Fire Grant Data

The FEMA fire grants aim to enhance the safety of the public and fire-fighters during fire related hazards. The grants can help with financial assistance, improving equipment or even provide funding to hire new staff.

Our fire grant data shows a wide range of grants already given from FY 2008 - FY 2021, across the United States. Our database provides the names of the fire departments and both FAMA and FEMSA members who have received grants. The fire grant data shows the wide variety of grant opportunities available, by viewing the breakdown you can see what projects each organization used the grant money for.

You can search our fire grant database below by choosing the state and year of the data you would like to see.


DI Name
KS-01 Roger Marshall (R)
KS-02 Lynn Jenkins (R)
KS-03 Kevin Yoder (R)
KS-04 Mike Pompeo (R)


Grant Data for Kansas - 2021
AFG Grants Given: 0
AFG-S Grants Given: 0
SAFER Grants Given: 0
FP Grants Given: 0
Total Number of Grants Given: 0

Total Amount of Grants Given: $0.00

Active Career Fire Fighters: 3,263
Active PPC Fire Fighters: 3,201
Active Volunteer Fire Fighters: 6,379
Total Fire Fighters: 12,843
Fire Departments: 770
FAMA members in Kansas
Member Name Located in
FEMSA members in Kansas
Member Name Located in
Community Leasing Partners Manhattan
Fire Departments in Kansas
Department Name Headquarters Type Total firefighters
Abilene Fire Department Abilene Local 31
Albert Volunteer Fire Department Albert Local 23
Alma Fire Department Alma Local 28
Wabaunsee County RFD #2 Alta Vista Local 15
Alta Vista City Fire Dept Alta Vista Local 15
Osborne County Fire Department #3 Alton Local 18
Altoona Volunteer Fire Department Altoona Local 34
Andover Fire-Rescue Andover Local 43
Anthony Fire Department Anthony Local 50
City of Argonia Fire Department Argonia Local 20
Arkansas City Fire Department Arkansas City Local 33
Reno County Fire District #4 Arlington Local 27
Crawford County Fire District #2 Arma Local 18
Arma Volunteer Fire Department Arma Local 36
Ashland Rural Fire Department Ashland Local 19
Atchison County Fire District #1 Atchison Local 20
Atchison Fire Department Atchison Local 19
Athol City & Rural Fire Department Athol Local 15
Cowley County Fire District #2 Atlanta Local 29
Attica District #1 Fire Dept Attica Local 25
Shawnee County Fire District 2 Auburn Local 86
Butler County Fire District #2 Augusta Local 55
Aurora Volunteer Fire Department Aurora Local 20
Willow Springs Twp Fire Dept Baldwin City Local 13
Baldwin City Fire Department Baldwin City Local 32
Washington County Rural Fire District # 2 Barnes Local 18
Bartlett-Hackberry Township Fire Department Bartlett Local 20
Fairmount Township Fire Department Basehor Local 30
Baxter Springs Volunteer Fire Department Baxter Springs Local 46
Bazine RFD Bazine Local 30
Beattie RFD 3 Beattie Local 18
Sumner County Fire District #9 BELLE PLAINE Local 34
Belleville Fire Department Belleville Local 50
Talmo-Wayne Fire District #6 Bellville Local 11
MCO Rural Fire District #1 Beloit Local 34
Belpre Fire Dept Belpre Local 12
Belvue Fire Department Belvue Local 13
Bentley Volunteer Fire Department Bentley Local 13
Butler County Fire District # 7 Benton Local 16
Nemaha Company #4 Bern Local 24
Beverly Rural Fire Department Beverly Local 40
Bonner Springs Fire Department Bonner Springs Local 112
Bucklin VFD Bucklin Local 14
Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department Buffalo Local 20
Reno-Harvey Jt Fire Dist #2 Buhler Local 24
Russell County Fire District #5 Bunker Hill Local 48
Cowley County Fire District #3 Burden Local 23
Burdett Fire Department Burdett Local 12
Osage County Fire District #6 Burlingame Local 20
Coffey County Fire District # 1 Burlington Local 270
Butler County Fire District 10 Burns Local 18
Burrton Consolidated Fire District # 5 Burrton Local 20
Bushton Fire Department Bushton Local 45
Township 8 Fire Dept Byers Local 18
City of Caldwell Fire Department Caldwell Local 60
Cowley County Fire District #8 Cambridge Local 17
McPherson County RFD #1 Canton Local 21
Osage Company Fire District #1 Carbondale Local 26
Osage County Fire District # 1 Carbondale Local 24
Butler County Fire District #4 Cassoday Local 18
Cawker City Fire Department Cawker City Local 30
Chautauqua County Fire District #1 Cedar Vale Local 12
Centralia Fire Department Centralia Local 22
Chanute Fire Dept Chanute Local 15
Chapman Fire Department Chapman Local 39
Cheney Volunteer Fire Department Cheney Local 44
Cherokee Fire Department Cherokee Local 24
Cherryvale Fire Department Cherryvale Local 25
Chetopa VFD Chetopa Local 25
Gray County Rural Fire Department Cimarron Local 60
Cimarron Volunteer Fire Department Cimarron Local 23
Beaver Volunteer Fire Department Claflin Local 34
Claflin Fire District 1 Claflin Local 81
Clay Center Municipal Fire Department Clay Center Local 37
Clearwater Fire Dept Clearwater Local 30
Clifton Fire Dept Clifton Local 12
Clyde Fire Department Clyde Local 20
Coffeyville Fire Department Coffeyville Local 19
Colby Fire Department Colby Local 54
Columbus Fire Department Columbus Local 46
Colwich Volunteer Fire Department Colwich Local 22
Cloud County Rural Fire District #4 Concordia Local 40
City of Concordia Fire Department Concordia Local 41
McPherson County Fire Dept #4 Conway Local 10
Courtland Volunteer Fire Department Courtland Local 18
Cuba Fire Department Cuba Local 20
Delavan Fire District #5 Rural Delavan Local 13
Delia Rural Fire District #5 Delia Local 8
Delphos Rural Fire Department, Fire District #3 Delphos Local 44
Osage Township Fire Department Dennis Local 18
Derby Fire and Rescue Derby Local 41
DeSoto Fire Department DeSoto Local 65
Johnson County Fire District #3 Desoto Local 34
Colwey County Fire District NO 1 Dexter Local 16
Ford County Fire & EMS Dodge City Local 115
Dodge City Fire Dept Dodge City Local 25
Dorrance Fire District #4 Dorrance Local 50
Butler County Fire District #8 Douglass Local 23
Downs Fire Department Downs Local 40
Dwight RFD No. 6 Dwight Local 68
Easton Township Fire Department Easton Local 21
Edna Volunteer Fire Department Edna Local 50
Edwardsville Fire Department Edwardsville Local 24
Atchison County Fire District #2 Effingham Local 14
El Dorado Fire Dept. El Dorado Local 33
Elk City Volunteer Fire Department Elk City Local 22
Elk Falls Fire Dept Elk Falls Local 12
Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department Elkhart Local 23
Ellinwood Fire Department Ellinwood Local 52
City Of Ellis Fire Department Ellis Local 20
Ellsworth Fire Department Ellsworth Local 34
Doniphan Company Rural Fire District #4 Elwood Local 26
Emporia Fire Department/Lyon County EMS Emporia Local 64
Englewood Fire Dept Englewood Local 9
Dickinson County Fire District #1 Enterprise Local 35
Enterprise Fire Department Enterprise Local 40
Erie Fire Dept Erie Local 20
City of Eudora Fire Dept Eudora Local 60
Eureka Fire Department Eureka Local 50
Washington Township Fire Department Everest Local 22
Sherman TWP Fire Dept Farlington Local 21
Florence Fire Department Florence Local 30
Jewell CO Fire District #6-Formoso Formoso Local 13
Fort Leavenworth Fire & Emergency Services Fort Leavenworth Federal Government - DOD 27
Fort Riley Fire Department Fort Riley Federal Government - DOD 40
Bourbon County Fire District # 3 Fort Scott Local 70
Fort Scott Fire Department Fort Scott Local 21
Frankfort Fire Dept Frankfort Local 60
Fredonia Fire Department Fredonia Local 32
Frontenac Fire Department Frontenac Local 41
Galatia Fire Dept Galatia Local 14
Galena Fire Department Galena Local 27
Galesburg Volunteer Fire Department Galesburg Local 15
McPherson County Rural Fire District #9 Galva Local 27
Garden City Fire Department Garden City Local 66
Garfield TWP Fire Department Garden City Local 45
Gardner Public Safety Department GARDNER Local 47
Garland RFD District #2 Garland Local 11
Anderson County Rural Fire Garnett Local 125
Garnett Fire Dept Garnett Local 60
Sumner County Fire District #11 Geuda Springs Local 16
Valverde TWP Fire Dept Geuda Springs Local 18
City of Girard Fire Department Girard Local 37
Crawford Township Rural Fire Department Girard Local 24
Glasco Rural Fire Dept #2 Glasco Local 12
Marion County Fire District #2 Goessel Local 24
Goodland Fire Department Goodland Local 31
Gorham Fire District #1 Gorham Local 40
Grainfield Fire Department Grainfield Local 32
Kaw TWP Fire District # 1 Grantville Local 16
Great Bend Fire/ EMS Great Bend Local 35
Greeley Fire dept. Greeley Local 10
Washington County Rural Fire District #3 Greenleaf Local 32
Grenola Volunteer Fire Department Grenola Local 16
Grinell Rural Fire Department Grinell Local 16
Saline County Rural Fire District #1 Gypsum Local 36
Gypsum City Fire Dept Gypsum Local 12
Washington County Rural Fire District #6 Haddam Local 13
Halstead Fire Department Halstead Local 53
Hanover Fire Dept Hanover Local 30
Washington County Fire District # 10 Hanover Local 20
Hodgeman County Rural Fire Department Hanston Local 14
City of Hardtner Fire Department Hardtner Local 45
Harper Fire Dept Harper Local 42
Wabaunsee County Fire District #3 Harveyville Local 20
Haven Fire Dept Haven Local 32
Pottawatomie Co RFD #2 Havensville Local 19
Haviland Volunteer Fire Department Haviland Local 26
Ellis County RFD Hays Local 141
Hays Fire Department Hays Local 30
Healy Fire Department Healy Local 22
Hepler RFD Hepler Local 15
Hesston Fire Department Hesston Local 51
Hiawatha Fire Dept Hiawatha Local 23
Highland City Fire Department Highland Local 30
Doniphan County Rural Fire District # 2 Highland Local 62
Graham Co.F.D. Hill City Local 89
Hillsboro Fire Dept Hillsboro Local 16
Hoisington Fire Department Hoisington Local 42
City of Holcomb Holcomb Local 20
Holyrood Fire Department Holyrood Local 42
Hope Rural Fire Department Hope Local 22
Horton Fire Department Horton Local 22
Kickapoo fire dept. Horton Local 17
Elk County Rural Fire Department Howard Local 60
Howard Volunteer Fire Department Howard Local 21
Sheridan County Rural Fire District # 1 Hoxie Local 95
Hoyt Fire District #3 Hoyt Local 48
Stevens County Fire Department Hugoton Local 60
Humboldt Fire Dept Humboldt Local 66
Atchinson County Fire District #5 Huron Local 35
Hutchinson Kansas Fire Dept Hutchinson Local 93
City of Independence Fire Dept Independence Local 16
McPherson County Fire District #5 Inman Local 24
Iola Fire Department Iola Local 24
Isabel Fire Dept Isabel Local 20
Iuka Fire Department Iuka Local 24
Geary County Fire Department Junction City Local 104
Junction City Fire Department Junction City Local 47
Kanopolis Fire Dept Kanopolis Local 30
Kansas City Fire Department Kansas City Local 415
Smith County Rural Fire Protection District #1 Kensington Local 20
Anderson County Rural Fire Department Kincaid Local 16
Kingman Fire Department Kingman Local 64
Kinsley Fire Department Kinsley Local 30
Kiowa Fire Department Kiowa Local 17
Rush Company Fire District #4 LaCrosse Local 16
City of LaCygne Fire Department LaCygne Local 14
City of Lake Quivira Fire Dept Lake Quivira Local 25
Lakin Fire Dept Lakin Local 38
Pottawatomie Township Volunteer Fire Department Lane Local 12
Leavenworth County Fire District #1 Lansing Local 27
Larned Fire Department Larned Local 72
Larned State Hospital Safety/Security Larned Local 19
Butler County Fire District #6 Latham Local 20
Kanwaka Township Fire Department Lawrence Local 15
Wakarusa Township Fire Department Lawrence Local 24
Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical Dept. Lawrence Local 148
Clinton Township Fire Department Lawrence Local 13
Alexandreia Township Volunteer Fire Department Leavenworth Local 12
Leavenworth Fire Department Leavenworth Local 56
Leawood Fire Department Leawood Local 63
Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department Lebanon Local 15
Fire District #1 of Douglas County Lecompton Local 21
Lenexa Fire Department Lenexa Local 90
Lenora Fire Department Lenora Local 13
Seward County Fire Department Liberal Local 60
Liberal Fire Department Liberal Local 39
Rush County Fire District #6 Liebenthal Local 7
Lincoln Rural Fire Department #1 Lincoln Local 28
Marion County Fire Dist. 5 Lincolnville Local 28
Lindsborg Vol. Fire Dept. Lindsborg Local 24
Linn Valley Lakes FPA Linn Valley Local 18
Sherman Township Fire Department Linwood Local 50
Reno Township Fire Dept Linwood Local 12
Logan Fire Department Logan Local 25
Phillips County Rural Fire Department #2 Long Island Long Island Local 20
Longford Rural Fire District NO 1 Longford Local 48
Longton Volunteer Fire Department Longton Local 7
Lorraine Green Garden Fire Department Lorraine Local 30
Marion County Fire District # 6 Lost Springs Local 17
Louisburg Fire Department Louisburg Local 43
Lucas Rural Fire Department #2 Lucas Local 28
Osage County Fire District #5 Lyndon Local 60
Macksville Fire Department Macksville Local 15
Madison VFD Madison Local 34
Greenwood County Rural Fire Department #1 Madison Local 200
Manhattan Department of Fire Services Manhattan Local 76
Blue Township Fire-Rescue Manhattan Local 31
Riley County Fire District #1 Manhattan Local 167
Marion Fire Dept Marion Local 38
McPherson County Rural Fire Department #2 Marquette Local 50
Marysville Fire Department Marysville Local 72
Mayett Rural Fire Dist. # 1 Mayetta Local 18
Potawatomi Tribal Emergency Services Mayetta Indian Reservation Fire Dept 30
McConnell AFB Fire Department McConnell AFB Federal Government - DOD 64
Rawlins County District #3 McDonald Local 15
McDonald Fire Department McDonald Local 15
McFarland Fire Department McFarland Local 12
Sarcoxie Township Fire Department McLouth Local 24
City Of McLouth Fire Dept McLouth Local 20
McPherson Fire Department McPherson Local 43
Meade Co Fire Dept Meade Local 28
Barber County Rural Fire District #1 Medicine Lodge Local 90
Medicine Lodge Volunteer Fire Department Medinice Lodge Local 15
Osage County Fire Dist #3 Melvern Local 23
Menlo Fire Department Menlo Local 12
Saline County RFD #2 Mentor Local 20
Rock Creek Township Fire Department Meriden Local 25
Merriam Fire Dept Merriam Local 27
Milford Volunteer Fire Department Milford Local 10
Miller Rural Fire Department Miller Local 0
Ottawa County Rural Fire District #2 Minneapolis Local 24
Montezuma Fire Dept. Montezuma Local 13
Moran Fire Department Moran Local 10
Morrill Fire Department Morrill Local 17
Washington County Rural Fire District # 8 Morrowville Local 14
City Of Mound Valley Fire Dept Mound Valley Local 12
Mound Valley TWP Fire Dept Mound Valley Local 12
Moundridge Fire Dept. Moundridge Local 36
Mount Hope Fire Department Mount Hope Local 25
Mulberry Fire Dept Mulberry Local 20
Mullinville Volunteer Fire Department Mullinville Local 24
Mulvane Fire Rescue Mulvane Local 33
Munden-Narka Rural Fire District #3 Munden Local 25
Neodesha Fire Department Neodesha Local 24
Ness City Fire Dept. Ness City Local 16
Netawaka Rural Fire District #6 Netawaka Local 16
Saline County Fire District #5 New Cambria Local 22
Johnson County Fire District # 1 New Century Local 53
Newton Fire-EMS Department Newton Local 40
Reno Count;y Fire District #3 Nickerson Local 25
Norcatur City Fire Dept Norcatur Local 11
Decatur Co RFD Norcatur Local 11
Norton City VFD Norton Local 38
Norton Rural Fire Department District #2 Norton Local 25
Jefferson County Fire District # 12 Nortonville Local 30
Republic Co. Fire District, #11 Norway Local 15
Oakley Fire Department Oakley Local 48
Logan County Fire Department Oakley Local 108
Decatur County Rural Fire Department Oberlin Local 32
Offerle City & Trenton Jackson Fire Dept Offerle Local 13
Olathe Fire Dept Olathe Local 96
Olpe Fire Department & District #1 Olpe Local 28
Pottawatomie County Fire District 6 Olsburg Local 13
City OF Onaga Fire Dept Onaga Local 23
Osage County Fire District No. 2 Osage City Local 40
Osawatomie State Hospital Osawatomie State Government 20
Osborne Rural Fire Department # 1 Osborne Local 18
Jefferson County Rural Fire District #8 Oskaloosa Local 25
Oswego Fire Dept Oswego Local 42
Otis Fire Department Otis Local 30
North Centropolis Fire Department Ottawa Local 14
Ottawa Fire Department Ottawa Local 23
Osage County Fire District #4 Overbrook Local 20
Overland Park Fire Department Overland Park Local 148
Sumner County Fire District #3 Oxford Local 26
Ozawkie Fire District #7 Ozawkie Local 16
Palco Fire Department Palco Local 24
Washington County Fire District #4 Palmer Local 12
Neosho Township Fire Dept Parsons Local 17
Labette County Fire District #9 Parsons Local 22
Parsons Fire Department Parsons Local 19
Newbury/Paxico Fire dept Paxico Local 17
Penalosa VFD Penalosa Local 7
Jefferson County Fire Dist # 2 Perry Local 18
Belleville Rural Fire Department #3 Peru Local 14
Phillipsburg Fire Dept Phillipsburg Local 19
Pittsburg Fire Department Pittsburg Local 34
Plain VFD Plains Local 10
Plainville Fire Department Plainville Local 48
Pleasanton City Fire Department Pleasanton Local 22
Pomona Fire Department Pomona Local 20
Potwin Fire Department Potwin Local 20
Prairie View Fire Department Prairie View Local 17
Consolidated Fire District #2` Prairie Village Local 73
N.E. Johnson County Fire District #2 Prairie Village Local 66
Pratt County Fire-Rescue Pratt Local 44
Pratt County-Township 12 Volunteer Fire Department Pratt Local 44
Preston Rur Fire Dept Twp #6 Preston Local 13
Reno-Kingman Joint Fire District #1 Pretty Prairie Local 48
Ohio Township Fire Department Princeton Local 10
Quinter Volunteer Fire Department Quinter Local 28
Marion County Fire District #3 Ramona Local 7
Randall Rual Fire Department Randall Local 19
Cutler Township Fire Department Rantoul Local 18
Harrison Twp Fire -EMS Rautoul Local 20
Redfield Fire Department Redfield Local 7
Republic Fire District #9 Republic Local 30
Richmond Consolidated Fire District Richmond Local 20
Butler County Rural Fire District #5 Rosalia Local 25
Butler County Fire District #3 Rose Hill Local 38
Shawnee County Fire District #3/ Rossville Fire Rossville Local 50
Rozel Fire Department Rozel Local 12
Rush County Fire District #3 Rush Center Local 40
Russell City Fire Depatment Russell Local 42
Sabetha Fire Department Sabetha Local 24
Saint Marys Fire Department Saint Marys Local 35
Salina Fire Department Salina Local 89
Saline County Rural Fire Department #3 Salina Local 42
Satanta/ Dudley TWP Fire Department Satanta Local 32
Scott City Fire Department Scott City Local 54
Scott County Fire Department Scott City Local 18
Sedwick Volunteer Fire Department Sedgwick Local 30
Seneca Volunteer Fire Department Seneca Local 28
Severy Volunteer Fire Department Severy Local 20
Wallace County Rural Fire District #2 Sharon Springs Local 20
Shawnee Fire Department Shawnee Local 73
Shawnee County Fire District #1 Silver Lake Local 25
Smith Center Fire Department Smith Center Local 21
Saline County Fire District No. 6 Smolan Local 15
Jackson County Rural Fire District #2 Soldier Local 18
Solomon Fire Dept Solomon Local 40
South Hutchinson(Kansas) Volunteer Fire Dept South Hutchinson Local 30
St Francis Volunteer Fire Department St Francis Local 51
St. John Volunteer Fire Department St John Local 48
Stafford County Rural Fire District #1 St John Local 150
Pottawatomie County Fire District #10 St. George Local 18
St. Paul Mission Township Fire Department St. Paul Local 18
Stafford Fire Department Stafford Local 16
Sterling Fire Department Sterling Local 24
Johnson County Fire District No. 2 Stilwell Local 70
Stockton Fire and Rescue Stockton Local 22
Haskell TWP Volunteer Fire Department Sublette Local 26
Summerfield Volunteer Fire Department Summerfield Local 20
Hamilton County Rural Fire Department Syracuse Local 32
Marion County Fire District #7 Tampa Local 17
Shawnee Heights Fire District Tecumseh Local 80
Ottawa County Fire District #6 Tescott Local 60
Thayer Fire Department Thayer city government 18
Timken Fire District #2 Rush CO Timken Local 23
Tipton Fire Dept Tipton Local 14
Tonganoxie Township RFD Tonganoxie Local 15
Stranger Township Fire Department Tonganoxie Local 17
City of Tonganoxie Fire Department Tonganoxie Local 28
Mission TWP Fire Department Topeka Local 77
Soldier Township Fire Department Topeka Local 39
MTAA Fire Department Topeka Transportation Authority or Airport F.D. 19
Topeka Fire Department Topeka Local 244
Toronto Fire Department Toronto Local 15
Towanda Fire/ Rescue Towanda Local 16
Reno County Fire District #7 Turon Local 30
Cowley County Fire District 4 Udall Local 20
Grant County Fire Department Ulysses Local 52
Utica - Ohio TWP Fire Department Utica Local 38
Valley Center Fire Department Valley Center Local 45
Fire District #11 Jefferson County Valley Falls Local 25
Victoria Fire Dept Victoria Local 60
Virgil VFD Virgil Local 8
Trego County Rural Fire Department WaKeeney Local 189
City of Wakefield Fire Department Wakefield Local 30
Walnut Fire Dept Walnut Local 12
Harvey County Fire District #1 Walton Local 20
Wabaunsec Twp Fire Dept Wamego Local 10
Louisville Township Fire Department Wamego Local 16
Wamego City Fire Department Wamego Local 21
Washington City Volunteer Fire Department Washington Local 20
Washington County Fire District #9 Washington Local 18
Waterville Fire Department District 6 Waterville Local 21
Wellington Fire/ EMS Department Wellington Local 24
West Mineral Fire Department West Mineral Local 20
Westfall Fire Department Westfall Local 70
7 Twp and Westmoreland Fire Dept Westmoreland Local 15
Westphalia Fire Dept Westphalia Local 16
Nemaha County Fire District No. 3 Wetmore Local 18
Pottawatomie County Jt. RFD # 4 Wheaton Local 15
White City Volunteer Fire Department White City Local 23
Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska White Cloud Tribal 10
Whitewater River Consolidated Fire District Whitewater Local 23
Whiting TWP Fire Department Whiting Local 12
Wichita Fire Department Wichita Local 370
Sedgwick County Fire District #1 Wichita Local 130
Wilson Fire Dept, Inc. Wilson Local 21
Jefferson Fire District #10 Winchester Local 18
Winfield Fire Department Winfield Local 30
Liberty TWP- Woodbine Fire District #1 Woodbine Local 13
Yates Center Volunteer Fire Department Yates Center Local 36
Reno County Fire District #8 Yoder Local 60