnett Fire and Rescue Hoskinston Local 33
Hyden-Leslie County VFD Hyden Local 23
Independence Fire District Independence Local 65
Irvine Volunteer Fire Department Irvine Local 28
Cobb Hill Volunteer Fire Department Irvine Local 13
Estill County Fire Department Irvine Local 28
Irvington Volunteer Fire Department Irvington Local 18
South Eastern Fire District Island Local 22
Isonville Volunteer Fire Department Isonville Local 18
Vancleve Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Jackson Local 17
Jackson Fire Department Jackson Local 34
Jamestown Fire Dept. Jamestown Local 18
Jeffersontown Fire Protection District Jeffersontown Local 54
Jenkins Fire Department Jenkins Local 33
Jonesville Fire Department Jonesville Local 20
Junction City Fire/ Rescue Junction City Local 18
Keavy Fire Department, Inc. Keavy Local 20
Kenton Fire Department Kenton Local 20
Kevil Rural Fire Department Kevil Local 16
Kimper Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Kimper Local 21
Knifley Area Volunteer Fire Department Knifley Local 23
Knottsville Fire Department Knottsville Local 27
Krypton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad, Inc. Krypton Local 28
Kuttawa Fire Department Kuttawa Local 26
LaCenter Fire Department LaCenter Local 15
LaCenter Rural Fire Department LaCenter Local 18
Lafayette Volunteer Fire Dept Lafayette Local 12
LaGrange Fire & Rescue Dept LaGrange Local 48
Camp Dick Fire & Rescue District #2 Lancaster Local 18
Buckeye VFD Lancaster Local 22
Garrard County Fire District 1 Lancaster Local 48
Lancaster Fire & Rescue Lancaster Local 55
Anderson County Fire Protection District Lawrenceburg Local 68
Lawrenceburg Fire & Rescue Lawrenceburg Local 29
Lebanon Junction Fire & Rescue Lebanin Junction Local 18
Lebanon Fire Department Lebanon Local 32
Ledbetter Fire District Ledbetter Local 23
Leitchfield Fire and Rescue Leitchfield Local 81
Anneta VFD #792 Leithchfield Local 14
Lewisburg City Volunteer Lewisburg Local 22
Lewisburg Rural Fire Department Lewisburg Local 20
Lewisport Volunteer Fire Department Lewisport Local 24
Lexington Fire Department Lexington Local 519
Poplar Springs Fire Department Liberty Local 21
Brush Creek Volunteer Fire Department Liberty Local 19
Clementsville Volunteer Fire Department Liberty Local 20
Liberty Fire Department Liberty Local 20
McLean County Eastern District Livermore Local 24
Livermore Volunteer Fire Department Livermore Local 24
Livingston Fire Department Livingston Local 15
Bush Fire Department, Inc. London Local 30
Baldrock Fire Department London Local 25
Laurel County Fire Department London Local 32
Swiss Colony Fire Department London Local 21
City Of London Fire Dept London Local 40
Lookout VF&R Lookout Local 17
Watts Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Lost Creek Local 22
Cherryville Fire &Rescue Dept Louisa Local 34
Louisa Fire Department Louisa Local 36
Fallsburg VFD Louisa Local 25
McMahan Fire Protection District Louisville Local 36
Lyndon Fire Department Louisville Local 47
Edgewood Fire District Louisville Local 40
Camp Taylor Fire District Louisville Local 44
Lake Dreamland Fire Protection District Louisville Local 91
Middletown Fire Protection District Louisville Local 61
Worthington Fire Dept Louisville Local 46
Fern Creek Fire Department Louisville Local 13
Highview Fire District Louisville Local 98
Black Mudd Fire Protection District Louisville Local 31
St Matthews Fire Protection District Louisville Local 47
Louisville Int'l Airport Aircraft Rescue & Fire louisville Aircraft Rescue Firefighters 22
Buechel Fire Protection District Louisville Local 49
Okolona Fire Department Louisville Local 75
Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District Louisville Local 211
South Dixie Fire Protection District Louisville Local 29
Eastwood Fire Department Louisville Local 82
Lovelaceville Volunteer Fire Department Lovelaceville Local 21
Lowes Fire Department Lowes Local 19
Lowmansville Volunteer Fire Department Lowmansville Local 19
Loyall Fire Department Loyall Local 28
Ludlow Fire Department Ludlow Local 25
Lynch Vol. Fire Dept. Lynch Local 46
Cuba Community Volunteer Fire Department Lynnville Local 30
Yelvington Fire Department Maceo Local 24
Mackville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Mackville Local 15
Grapevine Community Volunteer Fire Department Madisonville Local 0
Richland Volunteer Fire Department Madisonville Local 21
Anton Volunteer Fire Department Madisonville Local 16
Madisonville Fire Department Madisonville Local 60
Linwood Volunteer Fire Department Magnolia Local 17
Magnolia Fire Department Magnolia Local 25
Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department Mammoth Cave Local 16
Burning Springs Fire Department Manchester Local 30
Fogertown Fire Department, Inc. Manchester Local 18
Hacker Volunteer Fire & Rescue Manchester Local 15
Bright Shade Fire Department Manchester Local 22
Manchester Fire Rescue Manchester Local 30
Manitou Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Manitou Local 25
Shady Grove Volunteer Fire Department Marion Local 19
Marion Fire Department Marion Local 40
Marrowbone West Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department Marrowbone Local 32
City of Mayfield Fire Department Mayfield Local 39
Mayfield- Graves Couny Fire Department Mayfield Local 20
Mayking Volunteer Fire Department Mayking Local 25
Mayslick Volunteer Fire Department Mayslick Local 17
Orangeburg Fire Dept Maysville Local 23
Fernleaf Highland Volunteer Fire Department Maysville Local 13
Lewisburg Volunteer Fire Department Maysville Local 0
Maysville Fire & Ambulance Maysville Local 32
Blackberry Volunteer Fire Department McCarr Local 18
Left Beaver Fire & Rescue McDowell Local 35
City Of McKee VFD McKee Local 15
Sand Gap Volunteer Fire Department McKee Local 25
Melber Civic Club Volunteer Fire Department Melber Local 18
Camp Springs Fire Department Melbourne Local 32
Melbourne Volunteer Fire Department Melbourne Local 22
Southeast Floyd County Volunteer Fire Department Melvin Local 17
East Casey County Volunteer Fire Department Middleburg Local 14
Middlesboro Fire Department Middlesboro Local 31
Midway Fire Department Midway Local 13
Milburn VFD Milburn Local 15
Millersburg VFD Millersburg Local 15
Milton Fire & Rescue Milton Local 26
Monticello Fire Department Monticello Local 24
Route 377 Volunteer Fire Department,Inc. Morehead Local 33
Hayes Crossing- Haldeman Fire Department Morehead Local 38
Morehead Fire Department Morehead Local 160
Farmers Volunteer Fire Department Morehead Local 24
Whispering Meadows Fire and Rescue Morganfield Local 24
Fourth District Volunteer Fire Department Morgantown Local 24
Morgantown Fire Department Morgantown Local 26
Fifth District Rural Volunteer Fire Department Morgantown Local 24
Piner-Fiskburg Fire District Morning View Local 22
Mortons Gap Fire Dept Mortons Gap Local 21
South Hopkins Fire Department Mortons Gap Local 25
Mt Olivet/Robertson County VFD Mt Olivet Local 0
Montgomery County Fire Protection District #1 Mt Sterlling Local 72
Mt Vernon VFD Mt Vernon Local 17
Mt Washington Fire Department District Mt Washington Local 63
Muldraugh Fire Department Muldraugh Local 12
Mundfordville Fire and Rescue Mundfordville Local 16
Priceville Volunteer Fire Department Munfordville Local 22
Murray Fire Department Murray Local 33
Calloway County Fire-Rescue, Inc. Murray Local 70
Muses Mills Volunteer Fire Department Muses Mills Local 15
Nebo Fire Department Nebo Local 21
Neon Volunteer Fire Department Neon Local 52
New Castle Fire & Rescue Squad, Inc. New Castle Local 22
New Haven Fire Department New Haven Local 28
New Hope Volunteer Fire Department New Haven Local 17
Rolling Fork VFD, Inc. New Haven Local 30
New Liberty Fire Rescue New Liberty Local 23
Newport Fire/ EMS Newport Local 37
Jessamine County Fire Department Nicholasville Fire District 96
Nicholasville Fire Dept Nicholasville Local 43
North Middletown Volunteer Fire Department North Middletown Local 17
Mannington Volunteer Fire Department Nortonville Local 29
Nortonville Fire Department Nortonville Local 20
Oak Grove Fire and Emergency Services Oak Grove Local 35
Gott Volunteer Fire Department Oakland Local 34
Route 504 Volunteer Fire/Rescue Department Olive Hill Local 35
Olive Hill Fire Department Olive Hill Local 40
Olmstead Fire Department Olmstead Local 13
Olympian Springs Volunteer Fire Department Olympia Local 18
Oneida Fire Department Oneida State Government 20
Daviess County Fire Department Owensboro Local 17
Owensboro Fire Department Owensboro Local 97
Saint Joseph Fire Department, Inc. Owensboro Local 23
Owen County Volunteer Fire Department Owenton Local 22
Owenton Volunteer Fire Department Owenton Local 22
Owingsville Volunteer Fire Department Owingsville Local 40
Lone Oak FPD/Lone Oak Fire Dept Paducah Local 23
Paducah Fire Department Paducah Local 73
Paduchah Airport Corp Paducah Transportation Authority or Airport F.D. 5
Concord Fire Protection District Paducah Local 30
Reidland Farley Fire Department Paducah Local 29
U. S. Enrichment Corp. (Paducah) Fire Department Paducah Private or industrial fire brigade 82
Hendron Fire Department Paducah Local 38
Paintsville Fire-Rescue-EMS Paintsville Local 33
Theakla Volunteer Fire Department Paintsville Local 20
Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department Paris Local 13
Hutchison Station Volunteer Fire Department Paris Local 15
Paris Fire Department Paris Local 52
Bourbon County Fire Department Paris Local 29
Park Hills Volunteer Fire Department Park Hills Local 30
Eagle/ Sawyer Fire Protection District Parkers Lake Local 30
North McCreary Fire Protection District Parkers Lake Local 31
Cumberland River VFD Partridge Local 15
Rhodelia VFD Payneville Local 20
Payneville Fire Department Payneville Local 25
South Hancock Volunteer Fire Department Pellville Local 18
Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department Pembroke Local 17
Perryville Fire Department Perryville Local 42
Petersburg Fire Protection District Petersburg Local 14
Pewee Valley Fire Protection District Pewee Valley Local 35
Phelps Volunteer Fire and Rescue Phelps Local 21
Gulnare Volunteer Fire Department Pikeville Local 15
Pikeville Fire & Ambulance Service Pikeville City Government 41
Johns Creek Volunteer Fire Department Pikeville Local 42
Millard East Shelbiana Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. Pikeville Local 25
Pineville VFD Pineville Local 31
Upper Pond Creek Fire Department Pinsonfork Local 15
Pleasureville Fre Dept Pleasureville Local 12
Poole Volunteer Fire Department Poole Local 28
Cow Creek Volunteer Fire Department Prestonburg Local 18
Prestonsburg Fire Department Prestonsburg Local 111
Princeton Fire Dept Princeton Local 74
Harrods Creek Fire Protection District Prospect Local 47
Providence Fire Dept-EMS Providence Local 24
Putney Volunteer Fire Department Putney Local 15
Second District Fire Department Quality Local 27
Raceland Fire Department Raceland Local 30
City Of Radcliff Fire Department Radcliff Local 48
Ravenna Fire Department Ravenna Local 27
Raywick VFD #866 Raywick Local 15
Red Bush Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Red Bush Local 16
Reed Volunteer Fire Department Reed Local 20
Marrowbone Volunteer Fire Department Regina Local 33
Richmond Fire Department Richmond Local 94
Madison County Fire Department Richmond Local 152
Blue Grass Army Depot Richmond Federal Government - DOD 14
Rochester VFD Rochester Local 15
Browning Volunteer Fire Department Rockfield Local 19
Rockholds VFD Rockholds Local 14
Rockport Volunteer Fire Department Rockport Local 18
Rosine Volunteer Fire Department Rosine Local 15
East Fork VFD Rush Local 38
Norton Branch Volunteer Fire Department Rush Local 16
Russell Fire Department Russell Local 56
Eli Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Russell Springs Local 21
Russellville City Fire Department Russellville Local 43
Russellville Rural Fire Department Russellville Local 31
McLean County Southern District Fire Department Sacramento Local 26
Salt Lick Fire Department Salt Lick Local 20
Salyersville Fire Department Salyersville Local 30
North Magoffin Volunteer Fire Department Salyersville Local 20
Sanders Fire Department Sanders Local 15
Citco Volunteer Fire Department Sandy Hook Local 15
Science Hill/Dabney Sub Station Science Hill Local 45
Meador Community Fire Department Scottsville Local 12
Cedar Springs Volunteer Fire Department #2 Scottsville Local 14
East Allen Volunteer Fire Department Scottsville Local 17
Sebree Fire Department Sebree Local 20
Sedalia Fire Department Sedalia Local 18
Sharpsburg Fire Dept Sharpsburg Local 16
Bethel Volunteer Fire Department Sharpsburg Local 30
City Of Shelbyville Fire Department Shelbyville Local 40
Shelby County Fire Department Shelbyville Local 61
Zoneton Fire District, Inc. Shepherdsville Local 113
nichols fire district shepherdsville Local 24
Shepherdsville Fire and Rescue Shepherdsville Local 28
Shively Fire Department Shively Local 30
Dixie Suburban Fire Department Shively Local 20
Big Creek Volunteer Fire Department Sidney Local 23
Simpsonville Rural Fire Protection District Simpsonville Local 77
Slaughters Community VFD Slaughters Local 20
Lake Jerico Fire-Rescue Smithfield Local 16
Smithland Fire & Rescue Smithland Local 19
Smiths Grove Rural Fire Department Smiths Grove Local 28
Mount Victory Volunteer Fire Department Somerset Local 27
Shopville-Stab Volunteer Fire Department Somerset Local 28
Somerset Fire- EMS Somerset Local 86
Parkers Mill Volunteer Fire Department Somerset Local 24
Sonora Fire And Rescue Department Sonora Local 20
South Shore Volunteer Fire Department South Shore Local 27
Maloneton Volunteer Fire Department South Shore Local 24
Southgate Volunteer Fire Department Southgate Local 100
Sparta Volunteer Fire Dept Sparta Local 21
Spottsville VFD Spottsville Local 25
Springfield Fire Department Springfield Local 25
St Charles Vol Fire Dept St Charles Local 20
Stamping Ground City Fire Department Stamping Ground Local 60
Stamping Ground RFD Stamping Ground Local 15
Highland Area Fire Department Stanford Local 18
Stanford Fire Dept Stanford Local 51
Stanley Fire Dept Stanley Local 26
Stanton Fire Department Stanton Local 30
West McCreary Volunteer Fire Department Stearns Local 30
Sturgis Fire Department Sturgis Local 27
Sullivan Community Fire Department Sullivan Local 15
Summer Shade Volunteer Fire Department Summer Shade Local 34
Summersville Fire Department Summersville Local 22
Kyrock Volunteer Fire Department Sweeden Local 18
Symsonia Fire Department Symsonia Local 21
Tateville Volunteer Fire Department Tateville Local 17
Taylor Mill Fire-EMS Taylor Mill Local 67
Taylorsville Fire Dept Taylorsville Local 38
Spencer County Fire Protection District Taylorsville Local 38
Thousandsticks Vol. Fire & Rescue Depart Thousandsticks Local 15
Tollesboro Highland Volunteer Fire Department TOLLESBORO Local 20
Flippin Volunteer Fire Department Tompkinsville Local 23
Mudlick Volunteer Fire Department Tompkinsville Local 21
Monroe County Fire and Rescue Squad Tompkinsville Local 19
Tompkinsville Fire Department Tompkinsville Local 19
Trenton Volunteer Fire Department Trenton Local 18
Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire Department Turkey Creek Local 17
Union Emergency Services Alliance Union Local 57
Uniontown City Fire Department Uniontown Local 30
Upton Fire Department Upton Local 22
Vanceburg Volunteer Fire Department Vanceburg Local 54
Camp Dix Volunteer Fire Department VANCEBURG Local 38
Kinniconick Volunteer Fire Department Vanceburg Local 22
Lewis County Volunteer Fire Company Vanceburg Local 18
Woodford County Fire Protection District Versailles Local 53
Versailles Fire Department Versailles Local 51
Vincent Volunteer Fire Department Vincent Local 15
Flaherty Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc. VINE GROVE Local 32
Vine Grove Fire Department Vine Grove Local 30
Viper Fire and Rescue Viper Local 26
Waco Volunteer Fire Dept. Waco Local 20
Waddy Volunteer Fire Department Waddy Local 17
East 60 Vol. Fire Dept., Inc. Waddy Local 17
Stinking Creek Volunteer Fire & Rescue Walker Local 15
Walton FPD Walton Local 23
Warfield Fire and Rescue Warfield Local 40
Warsaw Fire Department Warsaw Local 40
Gallatin County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Warsaw Local 46
Washington-Maysville Volunteer Fire Department Wasington Local 30
Water Valley Volunteer Fire Department Water Valley Local 21
Waynesburg Area Volunteer Fire Department Waynesburg Local 45
Webbville Volunteer Fire Department Webbville Local 15
White Oak Volunteer Fire Department West Liberty Local 13
Peddler Gap Volunteer Fire Department West Liberty Local 18
Highway 172 Volunteer Fire Department West Liberty Local 21
City of West Liberty Fire Department West Liberty Local 30
West McCracken Fire District West Paducah Local 26
West Point Fire Department West Point Local 20
West Van Lear Volunteer Fire Department West Van Lear Local 21
Wheelwright Volunteer Fire Department Wheelwright Local 15
White Mills Volunteer Fire Department White Mills Local 15
White Plains Volunteer Fire Department White Plains Local 20
Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department Whitesburg Local 23
Sandlick Volunteer Fire Department Whitesburg Local 25
Whitesville Fire Department Whitesville Local 22
Whitley City Fire Department Whitley City Local 30
Wickliffe Rural Fire Department Wickliffe Local 25
Blandville Rural Volunteer Fire Department Wickliffe Local 18
Wilder Fire Department Wilder Local 32
Patterson Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Williamsburg Local 17
Three Point Volunteer Fire Department Williamsburg Local 24
South Whitley Volunteer Fire Department Williamsburg Local 12
Western Central Volunteer Fire Department Williamsburg Local 15
Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department Williamsburg Local 18
Williamsburg Fire/ Rescue Department Williamsburg Local 37
Williamsport Fire Department Williamsport Local 22
Williamstown Volunteer Fire Department Williamstown Local 34
Willisburg Fire Department Willisburg Local 30
High Bridge Community Association Fire Department Wilmore Private or industrial fire brigade 42
Wilmore Fire Department Wilmore Local 42
Clark County Fire Dept Winchester Local 67
Cherokee National Forest Winchester Federal Government - Executive Branch Agency 32
Winchester Fire-EMS Winchester Local 55
W. R. Castle Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. Wittensville Local 35
Wolf Coal Volunteer Fire Department Wolf Coal Local 18
Woodbine Fire Rescue, Inc. Woodbine Local 48
Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department Woodburn Local 200
Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Woodlawn Local 15
Wooton Volunteer Fire Department Wooton Local 22
Worthville VFD Worthville Local 17
Wurtland Fire Department Wurtland Local 40
Cutshin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Yeaddis Local 30
Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department Zoe Local 14